April 29, 2021

Speculations From the Cutting Edge of of Isekaiology

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April 28, 2021

The Terrible Crush to Get Vaccinated

Yeah. After months of trying to get my vaccine appointment, having it delayed, and being told that I'm not essential enough an essential worker I finally got an appointment for my first shot. 

Above was the line. 

There was literally no one else in the Rite Aid aside from staff. I talked to the pharmacist to find out if this was where I was supposed to be for my 10:03 appointment. He looked momentarily confused and checked his computer and said "We DO have one today." He then got my info, sat me down, injected me with Moderna's Mysterious Miasma and told me that I could not leave for 15 minutes lest I keel over or something. I sat in a chair in the corner for  15 minutes and at about minute 12, someone with an Australian accent came in and asked for the shot. 

I have questions.

Why was my appointment at 10:03...like there was a 10:02 and 10:04? 

Why was getting this shot like pulling hen's teeth? I've been trying for MONTHS. 

Why the talk of how tight supplies are? 

I can't see what anybody GAINS by this. It seems that setting up vaccine stations as 1st come 1st serve, now that old people are taken care of would be a better option. 

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The Most Blatant Foreshadowing in the History of Isekai

Actually, that may not technically be true as I am not a fan of the Isekai genre in general, and can't speak authoritatively upon matters of the most stupidest anything,  but what Aizawa says about three minutes into last week's episode has got to at least be in the running.

We are, of cours,e talking about the show that is pithily named I've Been Killing Slimes For 300 Years And Maxed Out My Level and while I did not have high hopes for any great art to come out of this series, even those hopes were not met. 

This show is deeply stupid.
I laughed out loud multiple times.

This is not exploring great philosophical questions or great conundrums of the human existence, but two episodes did make me laugh like a loon three times in one day. And I needed that. 

Will continue to watch. 

Come for the stupidity. Stay for the omelets.

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April 27, 2021

Today's Hot Take

"Suss" seems to be a perfectly acceptable Woolseyism, is completely in character, and is no reason to go bat-scat bonkers. 

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Meanwhile: In Space

Something is eating and/or yeeting nearby stars

According to a new analysis of Gaia satellite data, the closest star cluster to our Solar System is currently being torn apart - disrupted not just by normal processes, but also by the gravitational pull of something massive we can't see.

The Hayades Star cluster
consists of a roughly spherical group of hundreds of stars sharing the same age, place of origin, chemical characteristics, and motion through space
This young stellar nursery is the closest star cluster to Earth, being only 47 parsecs (153 LY) away. For our purposes that's ridiculously, arbitrarily far, but on the galactic scale we're practically touching. 

Anyway, data from ESA's Gaia satellite indicates that stars in the cluster are vanishing and or being thrown out of the formation.  The paper is here, and more layman friendly articles on the subject can be found here, here, here and here

The current theory as reported, is that a huge mass of dark matter, (which is invisible to telescopes) is passing through the cluster and disrupting it. As a few of the articles suggest, finding Dark Matter, would indeed be strong evidence for Dark Matter, though, like all other evidence for the stuff this is indirect evidence (as Dark Matter's supposed properties would dictate).

Allow those of us at Brickmuppet Blog to offer an alternative possible explanation, but not necessarily the only one, for the phenomena being examined. 

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April 25, 2021

"This Episode is Downgraded to Merely 'Good' "

On this, the 5th episode of the 5th season of My Hero Academia, we are presented with the first episode that is entertaining, but not superb. 

The rest have been stellar. 

The season opens in the middle of last season's finale and has brought together a whole bunch of plot points that had appeared to just be background flavor text, but are actually quite important.  

In a way it reminds me a lot about Chris Claremont's run on the X-Men back in the '80s (but that is a reference that both dates me and is opaque to the audience. Suffice it to say that the story is moving briskly and is internally consistent )

This is an emotionally moving series and this is looking to be the best season yet. The current episode is taking place in a brief tournament arc, a Japanese Shounen comic trope that seems to be demanded by the Shonen Jump style guide.  These are generally dead-spots in a series and can often kill an otherwise promising show. However, My Hero Academia uses this conciet to expertly establish background info and develop characters quite entertainingly. 

This season has previously reminded us that Best Girl has additional powers that we had all forgotten about. 

Toxic Mucus For the WIN! 

This show continues to be excellent and I highly recommend it. 

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April 22, 2021

Beta Testing

After months of asking Starlink to "Shut up and take my money!" they finally obliged! 

Oh. That was a lot of monies. 

In any event, a few days or weeks from now, I'll have my Starlink kit and I will be able to report to you, gentle reader, on whether it lives up to its promise. 

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April 20, 2021

Technical Difficulties

I think Mee.nu is under DDOS attack. 

Verizon, my service provider, has been intermittently being rather diffident in quality, speed and bandwidth for a few days. Local storms may be to blame. 

On a completely different note, it is good to learn where great minds got their inspiration. 

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April 19, 2021

Dateline MARS!

There's a helicopter on frickin' MARS!

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Dateline: Clown World

Not pictured: the temptress herself. 

Yes boys and girls, they finally found a motive in that Fed Ex shooting the other day and just as expected....

