January 29, 2014

What the HELL Was THAT!?

I just watched Megan Kelly do a 5 or 6 minute segment on a family being tormented by demons. Apparently social services went to some ladies house to sieze her kids and decided against it on the grounds that they came to believe that the mother was not at fault. They and the accompanying police officers determined that the children's injuries were actually caused by  poltergeists or demons or  some other ectoplasmic annoyances that do not belong on an actual news show.


Look...Ms. Kelley...if you're going to go all Discovery Channel on us just bite the bullet and interview Bat Child....or switch to hosting Red Eye.

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January 13, 2014

Some Advice for Jamie Stiehm

Full disclosure:
I'm not a Catholic. I'm a Methodist...we're way removed from those Catholic types because we got excommunicated from the Anglican Church over several disagreements of which ordaining ministers in the rebellious 13 colonies was the final straw...though a strong strain of what would later be called Disestablishmentarianism probably did not help. I mention this for two reasons....

First: I have for years tried to work the word  antidisestablishmentarianism into a post and the above mention of its polar opposite is probably the closest I'll ever get.
Second: For the purposes of this post I need to assure my readers that that as far as I'm concerned  them thar Catholics are all infidels and I am not being manipulated, threatened or brainwashed by papist puppeteers.

AUUUGH...He's taking about, politics...AND religion...in the same post. Now I'll NEVER have any friends!

That's why we put these things below the fold....


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After the Polar Vortex...

...what ever could be next?


Fan speculation aside, it looks like a sequel is in the works.

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January 01, 2014

In the Interest of Being All Multicultural and Stuff...

We've decided to bring in a guest today from....
I'm sorry...WHAT!?

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