January 31, 2022

If You Are Wondering About of the State of Our Universities, Here Are Some Resouces

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January 30, 2022

Some News

Not mine. I'm working crazy shifts and...

Oh right. Wonderduck is back

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January 28, 2022

Pekora has Thoughts on Thots and their Fawts

So, because we are in the absolute stupidest timeline, it seems that there is news of an E-girl who had to give up her business model of...selling her...um...bottled farts because of health issues associated with the gasserifferous diet she adopted to facilitate her biddness plan. 

I find myself at a loss for words....

I'm gonna just subcontract any comment on this to a Japanese V-Tuber.

Understand that we now live in a world where Pekora Usada is the voice of sanity. 

For extra stupid, you can scroll down to the bottom of this earlier story on the matter to see mentioned in passing that there is a dude who is selling his farts as NFTs.

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January 27, 2022

A Distinction Often Lost

So Justice Steven Breyer announced his retirement today. A milestone in his storied life that was somewhat robbed from him by the little weasel that leaked the news yesterday. 

After an unusually coherent introduction by the POTUS, Bryer today gave a short speech.

The speech really rather emphasized the stark difference between an actual, old school American Liberal, and a Leftist/Progressive. 

Should be cued up to the 5 minutes of clarity in the 58 minutes of...stuff. 

Direct, to the point, and brimming with optimism, Bryer avoided punitive language and threats as he laid out a Raison 'detre for our judiciary, a bit of cautionary perspective to those who think the system we have should be abandoned, and a much needed word of hope extolling the virtues of civics. 

Breyer is indeed a man of the left, but he is a Liberal.

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January 26, 2022


The random Barista is a catgirl. This is noteworthy but is unrelated to the Banality below the fold.

Art by Daikazoku63 support him on Patreon.


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January 25, 2022

Not Just Spam: Negging Spam

Mee.Nu has been hit by a fusillade of spam recently, most of them obsequiously polite with imbedded Hangul or Cyrillic URLs. However, One of the Brickmuppet's Crack Team of Chunni Goth Chicks points out one that took a completely different tactic. 

 The next time Someone said a weblog, I hope that it doesnt disappoint me just as much as this. Come on, man, I know it was my choice to read, but When i thought youd have some thing intriguing to say. All I hear is really a handful of whining about something you could fix in the event you werent too busy searching for attention. (url deleted)

'Skippy'1996 is by Anime Gum Support him on Patreon.

Spam is a cancer, but it is at its heart a form of salesmanship. It's wrong, but I dare say mister spammer, you're doing it wronger. 

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January 23, 2022

Meanwhile, On Airstrip One

I don't buy into the argument (put forth by people like Tim Pool) that anyone who does not put their livelihoods at risk by shouting unpopular truths or not complying with annoying laws and regulations is the equivalent to a concentration camp guard. People need to eat, and take care of their kids. But this fellow in the U.K. has seen where things are headed. The U.K is only a few years ahead of us in these matters and it's not a pretty place. Something has to be done to turn this preference cascade around.

Looking at his channel, I don't necessarily agree with all of this professor's views, and I suspect I might loathe some of them, but this video is spot on.

In what is surely completely unrelated news.

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January 22, 2022


Our second 'Storm of the Century' in as many weeks was much more substantive for Brickmuppetburg than the last one. This is not to say it will illicit more than an amused chuckle from people who are from frozen, ice-blasted wastes like Russia or Illinois, but this was a fairly impressive meteorological display for Southeastern Virginia. 

I got a call from work this morning and feared I'd overslept. I hadn't*.  I've worked at UPS in various locations in the area for 29 years, and they've NEVER shut down operations completely for snow, until today. 

Because the area does not have the infrastructure to deal with snow, there have been storms where most of the drivers did not go on road for a day, but warehouse operations always went on as normal. Not today. 

Look at the doings of all the little Ithaquas that came in the night.

