July 07, 2008

Some "Rainy Day" Linky Luv....

Today it rained all day in Southeastern Virginia....on the Weather Channel.
Outside it was a gloriously sunny, if hot, day.

With that in mind Powerline reports that CNN may be broadcasting from the same pocket universe as the Weather Channel....More on Bud Day here....

Returning to Earth Actual, Jerry Pournelle has a thoughtful discussion on torture and coercion here and here.

The Anchoress has a stream of consciousness on the upcoming elections here and a rather more focused and quite thorough assessment of the recent actions of the All Feeling all Seeing God Head Sun King here.

Eric Scheie looks at some of the stupid anti-Obama conspiracy theories and develops....a conspiracy theory.

The Instapundit links to this post on the recent rescue of FARCs hostages andquotes this telling bit....

As we learn more about the Colombian military's daring hostage rescue last week, one detail stands out: In tricking FARC rebels into putting the hostages aboard a helicopter, undercover special forces simply told the comandantes that the aircraft was being loaned to them by a fictitious nongovernmental organization sympathetic to their cause called the International Humanitarian Mission.

It may have taken years for army intelligence to infiltrate the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, and it may have been tough to convincingly impersonate rebels. But what seems to have been a walk in the park was getting the FARC to believe that an NGO was providing resources to help it in the dirty work of ferrying captives to a new location.

As the cool kids say...."Indeed"

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