May 20, 2021

In the Intrests of Evironmental Awareness, Food Security, and Economic Prosperity

... The Brickmuppet's Crack Team of Science Babes are celebrating WORLD BEE DAY!

Bees are vital to the ecosystem but vulnerable to environmental toxins. Bees can be a sign of environmental problems much like a canary in a mine. 

Bees provide pollination for many plants including primary and secondary food crops. 

Bees have an exoskeleton and no bones. But, unlike me,  they have all the other organs

Commercial beekeepers alone produced 37,830,000 pounds of honey which at 207.5 cents a pound comes to a contribution of  $78,497,250.00 dollars to the economy irrespective of their secondary benefits to other types of agriculture.  

However, bees are threatened by Colony Collapse Disorder which is kind of like Coronachan for bees, but worse. 

It's unclear what causes it, and since bees don't wear masks, the government is banning certain pesticides and beekeepers are applying medications like menthol, which is used to treat certain bee parasites. 

Art is by Houtengeki (who has "issues" involving bees apparently.) Support him on Fanbox

Random Non-contextual facts; mostly from Wikipedia

This post has determined by this blog's office of standards and practices to bee educational in nature and not appeal to the prurient interest of normal Americans which we are defining as "those people who do not want to have conjugal relations with bees". 

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May 05, 2021

A Question for You, Gentle Reader

Has "Minecraft" become the latest code word for what was previously referred to as a b00g@L00? 'Cause I just blundered into some discussion concerning the relative merits of .308 versus .223/5.56 caliber ammunition in the context of.... "Minecraft". This was not a video game board.

Minecraft LARPing sounds like it could get out of hand. 

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