June 07, 2023

Beanie Boy Blissfully Boogies

Mr. Pool is enjoying a spot of schadenfreude. 

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March 19, 2022

Very Good News

Not 'Great News' mind you. Certainly not the great news that we were all waiting for. However, there is news and it is, indeed, very very good; good enough to indicate that the great news all of us so long for is forthcoming!


The first hurdle is the greatest. We can now be ABSOLUTELY confident that he's gonna lick this thing and leave the hospital soon!

Everyone go over there and give him some encouragement! 

Art by Shapoco

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January 19, 2022

Various and Sundry

Art by Volker Maunz

Upgrading to Big Sur seems to have completely broken all my image editing software and animation programs. I can't meme. 

Via Pete comes sad news regarding the state of the Japanese wooden weapons craft

Speaking of which, Japan has re-instated their COVID-induced ban on foreigners entering the country. Like Australia, they seem to be reconnecting with their roots.

All that money that companies are spending to develop self-driving trucks so they can do away with truckers may not actually be worth it.  (Via Isegoria)

The last post at Declination and today's post at Z-Blog both deal with the thorny problem of our current crisis in trust, and difficulty in finding truth when the gatekeepers of Palo Alto are so powerful. Give them both a read. 

After a period of self-reflection, I am relieved to discover that I was not the only person recommended a tactical cat harness

Over at Zoopraxiscope, Don has found the quote of the year. 

If you ever wondered what you would have done in 1930s Germany, you’re doing it right now.

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January 17, 2022

A Scary Story

Dr. Mauser brings us a story about a newly hatched engineer trying to pass the time. 

Because it is current year, things go off the rails after a bit. 

I urge you to read the whole thing. 

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January 05, 2022

In Lieu of Content

I'm going out of town for a few days to see the folks. Internet access will be diffident at best, so here are a collection of random video links.

Thus we have met our federally mandated requirements for educational content.

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September 25, 2021

The Levels of Quislingry are Being Exaggerated

One of the things that has been reported in the news is how the people of Australia have just followed the recently reinstated COVID restrictions without protest (save a few outliers) and enthusiastically begun snitching on any compatriots who diverge from the government mandates.

I decided to ask one of the Brickmuppet's Crack Team of On the Ground Sources in Australia about this and after gaining confirmation that opposition to the policy is quite broad was given the following reply from the utterly mysterious  BCTOOTGSIA#000001......

  The current protests are mostly construction workers that the state government abruptly put out of work.

Since it's a Labor government with close ties to the unions, they are desperately spinning it as anything other than jobless union members.

They've even banned news helicopters to try to hide the size of the protests.  The TV networks are suing: 
Well that last bit sure sounds familiar.

BCTOOTGSIA#000001 also recommended checking out two Twitter channels which have documentary footage of the large protests and the government response.

Melbourne has imposed draconian restrictions (which has been reported) and has undergone massive civil disobedience (which is not being widely noted, at least here in the U.S.). I should note that the results of the 15 days to flatten the curve have, in Melbourne been 235 days locked down and the highest daily case rate yet.  

There's a local opinion piece on this here

The main reason I post this is because the reporting from Australia has been largely unanimous in saying that Aussies are taking this lying down or even enthusiastically. That does not seem to be the case and it does a disservice to the Australians and only serves to demoralize the rest of us. 

A special thanks to our totally anonymous man on the spot who is enduring deadly spiders, boxing kangaroos, IT woes, and a shortage of chicken nuggets while trying to survive in a cyberpunk dystopia.

In completely unrelated news you should check out Ambient Irony daily.

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June 16, 2021

Dispatch From the Department of Duck Data

I have not been able to contact Wonderduck by phone for 

 several days, but he did reply to a text and indicated that he had made much progress in therapy and can now do bendy and move-y things he could not do before. However, the rehab facility will not release him until he clears one final hurdle.


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May 26, 2021


After several attempts, I finally was able to reach Wonderduck today. He is having issues interfacing with his blog via his phone, but is still alive. He is still in the re-hab center but is making progress. He's now tackling that transition between sitting and standing without using the hands. Those of us who have been in re-hab know what an unpleasant surprise the existence of that hurdle is, but it's among the last. 

His spirits are good and the prognosis is encouraging. 

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March 27, 2020

Pixiv Fanbox is Moving

For those of you who support artists via patronage services, Pixiv Fanbox, (which is Pixiv's rough equivalent of Patreon and SubscribeStar) is moving from pixiv.net/fanbox/ to Fanbox.cc. The creator's individual sites will also change url's for some reason. 
Back in November, Pixiv forked off their microblogging site Pawoo. This might lead to some speculation that dreadfulness is afoot, but Pixiv is saying that this is to facilitate marketing for the artists by simplifying the URLs and making them more artist centric. Anyone who has tried to use the Deviant Art shop might find this argument compelling. 

However, the artists are responsible for submitting their own URLs by the end of April so I predict some confusion. 

Anyway, shorter version:  
In about a month some people who follow artists on Pixiv Fanbox  are going to have to update their bookmarks to new urls, which are yet to be determined.

CopyPasta of the message to users is below the fold, and the surprisingly good Giggle Translate of said missive is below that. 

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February 03, 2020

The Red Head


...(Aythya americana) is a diving duck that is native to the United States and Canada, it is most commonly found  in or near reservoirs, lakes, playa wetlands, freshwater river deltas, coastal marshes, estuaries, bays, and (in northern Illinois), small apartments. It is an omnivorous species, eating both plant (pondweeds, wild rice, wild celery, wigeon grass, doritos, bulrushes, muskgrass and shoal grass) and animal matter (in the form of gastropods, mollusks, insects, their larvae, pepperoni and other meats mostly from ruminants), occasionally they consume these simultaneously in the form of a Chicago Pizza.   The redhead is 37 cm (15 in) long with an 84 cm (33 in) wingspan though their height can occasionally exceed six feet, in which case they tend to be non-migratory. One of these rarer examples of this branch of the Anatidae family spent several years supporting himself as a disc jockey and now graces us with tunes from around the world.

