April 13, 2010

Sometimes.....Thread Drift is Most Welcome

Over at Avatar's place I encountered this in the recent comments sidebar.

Well, see, there I was, minding my own business, reading comments about loli-panchira, and suddenly a copyright discussion broke out. Were the panchira copyrighted?

Yay copyright!

It's an interesting..ummm... HALF of a copyright discussion too.
I can only assume this is a vast improvement over what might have been.

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So My first Thought Was..."Damn Fool Must Have Watched Kiss X Sis"

...But even that context wouldn't have helped.

"Anime is a prime example that two nukes just wasn't enough," NH State Rep. Nick Levasseur said on Facebook.

What an ass.

Now I say this as someone who happens to think that Truman's decision was the correct one and the horrific events of the 6th and 9th of August 1945 were the least bad options available at the time.

I've also talked to several wonderful people who were there and still have the keloid scars to prove it.

This was  a terrible thing and is not something to joke about.  There are some things a politician just doesn't say.

Now it is also true that I take a  very dim view of political correctness and jumping on people for off the cuff remarks.

However, it turns out that this wasn't an off the cuff remark. It was an the main thrust of the asshats post on his Facebook page.

I take an even dimmer view of censorship....
(especially censorship via nuclear weapons.)

It gets worse. There is also the fact that joking about killing people for their views is something of a pattern with this jackass*.

Oh and his constituent services suck.

A pro-gun rights New Hampshire resident decides to get involved in the political process and sends Levasseur an e-mail asking him to clarify a statement he made while serving in his capacity as a state representative, and Levasseur threatens to report him to the authorities for his "threatening" and "harassing" behavior.

All the while, Levasseur's MySpace profile page lists as one of his interests the "hunting of neo-conservative Reaganites", by use of firearms

More on the threat to the constituent here and as I post this ....more than a week after this story broke his Myspace profile is still unchanged. Presumably it's accurate as is.

He should change his name to Representative Zarroff.

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