January 23, 2017

That Place Where The Turtle Died

The settlement down there looks to be imprudently positioned for any number of reasons. 

Art by Makkou 4

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January 04, 2017

Kongo is a Lady of Impeccable Taste

One of the more surprising things I discovered in my various trips to Japan was that they actually get sweet tea right. While most tea in Japan is unsweetened the Kirin company produces two products that nail the concept.

Kongo receiving tea therapy by Itou.

Despite it being called English Tea, this is actually the sweet tea of the American southeast, which is exactly NOT like the oversweetened syrupy swill that passes for sweet tea in most national chain restaurants and in the soft drink industry. The latter producing such abominations as sweetened GREEN tea. Proper, civilized tea is extremely strong so that the bitterness balances out the sweetness of the cane sugar, (which is an entirely different substance from corn syrup). The sweetness can be further countered by adding lemon juice. This is, for some reason, beyond the capability of the American food service industry outside of a dwindling number of small mom and pop restaurants in the American southeast, despite the fact that it is well within the capability of my late grandmother. 

Kirin is not so incompetent. Both the straight tea and the lemon tea are done perfectly. I never saw this done in a mass marketed product before I pulled one of these out of a Japanese vending machine on a whim.

I was, therefore overjoyed to discover that Amazon now carries this very tea which....

...I should have bought in bulk when I was over there and sold to people who cannot master the concept of the mason jar.


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January 01, 2017

Happy 2017

Phoenix 2017 by PiNe

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