December 23, 2014

A Few Random Links

The Guardian suggests that declining oil prices may cause the Russian Oligarchs to launch a sort of  "palace coup" . Meanwhile, the New York Times suggests that Russia's least those with meaningful political pull, are a myth and Putin is so firmly in control of his nation's elites that any threat to him will not come from that direction.

It's nice to know that there is some consensus on the matter. 

Some good news on the Free Speech and CYA fronts: Sony has changed course yet again and is in fact releasing The Interview, albeit only through art houses. (Which, in fairness is all they CAN do, given that the major theater chains are still saying no.)

Much has been written about Keurig's asinine imposition of DRM on its users to crush the competition in the single serve coffee refill market. Well it is even worse than that. If you take D, R &M, rearrange them a bit and add a few more letters, you get MURDER! It seems that the little robot coffemakers are not only harassing their owners about what brand coffee they use, the monopolistic little Cylons from Planet Java are spraying them with boiling water

Tam has dreams; oddly awesome ones

No...nonononono. No I say.
(I actually wanted to be an astronaut.)

Tech imitates fiction. Now all we need to do is break the thing...and work out that time travel bit. 

Circumstances have prevented me from doing many reviews of late. Don has a suggestion on where to find more

With regard to reviews, I had never even HEARD of this show. I may have to check it out (though I'm unsure one of the names is translated correctly in this review.)

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December 20, 2014

This Just In....

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