October 13, 2007


Nothing to see here citizen.....just life

I've been having minor back troubles since I got back from Japan. 30 hours in a seat designed for an anorexic hobbit will do that.

I was almost at 100% but caught it wrong again during the wreck but it was getting better. 

Then my inate clumsieness intervened.

Wednesday, while cleaning my parents gutters I fell off their roof. I caught myself but pulled my shoulder and wrenched my back terribly.  Thursday it was worse. Friday it was worser. Today I could hardly stand.

Walking is not an issue but sitting long periods, bending and standing are very painful. Work is not helping. I've been moved to a pickoff position which is about the worst position for my lower back there is. This is not maliciousness on the part of management, we have lost a simple majority of people trained in that simple but stressfull and cruicial job to quitting, promotion and tragically, a heart attack. Nevertheless I feel I'll likely be calling in on Monday.

It is hard to study.

I see the chiropractor Monday.


My grandmother is going to need further surgery on her shoulder.

My father is having his hip replaced in February.

....and I can't pick up a pencil off the floor.

In school I'm doing OK. I'm just about caught up from the time I missed early in the semester.

Next week is exams. Well except for the 2 exams that have been rescheduled for the following Monday and a big paper due that Tuesday.

I've talked to my team leader and I'm going to swap a CG drill (I'd be no good on an offshore boarding with my back anyway).

Now I can never run for president....

Today, on the way back from ODU, I went by the Chinese restraunt I used to work at. (Golden Fortune on Olney Road in Norfolk). My fortune was as follows....

Failure is not final. Just make sure you do not die because of it.

feh...still no catgirl maids...

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