April 27, 2014

Still Scarce

   I have a big exam on Monday so the next two days will entail cramming and sleep (the latter being a very important component of test preparation that I frequently forget).


In the meantime a quick perusal of the interwebs  reveals several bloggers who actually have taken the time to provide content over the last several days.


Medieval Otaku gets in touch with his inner his Edith Hamilton to discuss the Oresteian influences in Kill-La-Kill.


Don has one of the two blogs whose embeds are invisible to me on Epic, so I very nearly missed his latest post, which I had initially taken to be a formatting error. That would have been tragic as I would have missed this gem, which shows that these kids today still have an appreciation of the classics. (There is a side by side comparison here.)

Borepatch alerts us to this comprehensively insightful and profanity laced analysis of dubstepby Foamy the Squirrel. Testify!

Observing us from his secret headquarters in Australia with a mixture of bemusement and horror Pixy seems to have come up with the line of the week…


 The Hillary poster in particular seems to come from some weird alternate universe in which Eva Peron was an admiral of the Imperial Japanese navy.

…which has, in turn spawned further discussion.

Heretefore I had thought the term "twintails" meant something entirely different from this.

Now I know better.

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