October 31, 2008

Happy Haloween!

Art, is, of course, by the multi-talented Ryu

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October 20, 2008

What Hapwened!!??

2 hours gone!
Curse you Steven you have ruined my night....

Warning!!...site is a Mandelbrot hyperlink set...which may be of limited usefulness as a warning....
...as it is a word I just made up.


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October 15, 2008

A Bit of Linky Luv

The Unofficial Coast Guard Blog is having an unofficial contest to "name that icebreaker"
(Which icebreaker? You ask?..The one we don't have but need)

Information Dissemination
was already one of the best stops on he internet for naval related matters. Now it is a group blog and has been bloging up a storm..... on fire support, worrying trends in procurement and affordability and the fact that congress has compounded that problem by mandating all major warships be nuclear....good grief.

Did you know the first US warship was named for an English King? Eagle One has a superb birthday post on the history of the US Navy, including information on the Continental Navies ships.

Murdoc has a Leggo HMS Hood.

Brian Wang has a big roundup of technology develoments from Japan.

Phil Bowmeister has infomation on the development of the internet..in 1934.

Colleen Doran has information on a disturbing CBLDF case that involves a fellow potentially going to prison for posession of hentai.

Jeff Lawson has thoughts on the fall anime season, as does Ubu and Don does as well, interspersed with various other thoughts.

Steven Den Beste is watching Aria...and running the math on the moons of Mars. The series has also got him thinking about concealed carry (!?)

At Ani Nouto, Pete's cynicism filters have somehow been bypassed.

On the political front, The Anchoress has a long and link heavy post on the troubling ACORN scandal.

ACE laments the existence of morons on the team. While Gay Patriot has an extensively linked post that puts our morons in perspective...

John C. Wright links to this shocking You Tube that proves that British Comedians KNEW about he subprime mess over a year ago!

Finally,  via the Anchoress, comes this story that has everything the other half hates (religion, fresh water fishing, capitalism, windfall profits and good habits ).

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