May 21, 2007

They're BACK!!! Oh Noes!

Brood 13 is upon us!

Well upon Wonderduck anyway....

  We do have some big cicada outbursts in select counties every 13 to 17 years. This year we are supposed to get a very localized big one (up near Luray I think).

Actually we have cicadas every year in Virginia because of staggered hibernation periods and these "dog day cicadas" are bigger than most!

BUT THAT'S NOT ALL!! Here in Virginia we also get jellyfish infestations!
Hundred degree heat with 100% humidity in August! We have icestorms, snowstorms and we're just far enough north to get some of the worst 'Nor'Easters'! We get hurricanes! We get tornadoes! We even get earthquakes! (YES WE DO TOO!) In the fine clay soils of the mountains we get frost heaves, we get avalanches and like everyone, we get floods, and forest fires and we've got six species of poisonous snakes (OK 4 are rattlesnakes...but one, the cottonmouth, is one of the most aggressive venomous snakes in the world!) , yellow jackets,  alligators, sandspurs, PeTANs black widows, brown recluses and fire ants plus we occasionally get red tides!

So I would not get all worked up about the return of the cicadas...if ...

.....If it didn't coincide with the return of Rachel Lucas to blogging, where she gives unsolicited advice to guys who use dating sites....which I'd think is a lost cause, but....)
BUT THAT'S NOT ALL not one but 2 posts by Bill Whittle who's not been blogging for months! He gives another of his literate, rational and inspirational screeds then suggest we move into virtual reality and start a utopian community to get away from the bad people.....I' about that...

As if that wasn't disturbing enough.. in comment 5 to this post Habib explains EVERYTHING!!
(thanks to Phil Bowmeister  for the last pointer)

Something is up...
(duck, cover, all that)

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May 15, 2007

Linky Luv

Wow, the Anchoress has had a raging linky fit....

Actually the Anchoress has a remarkably interesting blog that I'd neglected blogrolling. Agree or disagree, she's generally thought provoking without being mean or insulting.

A case in point is this piece on the implications of Bloomberg's mooted 3rd Party run. I agree with her that it is really too early to pay any mind to the '08 race, my God, I've got a life afterall* , but after the Perot fiasco, the implications of this are somewhat scary. is way to fricking early to be worrying about presidential campaigns.

* (full disclosure: I'm an undergraduate, unattached I don't actually have a life)

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