December 15, 2008

7 Working Days Left Till Christmas is Past

And I'm short of time so here are Saber and Rin from Fate Stay Night well as some quick links....

As most of you know, some asshat set fire to the Wasilla Church that includes amongst its members, Governor Palin. There is now a fundraiser to help.

The Anchoress has some interesting thoughts on the shoe incident.

Via Steven Den Beste comes this humorous translation fiasco.

The Carnival of Space has been taken over by those pesky antipodians.

Finally Colleen Doran posts a well researched and interesting piece on the evolution of Shojo Manga, a possible american connection and the awful story behind that story. Read the whole thing

.(Note in reference to her post, that the culture museum in Nagasaki has a large display of  pre Tezuka Girls Manga some of which are seen here)

Update: Rand Simberg has posted a long and informative article from 2004 never before published in full, debunking several myths of spaceflight and proposing a productive way forward...I've added it to this previous post of mine which looks at some of the same issues but does so rather less well.

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December 10, 2008

A Few Random Bits

DigiKerot just wants the DVD and is unimpressed with the marketing departments attempt to splice Rube Goldberg's DNA onto origami.

Wonderduck has had a rough week, but he has discovered the joys of customer satisfaction.

Pete has begun watching Midori no Hibi (mentioned in passing here) and seems to be enjoying it.

Steve Den Beste is finicky...(who knew!)...nevertheless, he takes the time to explain why this might be a good in the last get several series.

Colleen Doran has a roundup of links, starting off with another reason not to date...but she also has advice for aspiring artists and many fans....

Copyright: There's a better way to learn the basics than making an enemy of an artist with more money than God. 

Finally, many people are quick to point out that Anime is a perfectly respectable hobby.
Pixy Misa helpfully puts that myth to rest in a post that requires he put this 'explanation' in the associated comments.
Well, there's at least two others with plausible excuses - one wearing inflatable falsies, and one with a trout in her bra.
(probably NSFW)

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December 04, 2008

Murdoc is Running a Contest

You have to go there for the details.

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December 02, 2008

It's That Time...

I'm leaving for work in an hour and am beat to pieces, but here are a few bits from around the 'sphere I found interesting but am too pooped to comment on as I'm beginning my shift now at midnight....

As some of you know, I work for UPS Despite the economic mess a combination of the collapse of DHL, orders placed before the collapse and consumer obliviousness, our workload is...well...Christmassy....

Teh Fred has comments on this phenomenon... relax kids its all OK....unless Teh Fred is being sarcastic somehow.

On other serious matters, over at the Long War Journal, in the wake of the Mubai attacks this is NOT what we need to be hearing from the Pakistani military....especially in light of this.

Dennis Prager has thoughts on the targeting of the Chabad House, when it made little tactical sense to do so. Godwins law does not apply here.

Rodger Kimball reflects upon a story from the UK, that is while bloodless, no less disturbing in its own way.....
We can at least take comfort in the fact that it can't happen here.....oh wait...

On a more upbeat note, Next Big Future reports on -77 degree F superconductors. Not room temperature yet, but withing the reach of conventional HVAC tech!

It is often forgotten that Condi Rice is not just a diplomat, but also a classical pianist. Yesterday she got to combine those two skillsets in an unusual combo resulting in "win".

Will at Criminally Wierd brings us this bit of....ummm....

Colleen Doran gets all pervy on her blog...and somewhat surprisingly, she is not the only person today to manage to mention sex and Hitler in one post...

As soon as  you are finished applying the eyebleach, I implore you to look at this tangentially related cautionary tale on the importance of checking over childrens homework....

I am now off to ride the package tsunami....Stay safe everyone!

Elf grrl is a cosplaying Konata...from Lucky Star which has been masterfully translated by Avatar

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