July 30, 2018

Meta Blogging

It's been 12 hours and our crackerjack team of antipodean IT pixies thinks the issue is resolved.

Lets see if images post.

Smug Catgirl being smug is by Sayori.

 Update: We seem to be up and running.

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Banality Below Fold

As compensation, Here is something pleasant:

(Cute Girl in Coversomes Goes Here)

Ah. One of THOSE days.

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July 28, 2018


While most of us weren't looking, Redding burned. This was happening yesterday...Thing is, I watched the news this morning, and I channel surfed because Hannity started talking.. I've seen almost no coverage of this (aside from very brief mentions) until blundering into Lowther's post.After that a quick search turned up LOTS of stories on it from various news outlets,  it's just not getting the national coverage that it seems to deserve.

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Van Vexations

Last night I started to go to a friends when my headlights refused to come on. Both lights going out at once is unlikely so I figured I'd blown a fuse.

Several fuses and 2 halogen bulbs later, I am still without headlights. 

I thought it might be the switch, but the switch activates the running lights and dome lights fine.

I've been pondering the wiring diagram I got from the auto-parts store, but my volt-meter's not working and in any event its dark now.

I go to work at 3AM Monday. This could be an issue. 

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Chiron and Pholus are Very Interested in an Answer

So...this happened. 

I can't embed Twitter threads, so go here.

"Gracious! I wonder if it's someone I know."

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July 26, 2018

Not Everything I Saw At Moe Lane's Blog This Morning Caused Me to Fear For Humanity...

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Things Not to Do at Reddit

Having an eclectic girlfriend seems to be right out.

So...Moe Lane posted this screencap and opined on it a bit.

From what incomplete data is available, I tentatively agree with Mr. Lane that this fellow is weirded out by the weirdest things...and that's when things got weird.

You see, I was curious as to what other cool hobbies this young lady had ( 'cause this fellow seemed genuinely weirded out) so I did a search and looked up the reddit thread.

Lo and behold, they've pulled the guy's initial post as a violation of standards and practices or something. From the scraps of the thread that remain however, I was able to deduce that amongst the things that really freaked this incredibly sheltered young man out was the fact that the girl is into taxidermy and has a HUGE, GINORMOUS, and indeed OVERSIZED...um...bed. 

These are...PROBLEMS?
What the hell?
Everything about this is weird.
Why did Reddit ban the post?
What the hell is this poindexter's problem?
Where is this utopia where the biggest problem in your life is that you're quirky girlfriend has a big bed?
('cause I.Want.To.Go.To.There.)
Why have I wasted 17 minutes of my life on this?
What is wrong with people today? 


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July 22, 2018


Regarding the big political story of the weekend,  I'd heard it was "heavily redacted".


This is just trolling us.

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I'm Not Getting an Enthusiastic Vibe

Now that things have settled down a bit, I'm getting caught up on my "to watch list" and looking for something current to watch...aside from MHA, the new season has nothing that really jumps out at me. So I went a-looking and I'm not seeing a lot of enthusiasm....

Pete over at ã‚¢ãƒ‹ãƒ»ãƒŽãƒ¼ãƒˆhas a long list of shows that he's dropped.
Then there's this...
I followed the manga, and perhaps I was poisoned
Which made me laugh, though it may not be entirely in context. 
Medieval Otaku has related thoughts with a post titled "Skip the Summer Season".
I can’t think of a better opportunity for catching up with one’s backlog.
He does have a kind word for Stein's Gate 0 though.
Don over at Zoopraxiscope is similarly unimpressed.
I almost quit Asobi Asobase – workshop of fun – in five minutes, but I stuck it out and watched the entire first episode. I should have trusted my initial reaction.
He did have kind things to say about the educational show Cells At Work which Wonderduck also liked 
...our main character is a red blood cell.  That wears jean shorts and a cabbie hat.  What's not to love?

For my own part, I'm still watching My Hero Academia, and am starting the original Stein's Gate, so as to be able to watch the new one, and am catching up on Yona of the Dawn.

I'm not watching much else in the way of fiction since The Expanse went off the air. OTOH since I'm not in college for the next month and a half, I can actually do some reading(!).

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July 20, 2018

49 Years

Over 300 thousand years after people first gazed up at our planets companion, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin strode across its surface. by 1973, 12 men from Earth had walked on the moon. 

Today, only Aldrin, Scott and Duke remain alive.

For 300 thousand years no one alive had been to the moon.

We are very close to that being true again,. 

This would be a rather shameful and worrisome regression to the mean. 

This worry is more profound than mere disappointment at opportunities lost. This, if it is indeed permanent marks the first time that western civilization has turned its back upon a frontier.

Ours is a civilization that has, over the last 300 odd years, been a most remarkable and generally hopeful deviation from the squalid norms of those 300 millennia.

A regression to the mean of human history is something to be truly dreaded, and if this ignoring of a new frontier is a leading indicator, then the future promises to be grim indeed. 

Let's hope that the lunatics (hah!) that continue to dream big can provide the impetus for our society to continue its deviation from the previous cycles of human history...or at least provide a lifeline for some to escape its return to the norm.

