December 17, 2017

Oh What the HELL Is This?

You know what always makes everything better?
You know what's hard to screw up?
But do you know what year this is?
Yes, it's 2017. So get ready for the inevitable dissappointment that comes from this insidiously tantalizing headline.

New!? I didn't think they were even making dinosaurs anymore!

Oh wait what's this?

Hmmm...I guess they aren't making them any more.
It looks like they just grabbed some random non-dinosaur parts from the reject bin and kitbashed to their hearts content. 

I may not be a paleontologist, but I KNOW what dinosaurs looked like 'cause I had a Lewis Marx playset and that thing up there was NOT INNIT! 
That ain't no dinosaur!

These here are dinosaurs!

The BEST kind of dinosaurs.

Public domain dinosaurs.
Now get off my lawn!

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