This storm is a little worse than the pictures indicate, since they don't capture the layer of ice that was deposited before the snow fell.

I only ever missed working one blizzard in 29 years, and that was because a snowplow had blocked me in a parking lot. 

*I rarely do. Thanks Hololive!

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January 20, 2022

"Filmed on Location, IN SPACE"

 The groundbreaking studio, known as SEE-1, comes from film producer duo Elena and Dmitry Lesnevsky’s newly-launched Space Entertainment Enterprise (S.E.E.) and will dock with Axiom’s world-first commercial space station Axiom Station, which is connected to the International Space Station (ISS). 

It will allow, most obviously the filming of zero-g scenes in video without the constant interruptions involved with the "Vomit Comet".

It is set to become a free-floating facility in 2028.

One of the Brickmuppet's Crack Team of Science Babes has thoughts. 

"Oh noes! Jewish Space Lasers!"

Not useful or productive thoughts this time, but thoughts nonetheless.

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January 19, 2022

Various and Sundry

Art by Volker Maunz

Upgrading to Big Sur seems to have completely broken all my image editing software and animation programs. I can't meme. 

Via Pete comes sad news regarding the state of the Japanese wooden weapons craft

Speaking of which, Japan has re-instated their COVID-induced ban on foreigners entering the country. Like Australia, they seem to be reconnecting with their roots.

All that money that companies are spending to develop self-driving trucks so they can do away with truckers may not actually be worth it.  (Via Isegoria)

The last post at Declination and today's post at Z-Blog both deal with the thorny problem of our current crisis in trust, and difficulty in finding truth when the gatekeepers of Palo Alto are so powerful. Give them both a read. 

After a period of self-reflection, I am relieved to discover that I was not the only person recommended a tactical cat harness

Over at Zoopraxiscope, Don has found the quote of the year. 

If you ever wondered what you would have done in 1930s Germany, you’re doing it right now.

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January 18, 2022

2022: 'Year of the Tiger' A Year From the Far Future of our Youth Is Here Now

...and it looks a lot like 1962

Note that 1962 was a 'Year of the Tiger' as well, which, by the convoluted special pleading of astrology means that there are two tigers involved...which should give one pause...
...or paws.

Asuna and Karin by Fino Ko. Support them on Fanbox


Actually, astrology is complete bollocks, and we apologize for indulging it, but it gives us an excellent opportunity to make light of a potentially serious situation by posting cheesecake, for which we are are completely unrepentant. 

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January 17, 2022

Meanwhile, In, Over, and Hundreds of Miles Around Tonga (Updated)

Tonga blew up!

Internet to Tonga is down and there is very little communication right now with the island kingdom.

Tsunami's from this explosion hit as far away as Alaska and Japan.

Via Don: The Vulcanologists over at Volcano Cafe have an assessment.  It looks like two of the Kingdom's Islands are completely gone. Ash is playing havoc with communications. It was, apparently, a VEI-5 on the Volcano Eruption Scale. Meanwhile, as the first deaths are reported, Australia and New Zealand are sending reconnaissance planes to assess how best to get aid to the islands, which is not as straightforward as it sounds since the volcano is still erupting and the ash is a menace to turbine powered planes.

Some idea of the scale of the eruption can be gleaned from the fact that, while Tonga is in the South Pacific, the eruption was heard in Alasksa

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Mike Lindell Has been De-Banked

Lindell had his phone records subpoenaed by the January 6 committee.  

This is really dangerous ground we are on.

If someone who has committed no crime, who merely has unpopular political opinions, can loose their BANKING privileges, over the fear that the bank might be associated with him in the current climate, then we are approaching Stassi territory.

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A Scary Story

Dr. Mauser brings us a story about a newly hatched engineer trying to pass the time. 

Because it is current year, things go off the rails after a bit. 

I urge you to read the whole thing. 

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Y'all Hear About Them Thar Train Robberies Out West?

