September 23, 2017

Aerospace Projects Review

Well, I got one of those status E-mails from Patreon bearing the distressing news that Scott Lowther is sending plain language calls for asistance in advertising. Without an increase in sales he has to consider hanging up the slide rules and calipers on one of the best internet resources for aerospace history out there. 

It seems that his sales are running about 50 copies apiece, and considering that his prices are astoundingly reasonable and he's running all over the country to do research, he can't really justify this. 

He's not giving up yet, but he's asking for help in marketing his wares. 

And they are awesome wares indeed.

Now I know that some of my readers self-publish and know people who are masters of the ins and outs of self publishing, web-presence and web-marketing.  Can we get this fellow some advice, contacts and maybe a link storm?

 I've bought most of the available issues of his magazines and have been sufficiently impressed that I've mentioned this fellow before, but it's hard to do justice to how unique this publication really is. on this here link, scroll down and browse. The individual issues contain exactly what they say on the tin. If you don't find those topics transcendentally are wrong. 
A random sampling of articles:
Northrop ST-38 Space Trainer: a rocket-powered T-38 for trips to space
"Have Sting:" A General Electric design for a gigantic orbital railgun 
JPL Thousand Astronomical Unit probe: A spacecraft into interstellar space 
Integrated Manned Interplanetary Spacecraft: A Boeing concept for a giant spacecraft to Mars and Venus 
Convair Inflatable Spacecraft: an early spaceplane concept 
One Man Space Station: A 1960 McDonnell concept for a tiny space station 
Astroplane: A lightweight aircraft for the exploration of Mars 
Reactor-In-Flight Test: A Lockheed nuclear-powered stage for the Saturn V 
Project Orion, USAF and NASA 10 meter designs. This article presents many never before published Project Orion technical diagrams.
ROMBUS/ITHACUS: the Douglas concept from 1963 for a million-pound payload SSTO, and its stablemate that could rocket 1200 fully loaded US Marines anywhere in the world 
Convair Mach 4 Seaplane Bombers, by George Cully 
Convair's flying submarine.

I gather that his Patreon will soldier on regardless ( that is separate from the magazine and he's doing fiction there as well).

Given that each issue runs between $6 and $10 bucks and tend to have 80 to 140 pages of aerospace might have been goodness you all should probably run on over and start buying before it's gone.

With a little better marketing, it will not come to that, there is no way that there are only 50 people on the internet willing to spend 9 bucks on the stuff in this publication.

Said stuff includes actual designs for space battleships powered by atom bombs.

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