September 27, 2015

Close Air Support

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September 19, 2015

AVAST!! AHOY!! It be the 19th of September!

This here nearly ARRRR rated scrimshaw be the work of Minari.

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Shortest Dating Sim Ever

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September 14, 2015

Skirting the Very Edge of the Espionage Act

For the engineers and spies in the audience, here is a short video on the critical aspects of missile guidance...

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September 01, 2015

New Defense Development in China

...and the implications are profound. 

I mean, who could have possibly predicted this?

"That's it. Game over!"

That article seems to actually be a reprint of this report from McClatchy, which I will note rather buries the lede with its...specificity. 

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August 31, 2015

Pique Should Not Be a Default State...for Anyone


I'm seeing some wailing and gnashing of teeth over one of the President's recent pronouncements. While I think that it is perfectly reasonable to be prepared to experience horror, bewilderment and dread any time he opens his mouth, it is still important to actually listen to what is said since there is always the possibility (however remote) that such reactions will be unwarranted. 

For instance, it would seem to me, given the usual complaints from those complaining, that it would be more appropriate to cheer...or at least nod knowingly at the Presidents completely uncharacteristic decision to defer to state and local wishes with regard to federal land management decisions, and the decision itself seems perfectly reasonable.

How best to put it?

"Denali is not the hill to die on?" 

...Well, yeah...That works. 

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August 13, 2015

Crossing the Streams Does Indeed Result in Something Scary

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August 11, 2015

I...Oh Dear.

This has to be one of the most sublime juxtapositions of win and derp, ever.


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August 04, 2015

Post Title Goes In This Field: Remember, Post Titles Should Be Short, Only Two Or Three Words And Be Humorous If Appropriate And Possible, However, Above All They Should Be Relevant To The Topic Of The Associated Post. For Frack's Sake Don't Write A Whole Friccking Paragraph.AND DON'T FORGET THE POST TITLE! Thank You.Management.

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A Dispatch From the Department of Derp

Dustbury has discovered yet another reason to be wary of Windows 10 beyond the concerns about its security or  the worries that it permanently "upgrades" your computer to telescreen mode.

The Windows 10 error screen...

 "Well, that's...helpful"

Compounding these problems is the fact that Microsoft can't count.  This is either the thirteenth or the seventeenth edition of Windows depending on how one counts. Neither of those numbers is equal to 10. 

It get's worse. As we all remember, following the new numbering system adopted after Vista, the last edition was Eight which means that in REALITY,  we're discussing...


All of Microsoft's desperate obfuscations cannot save them from mockery by anonymous Touhou fans. 

Nineball was unavailable for comment.

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July 28, 2015

Exactly What it Says on the Tin

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July 24, 2015

Gentle Readers

...I urge you to watch this.

I do so mostly because I am a very bad man, but also because watching this will kill sufficient brain cells that it might distract one from any pain one might be experiencing.

Warning: May also cause psoriasis. 

Via Moe Lane, who's write up, while technically accurate, did not prepare me for the epic dreadfulness of this thing. 

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July 15, 2015

They've Stolen Murnau's Head!

No. Really...

 The skull of the film director F. W. Murnau — best known for "Nosferatu,” his 1922 Expressionist take on Bram Stoker’s "Dracula” — has been stolen from a cemetery outside of Berlin.

Not currently a suspect.

On the bright side, this could easily be parlayed into the basis for a sequel to that awesome John Malcovich movie.

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June 23, 2015

How Many Nuclear Bombs WOULD it Take effectively knock most of the world back into the 7th century?

Well, to physically devastate the planet through blast and heat would take thousands upon thousands of bombs, probably more than existed at the height of the cold war. 

However, all we have to do is bring down the thing that (philosophical advances notwithstanding) makes the modern world modern...our technology.

One could go a long way to doing that with an Electro Magnetic Pulse. There are a few ways to get these, but we're talking about nukes, so one can obtain the effect by detonating a nuclear weapon at high altitude. The sweet spot seems to be an area with a lower limit between 18 and 31 miles up (depending on latitude and other factors) and an upper limit around 300 miles into space. The effects are caused by interaction with the earth's atmosphere and magnetic field and extends to the visible horizon. The effects radii for various altitudes can be seen here...

The actual effects are fairly consistent throughout the area with a horseshoe shaped area containing a zone of very high effects and a small area just north (or south in the southern hemisphere) of ground zero with minimal effects.

Most of the area has between 50 and 80% of the maximum intensity of effects. The effects can be...impressive.

  The electromagnetic pulse (EMP) fused all of the 570-kilometer monitored overhead telephone line with measured currents of 1500 to 3400 amperes during the 22 October 1962 test. The monitored telephone line was divided into sub-lines of 40 to 80 kilometres (25 to 50 mi) in length, separated by repeaters. Each sub-line was protected by fuses and by gas-filled overvoltage protectors. The EMP from the 22 October (K-3) nuclear test caused all of the fuses to blow and all of the overvoltage protectors to fire in all of the sub-lines of the 570 km (350 mi) telephone line.The EMP from the same test caused the destruction of the Karaganda power plant, and shut down 1,000 km (620 mi) of shallow-buried power cables between Astana (then called Aqmola) and Almaty.  

Even assuming these were maximum effects and most areas would receive 30-80% of this effect this messes everything up. 

Back to the question at hand. How many bombs would it take for a not entirely rational government to apply those effects to the entire world?

Well, using the 1470 mile radius of the affected area we get an area of 6,788,670 square miles. The earth has a total surface area  of 196,939,900 square miles (rounded after conversion from km) and 196,939,900 / 6,788,670 = 29.010 so one would need less than 29 of these to send the whole Earth back into the dark ages (less because the nefarious individuals doing his would not need to hit most of the 70% of the surface area that's oceans, Antarctica, or themselves.

Now a small crazy country that wants to do this and had the capability to make 25 bombs a year and a transportable ballistic missile, and a modest merchant marine might discreetly disperse these missiles to where they could be simultaneously launched for global coverage... like so...

Iranian Shabab 4? missiles and their TELs on small container shiip.

Now to what end would they do this?

Well a conquering, convert or die army is kind of like a zombie apocalypse, with fast, tool-using, gun shooting zombies (except they don't often bite) and we've seen some of what can happen when a group like that moves into an area that's demoralized and destabilized...

Of course if this outfit ever encounters a proper modern military, they'll get curb-stomped. 

Note though that if you have the same goal and can demoralize and destabilize the entire world, by say, knocking a good chunk of it back to the 7th century, even if only for a few years...well., these people have a sense of history...

Imagine this transpiring while the whole world is knocked on their behinds by a power failure, starving and desperate, and assume to that kept aside a few nukes for military bases and tactical usage.

That would probably be quite a powerful motive for those who consider modernity itself to be an abomination.

Is this likely? Would it work?....probably not.

But, if you're crazy enough to roll the dice with nukes you're crazy enough to try really crazy crap especially since the EMP doesn't require particularly challenging targeting capability and could conceivably do far more damage than the same nuke could via blast and heat.  

Anyway, I was surprised that you could do it with 20-30 midsize nukes.

UPDATE: Corrected some typos, fixed a hyperling and. umm, removed the picture of Mum-Ra. 

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June 14, 2015

Maximum Return for Minimum Effort

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