Ah' read bout 'em in a dime novel once.

Golly willakers. 

2022 is not turning out as I'd hoped. 


A plague of train robberies in California are becoming such an issue that they are having a nationwide impact particularly on COVID test kits. What's damning is that the BBC notes in the video above that the robberies are up 100% in the last month...50% of what they're experiencing would still be astonishing. 

Union Pacific Railroad is now fed-up enough that it's considering the logistics of avoiding Los Angeles altogether. 

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Oh. Wow.

One of the Brickmuppet's Crack Team of Science Babes brings us news from the vicinity of Boyajian's Star or  KIC-8462852.

"Hi aliens!"

For those who haven't heard about this star, it has been in the news for a couple of years, because of some anomalous dimming. The dimming was initially thought to be indicative of large 'objects' that weren't really shaped like planets orbiting the star. This caused....excitement....in certain circles. There was (and still is) some loose and irresponsible talk of "alien megastructures". However, subsequent observation indicated that the structures might be composed of dust...very fine dust with about the same particle size as cigaret smoke. So comets or a solar ring system were proposed, and, in any event it looked like it was probably soon to be figured out. 

Now, 12 years after first baffling astronomers, there are a few theories, but nothing really fits. For one thing, if it IS dust something is replacing it at uneven intervals, leading to loose and irresponsible speculation that the dimming is caused by tailings from asteroid mining or something. 

Current investigations are focused on trying to find some odd periodic collision of comets.

One scientist by the name of Dr. Edward G. Schmidt decided to look for other stars that were behaving in a similar way. No other's had been noted but no one had been looking for them. If it's happening in multiple systems, it probably is natural, and by observing multiple such stars, it might be possible to find a cause. 


A search of the entire sky turned up only a few. They are ALL clustered in the vicinity of Boyajian's Star and only around stars of the same stellar type, namely G and F stars. Like Earth's sun, or slightly hotter. 

This is EXACTLY what one would expect if the phenomenon were the result of alien megastructures or megaprojects that were associated with a civilization that was expanding to nearby systems...and if they were only choosing to do big projects around sunlike stars. Bigger and smaller stars tend to have flares or other problems so G and F stars would make sense in that context.

Of course it still could be a natural phenomenon that only affects a particular type of star in that little bit of the galaxy.

Explaining that would probably be a cosmological discovery of considerable note.

Scientists really don't know what this is. 

 But it's intriguing that the discovery of other examples actually strengthened rather than debunked the "It's aliens!" hypothesis. 

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2020 #2

Banality is below fold....Oh look. Pretty scenery.


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January 14, 2022

It's Been a Week

I finally received the phone call I've been dreading since January 2020.

My 80 year old parents have COVID.

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January 09, 2022

Civics Lesson

Georgia Congresscritter, Marjorie Taylor Greene has a reputation for being a bit of a whackaloon. Depending on your worldview and what dictionary you are using, the rep of the Rep is richly deserved. 


To her credit, she went on Tim Pool's podcast, the only sitting member of congress to have done so. Tim's panel consists of passionate lefties, libertarians, and anarchists,  and they pull no punches so it's rare for an actual politician to submit themselves to this. 

WHATEVER your opinion of Rep. Green, you really need to watch her description of how the votes are actually done. It's kind of terrifying. 

Oh yeah...Ian's a total nutbar.

At 1:13 she describes what is involved in a recorded vote, how she managed piss off everybody in the House, and how she was able to at least stop bad things from passing. Your mileage may vary, but I'm glad theres at least one crazy lunatic in the house. 

In other Tim Pool news...

One more day and MTG could have been there for the S.W.A.T.ing.

Yes Tim Pool got S.W.A.T.ed, the next day. Interestingly, the panel was interviewing a cop at the time, who clarified the legal position of the Police. 

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January 08, 2022


Art by Anime Gum. Support him on Patreon.

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