  "I hope that I can be with Ap­ple­jack in the af­ter­life, my life has no mean­ing with­out her,”

" 何 the f**k? "

Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot.

What the Hell is going on?

Given that 'we live in a society' and given that same society's predilection for understanding cost-benefit, risk, and root cause analysis, there can be no doubt that the banhammers will soon be a-bonkin' this most demonstrably dangerous degenerate drama. 

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April 13, 2021

I've Been Killing Slimes For 300 Years And Maxed Out My Level

This is a show that delivers EXACTLY what it promises. 

The hat is just a bonus. 

Aizawa Asuza, aged twenty seven is an office lady who keels over dead from overwork after several consecutive allnighters. As our heroine mopes and presumably blows bubbles in Samsara while contemplating her meaningless, completely avoidable death, a random goddess shows up and informs her that because of her incredible dedication and said goddesse's boredom our heroine is going to get  Isekaied to a world that the goddess has as a side project.  Aizawa pleads not to forget what she's learned. "WISDOM!" the goddess rewards her with some more requests. Our heroine asks to live out in the country, on a farm and not get old and decrepit. 

For some reason, instead of granting Aizawa a quick death, the Goddess sets her in a isolated farmhouse about an hours walk from a town with an adventurers guild, makes her a Witch, and gives her knowledge of a regeneration/immortality spell.

Ecstatic that she is now living in the country Aizawa Asusa  resolves to NEVER do any work again aside from growing food. Her life lesson from her previous life is the importance of leisure! She will not forget that valuable bit of wisdom. 

To her horror, she realizes she has to buy seeds, so she goes into town and along the way, she is attacked by a slime! The weakest of monsters is no match for a Witch and she notes that the little monster's death rattle produces a gem. After getting what amounts to a hunting license (joins the town adventurer's guild), she is able to turn these in for what amounts to money...which in turn can be exchanged for goods and services. 

300 years pass, the economy apparently sucks as there has been no expansion of the town or notable sprawl. Aizawa goes into town every few days to turn in slime guts to the local adventurer's guild and buy stuff.  During these three centuries our heroine becomes something of a local institution as that Witch in the woods with the hat: a farmer reluctant healer, and strict hermit. She has kept to herself mostly but has helped out the local town enough times that she is well liked despite being quite asocial. 

She's in heaven. No schedule, long nights of sleep and leisurely gardening are her order of the day. She does NOT get bored with this...until one day the girl who processes bounties at the local adventurers guild  asks to check our protagonist's "level" for records purposes. 

It turns out that Asusa Aizawa has, over 300 years, killed enough slimes (and cast enough heals presumably) to have reached level 99...the maximum possible. That's remarkable. (Moreso if you play these video games.) Now this Podunk Adventurer's guild in the sticks has a level 99  that means prestige, and....challenges....you know...WORK.

Aizawa convinces the guild representative to keep her level secret as payment for having saved her life off camera. 

Sadly the secret gets out, numerous adventurers looking to make a name for themselves show up to challenge the level 99 Witch. Her "secret" becomes spectacularly and pyrotechnically public, and finally a Dragon showes up...to...D...D...D...DDDDD...DUEL!

That was a cute first episode. I don't think it's going anywhere. It looks to be developing into a formula show. Frankly this is kind of Mary Sue, though the ridiculousness of the ease with which our heroine became so OP is not skirted. (In that sense it's actually a notch above most Isekai shows.) There is a bit of an indication that our heroine may in fact have some lessons to learn, as she has rather overcompensated for her earlier mistakes to the point of sloth. There appear to be numerous light novels in this series indicating it may have something to say, but I'm not expecting much. Still the pilot was stupid cute fun and a Cute Girls Doing Cute Things ... Isekai fantasy is something I did not have on my bingo card. So I'll watch at least a few more. 

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April 12, 2021

Some Wisdom

"Compare yourself with who you were yesterday, not with who someone else is today."

-The Red Skull

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Blogging Best Practices

One of the best secrets of the big-brained-pro-bloggers is to actually make sure one's post published on the date it was supposed to and isn't still in "draft" 5 days later for some reason.

And 3-D is the wave of the future! 

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April 10, 2021


Just a brief rundown of various IRL issues. As usual at such times, the picture is unrelated and the banality is below the fold . 

Genshin Impact's Fischl, the high priestess of asymmetry, chunni, and crazy is by Shichijou Natori. Support their work on Fanbox!

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April 07, 2021

While I'm Getting Things Back Together

I got a new alarm.

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Eyewitnesses to That Which Some Would Deny

An interesting correspondence from General Eisenhower after seeing a concentration camp. He was very keen on getting non-military documentation of the atrocities as he knew that there would be an effort to deny or minimize it, and an understandable tendency to not fully comprehend the horror of what had happened. 

A similar notion is found in the text of a telegram from Marshall (original here). 

Update: The video of Eisenhower, Bradley, and Patton  inspecting a concentration camp is actually blocked by YouTube for some TOS violation. This is why we have Bitchute

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April 06, 2021

Those of You

Who follow Me.Nu know about the fire in Utah.

That's not why there hasn't been a post since the 28th of last month. 

Neither is this...

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