Art by the late Roy Scarfo who understood that if, for some bizarre, illogical, reason, skirts.(especially miniskirts) were ever to become a thing in space, they would be closely associated with tights.      
Because physics.

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July 19, 2018

Yet More Intersectionality

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July 17, 2018

Intersectionality: Am I Doing it Right?

Art by Mokerou

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July 16, 2018

49 Years Ago Today

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Well, Crap

While I was away, the president did his best Obama imitation both before and during a speech in Helsinki.

Lots of people are pointing out that Obama did comparable asshattery and the press batted not an eyelash and that the press are hypocritical partisan hacks and these people are, of course, correct. Indeed, anyone who has such a profound double standard is a partisan hack and deserves not one whit of respect....at least until they look into the mirror.

I was pissed when Obama was all obsequious and weak and went on his apology tour because it was wrong for a president to do and kneecapped America's foreign policy...and 
an American Does.Not.Dis.America.While.Overseas.
This goes doubly for the POTUS.
Even one's that I generally like and was pleasantly surprised and impressed with up to this point. 

If the standard is, "Well, Obama and Hillary did it, so it's OK!" then I suggest one needs higher standards.  

So, anyway.
My take on recent diplomatic junket....
The trip was going great, until it wasn't.
Mr. President needs to apologize to us, not for us. 

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July 15, 2018

I Hadn't Logged Into Twitter For Over Two Years

Today, after following a link I ended up hopping between random Twitter threads. I was able to draw some conclusions. First, the level of discourse has not improved. Second, that is an hour and a half of my life that I cannot regain. Third, differentiating between stupidity, simple ignorance, provincialism, malice, and the Dunning Krugger Effect is nigh impossible, but there's a lot of it, generally in combination with a lack of self awareness...

Then suddenly and quite unexpectedly, Chibi Thomas Jefferson showed up, and dispensed justice with three keystrokes and a mouseclick before vanishing to fight evil elsewhere. 

I laughed...hard. Sadly, I closed the tab without screencapping it and I'll never find it again, but know this Chibi Thomas Jefferson...you made my day.  

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News From the World of 'Splody!

One of the Brickmuppet's Crack Team of Science Babes brings us the delightful news that Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory has declassified about 300 more above ground nuclear test films.

Both the above and below are of the same test of the SADM, nuclear backpack bomb (positioned 110 feet underground).

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More on Ross 128b

It appears that one of the planets orbiting Ross128 is not only in the habitable zone (as discovered last year), but it appears to be very similar in mass and temperature to Earth.

According to Wikipedia...
The planet is considered as one of the most Earth-like worlds ever found in relation to temperatures, size and rather quiet host star. Ross 128 b is very close in mass to Earth, only about 35% more massive, and is likely around 10% larger in radius. Gravity on the planet would be only slightly higher. Also, its host star Ross 128 is an evolved star with a stable stellar activity

Other red dwarf stars have planets, notably Proxima Centauri, however recent analysis has shown that Proxima in particular is a flare star that would have stripped their planets of any atmosphere. In contrast, Ross128 does have flares, but it appears that they are quite mild by comparison.

Besides, being only 11 light years from Earth and the second closest exoplanet, there's one other thing interesting about the Ross128 system. 
Late last year, some anomalous radio transmission were detected by Arecibo and seemed to be coming from Ross128. This phenomenon has not been observed again, and "top men" theorize that those transmissions were garbled bleed-over from an as-yet-unidentified satellite

However, we can draw some different conclusions using the "Discovery Channel Method of Logic"..

"Or as we like to call it, Occam's Swiffer"

If translated properly, the signal actually says...

1:  "It's too late for us! They are coming for you nex...."


2:  "Geb shagg stell'bsna ch' Tsathoggua r'luh llll, s'uhn hrii Nyarlathotep vulgtlagln hai nog nanw chtenff naChaugnar Faugn vulgtlagln grah'noth."

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July 14, 2018


Is everything OK down there?

I note that Ben seems to have gone quite...mad

It might be the heat...

Ubu..you're kinda close to Sugarland was there any, um, scorching near you?

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July 13, 2018

Fighting the Heartbreak of Triskaidekaphobia

Shortly before midnight, on Tuesday, July 28th 1914, The Austrio-Hungarian monitor Bodrog opened fire on a Serbian river fort on the outskirts of Belgrade. 

That salvo started off one of the greatest catastrophes of human history, World War One, a conflict that the world has still not recovered from and killed millions.

Note the date; TUESDAY the 28th.
Arguably the worst thing to happen in over 200 years did not happen on Friday the 13th.

In stark contrast to that, today, on Friday the 13th this cool picture of a biplane by Youqiniang was posted in my Pixiv feed.

Biplanes are COOL!

So don't worry!
Today is, after all, a FRIDAY!
And it is no more dangerous than yesterday was.
So go outside and embrace the day without fear*.

*(unless you encounter a bunch of zombies, in which case be afraid, be calm and leave the area.)

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July 11, 2018

The Importance of Context in the Assessment of a Product's Desirability


I like shooting it.
I like shooting it a lot.

And yet...

When I have to unload a 35 foot trailer full of it, ammunition dramatically looses its appeal. 

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