March 11, 2009

Aerospace Projects Review

A few months ago I rather furtively purchased an item from Aerospace Projects Review. The item was on the stillborn project Meteor, a 1950's proposal for an orbital space station I mentioned in passing here.

I immediately bit the bullet and subscribed.

It is worth every frigging penny.

 Lowther is an aerospace engineer and has meticulously researched and obtained information on all manner of historical projects, both those that were built and those that weren't.

Mr. Lowther is also an accomplished draftsman and he provides superb artwork both by himself and people like Damon Moran to complement the existing schematics and his in depth analysis...

PLUTO art by Damon Moran

There is a lot of crap on the internet concerning projects that were never built...much of it utter bilge. Lowther's site is NOT one of those.

I cannot recommend this site highly enough. The prices are nominal and the information on various aerospace projects  is amongst the most detailed available.


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