May 30, 2022

Remember Those Who Gave All To Defend Our Rights When Being Asked To Forfeit Those Rights

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May 26, 2022

An Important Correction!

On May 23 of 2022 this blog stated that this years flu vaccine was lacking in efficacy. 

Upon receiving further information, it now appears that this is NOT, at least to the best of our knowledge actually the case.

Do not be dissuaded from your flu shot gentle readers!

It was the Moderna COVID19 vaccine and boosters that didn't work on my mutant weeb ass.

THE SUSPENSE IS OVER! I finally have the 'Rona!

I've been visited by Cronachan and contracted the Pinko-Pox,  Chi-Com Cough, Whuhan-Bat-Soup-Death-Plague, Xi Syndrome, The Fauci Fever, The Bolshevik Bug, The Maoist Malady, Winnie the Flu, The 2020 Gain of Function Award!

"I feel like poop." 

BUT, I'm, well...I'm off work for another week. Hopefully, I'll be able to do something besides cough and hurt for some of that time. 

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May 23, 2022


Rudyard has a good overview of the phenomenon.
It's a much better take than several of my history professors, who would angrily declare that "countries don't fall do to decadence" and seem to feel that expressing  concern about decadence is a warning sign of being a NAZI .

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The Flu Shot Didn't Work This Year


All I know is that MY flu shot didn't work this year.


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10 Weeks

A U.N. study of the upcoming food shortage has determined that there is currently about a 10 weeks supply of grain on the planet. 

 I knew this was coming, and had heard about rationing being set up in places like Spain and Egypt but I honestly thought we'd have 'till September or October. 

 Art by TaekwondoNJ

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May 22, 2022

Strange New Worlds

The new Star Trek series has premiered.

After the middle fingers to the fans that were Star Treks Picard and Discovery, faith is weak. 

Nevertheless, the pilot episode was run on YouTube last week and, being a trekkie of some 40 years, I watched it.

I do NOT immediately despise this show.

It looks good. The pilot was decently written and it felt in many ways like a decent Next Generation episode. There was a lot of extraneous drama and plot contrivances shoehorned into the pilot but the episode did not actually suffer for it. 

For those familiar with Trek lore the Pilot is a first contact story that deals with the origins of "General Order One". The episode takes place immediately after the finale of Star Trek: Discovery and is still cleaning up the mess that show left.  Enterprise is getting repaired and Captain Pike is on sabbatical. He's contemplating a vision of his future he received towards the end of STD, which he was given so that the misandric, feminist writers of that atrocity could have the sadistic satisfaction of having a strong male lead scream like a 9 year old girl dropped into a pit of tarantulas. Suffice it to say that plot point left a mark. However, notwithstanding the legit trauma itself, Pike's concern's about the matter are quite professional and rational.

Meanwhile, Number One receives information that a warp signature has been detected from a quarantined system a few hours flight time from Earth.  Starfleet is still trying to put itself back together after the events of the previous series, and doesn't have any first contact teams in the core of the Federation at the moment (They stay on the frontier).  Eager to give her crew a First Contact Award, Number one asks for and gets permission to take a few off duty Enterprise Crew on a mothballed, but barely functional Hermes class scout to pop into the newly star-fairing system and say "Hi!".

Things do not  go as planned, and what should have been an easy day away from the shipyard on fun collateral duty becomes an interstellar incident with far reaching influences upon subsequent events.

It was not a GREAT episode, but it was a quite solid one. It actually has something useful to say about bureaucratic overreaction, which is not a lesson I expected from a Star Trek show in current year. 

The pilot has been pulled from YouTube, but there are several trailers, this one giving a good overview of the cast, which I rather like a lot.

Well, except for La'an, who's surname looks to be a crime against canon and who appears to be a parody of a Mary Sue in a Star Trek fanfic. OTOH, if you're gonna do a Mary Sue, this is the place to do it and the actress  (who looks to be quite good) seems to lean into it with considerable gusto. 

Aside that the cast looks GREAT and, unlike Discovery, the (possible) Mary Sue is not the lead, and to be fair, actually looks to have real potential, this being quite explicitly an ensemble cast. 

So I am cautiously optimistic.

On the other hand, I have memories of another pilot, not so long ago that looked to have quite a lot of potential. 

That optimism was misplaced. 

So a decent pilot is not going to get me to subscribe to CBS-All Access. 

I'll wait. 

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Remedial Groundskeeping.

Banality is below the fold.

As compensation here is TokyoGenso's take on what the Tokyo Big Sight would look like if the groundskeeper had a stroke:


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May 10, 2022

Status of Streaming

Well, there continue to be technical issues. 

The channel has broadcast several short test streams. However, there are multiple issues. One is that APPLE seems to be blocking most of the best png-tuber programs. Currently, the channel is using Fugi-Tech's REACTIVE, which is an excellent tool for collaborations but less versatile for general streaming. There are other issues too that mostly seem to revolve around Mac compatibility...

The net result is that progress is much slower than anticipated.  And the short test streams are truly demoralizing studies of the intersection of scuff and cringe.

My speech has still not fully  recovered from the stroke so this horror show can be cynically passed off as a sort of therapy.  (IRL I used to be a  both an actor and a DJ believe it or not.) 

I currently aim to be streaming 4 days a week. The  new date for the full debut stream (with obligatory power-point) is June 11. 

A big thanks to those V-Tubers who have offered advice and support. 

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May 04, 2022

This Could Be Taken a Number of Different Ways.

Reportedly, according to people who claim to both speak Russian and watch Russian TV, the Russian public health establishment has told health care workers to prepare for a cholera epidemic

The Telegram post that is the basis for this is here. It's a Ukranian site and the motivation to spin people up over this is obvious. 

It's quite possible that with sewage and water systems smashed by Putin's little war that there have been a few cases and the Russian health experts are trying to head off the inevitable tragedy. It's also possible Putin has lost the plot and called in some assistance from Biopreparat

The latter theory is likely to get all the press as it fits their previous speculation and current narrative perfectly. 

Either way, this is the sort of thing that can inflame rage bring this mess to the next level of horror. 

Even if this story and the allegedly impending outbreak do NOT result in military escalation, the unspeakable horror of a cholera outbreak amongst refugees cannot be overstated. 

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May 03, 2022

Well! I'll Rest Easier

...knowing that the Air Force Research Laboratory is taking the threat of rogue banana boats seriously. 

Those banana spiders never had a chance. 

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May 02, 2022

Pandemonium Imminent.

The supreme court looks to have decided to overturn Roe v Wade in the near future, probably. 

Decision seems to be 5/4 or 6/3. We don't know more because this is a result of an unprecedented leak. (Apparently by a Supreme Court Clerk.)  

Alito, who is more a libertarian than a conservative wrote the opinion and is reasoning is along federalist / separation of powers lines

In response to the leak,  barricades have already been erected outside the court as I type this (~45 minutes after the leak hit the wires) in anticipation of violence. 

Despite the hysteria, this decision (that is theoretical and hasn't even been handed down yet) does not outlaw abortion, but puts the question where it belongs, in the state legislatures. I fear a good dead of blood and treasure will be lost in a hysterical overreaction and in an attempt to intimidate the court. 

UPDATE:  I don't usually spell 'decision' d-e-c-i-o-s-i-o-n. But when I do, I'm generally blogging. Fixed.

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Status Update:

Not, mind you, the status of entertainment media or overall societal trends. Those can be quite adequately summed up with this image macro...

Rather it's an update on the status of my Walter Mitty lifestyle. If you care to see such banality look below the 'fold'.

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