January 22, 2015

Open Thread!

Yes the "Open Thread".

The international, IMO approved, SOLAS compliant, universally recognized code used by bloggers who are engaged in a three front war against school, work, and writers block.

Here are some random linky bits, just in case, like me, you have nuthin'.

Suburban Banshee suggests that ISIS may not be as well read on their stated policy manual as they claim to be. 

Trigger Warning! Politix...Neo suggests that Boehner may not actually be vindictive...or an idiot

On a completely different note...Don links to an article which proposes that suggestions that our society has entered a slow decline may be erroneous.  
He also links to this thing that I can't spell

Juxtaposition.Greely is doing that thing he does

Wonderduck is unaware that it is not Saturday

Steven reminds us that opining on cartoons from time to time...doesn't contradict our assertions that we're not kids anymore.  

With that in mind...Medieval Otaku claims to have found the BEST BOXING ANIME EVER! It's hard to disagree.

Borepatch has video on steam, steel and DREADNOUGHTS!

Tam and others have thoughts on flag rank payola.

Dr Pournelle seems to be recovering from his stroke and is opining on current events again. Some of it is trigger worthy.

Dustbury...poor Dustburry

CDR Salamander on China and VietNam.

Meanwhile...In Gibraltar...

Finally, Tekalili...

 Meganekko of Yith by Aor Saiun

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January 05, 2015

Teh Banshee on Kanazawa

Suburban Banshee has an interesting post up on the Kanazawa Peasants Republic where she ponders the former nation's influence upon Japan's pogroms against Buddhists and Christians.

My attempts at commenting on her post were unsuccessful, but I would note that Kanazawa is neat and its history is really interesting. There is an awful l lot of "What If" potential there. Additionally, I gather that Lady Eboshi's outpost from Mononoke no Hime is based in part on this town.

The area still has a reputation of having a bit of an independent streak. 

I took some pictures when I was there. 

One thing that probably helped them initially (and most likely moved them up on the 'conquest priority list') was the fact that the area has one of Japan's few natural resources. Specifically, the river there is fairly rich in gold. ( Panning is NOT allowed today...the gold in the river is the property of some mining company which has a filtration plant....and any gold flakes that make it past are still company property...and can just go out to sea)

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