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January 26, 2020

A Few Unconnected Observations

Log Horizon, a low budget anime which was cancelled six years ago, had a dumb as rocks premise, diffident animation, and some of of the best characters, concepts and plots of the last decade. It has been renewed for a third season and will air in October. The first two seasons are still on Crunchyroll, so you've got 9 months to catch up.

Countdown begins now. (Hat tip: Executive Foistmeister)

Niche Gamer is crawling out of the hole they got themselves in after one of their founders was caught plaigerizing, rather spectacularly. Niche-Iban seems to be their remaining writers attempt to start fresh. 

Don, on the other hand, is quoting with full attribution.

Fillyjonk got some good news.

Ubu is blogging again.

Sara Hoyt got a fairly impressive upgrade to her blog design.

J. Greely needs an intervention.

This exists:

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January 18, 2020

Unintended Consequences

That Star Wars Girl does media reviews and has been a fairly pleasant channel. The blog linked to her earlier with regards to tragic circumstances and its only fair that we do so regarding hilariously cringy ones.

First off, Anna is really enthusiastic and talks at about 240 beats a minute which is generally amusing. What she really doesn't do is cuss....until recently. A short time ago she did a video on Star Wars TROS that was...colorful, in its language. It managed to use the "F" word at what someone worked out to approximately 5 times per minute.  Alright...It was, reportedly, a very bad movie and she's passionate about Star Wars and has had a very bad year. I've seen the rant in question described as a meltdown and I did not get all the way through it because it was not up to her usual standards and, well, no harm no foul.

Fast forward to today, I started getting recommendations from YouTube for videos describing her as a sociopath. The basis for this dubious psychoanalysis is apparently that sincethe aforementioned Star Wars video she's been cussing up a storm. It's like the movie gave her a stroke and she developed Tourette's Syndrome. Today, I clicked on her latest video and it has the word "Mansplaining" in the title, which in this fraught age is a warning sign...and quite not in keeping with Anna's image or professed outlook on political correctness. So I clicked on the link and learned a few things.
1: In a pinned comment she explains that she's using the term "Mansplaining" in a different way than it is used by the perniciously woke.
2:Due to childhhood surgery to correct a congenital defect, Anna has an inconspicuous third nostril that allows her to breathe while talking...which explains soooo much about her speech style.
3: She's cussing because of COPPA to be as non-kid-friendly as possible. Because YOUTUBE's handling of COPPA drives nice girls to cuss.

For some reason I found this whole thing both sad and amusing

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November 21, 2019

And Now, For A Truly Earth-Shaking Development

Don, he of the Zoological Practical Scooper has, after 7 years, finally been proven wrong about something.

Long ago he wrote this...

Joshiraku — Nobody is ever likely to license this.

Now he notes this. Yes. Joshiraku has been licensed and is for sale.

He has thoughts on the show, several other shows, and the translations thereof, but you'll have to go there to see them.

The Rakugo girls have thoughts on the matter...


Yes ladies. Mock the poor man's error, dance upon his failure, but know that in time your celebration will surely taste like ashes. You see, the takeaway from all this, is that today, November 21,2019, Lord Don of Shuffly, usually such a reliable gauge what gems might be found in the vast proof of Sturgeon's law that is the current anime industry, was wrong about something in a review of his.

The end times; they are well and truly upon us.


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October 31, 2019

No. Not Solomon Kane, That Other Guy

Mauser has been re-reading Conan, and has extensive thoughts.

The other image that comes to mind from those who have never read the originals is that as a barbarian, Conan is a simple brute. Again, not true. His Barbarian nature keeps his reasoning clear and unadorned with the gilding more civilized minds use to gloss over the cruder realities. Conan sees to the root of the matter, and cuts through the lies, sometimes literally...
Read the whole thing.

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October 24, 2019


...something other than capslock.

The internet is back up.

This was an issue earlier.

Anyway, how should we celebrate?

Well, it's getting close to Halloween and there's been a cheesecake deficit around here, so we'll kill two birds with one stone by posting a SUCCUBUS!

Satou Sensei is drawn by Oda-Non, and is completely non-representative of his body of work which is quite NSFW and can be purchased here.
He can also be supported on Pixiv Fanbox.

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September 15, 2019

Hopeful News

There is now a FarSide.com.

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September 09, 2019

Quick! There's No Time to Explain....

..."You are a weaboo, right? Read this. "

Important life lessons we didn't know we needed!

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September 05, 2019

Dustbury Down (Updated)

Charles G. Hill, "Dustbury" was involved in a car accident recently and is currently in the hospital.

I urge everyone to flood his comments section with good wishes.

UPDATE 9/8:  This was posted in the comments thread linked above..

Two of us went to the hospital last night, and I’m afraid the results are inconclusive. He was sedated, and no family members were there, so we couldn’t get information about his status. He was lying there in a neck brace. I think he will not be posting for a while.

I will try to find out more, over the next few days.

This is not looking good.
I'll post any info on crowdfunding or such as I get it. 

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August 09, 2019

Mental Health Tip

If Pixy says "Don't read the comments.", then don't read the comments.

"I'm just gonna stand here in traffic for a little bit."

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July 27, 2019

No. Frickking. Way.

The end times. They have come upon us all.

Also: Congratulations!

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