May 22, 2018

Oh What Fresh Hell Is This?

One of THOSE headlines...

What in the world do robots need organs for? I can't think of any non-worrisome reasons.

Let's ask one of our Crack Team of Science Bots what possible use robots might have for organs besides living tissue over a hyperalloy endoskeleton to make them more successful as Infiltrator units. 

"Are you kidding!? I'll be able to ditch these 'splody Samsung batteries, 'cause I'll have a stomach and intestines and a liver so I'll be able to charge by eating Carolina barbecue and Moon Pies and  drinking RC Cola! And I won't stop with digestion either! I'm gonna be STACKED!"

Well OK then!

(Art is by Sukabu)

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May 06, 2018

Perhaps Not as Laid Back as They Were Hoping For.

Art By: Ueyama Michirou Buy their stuff here!

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May 05, 2018

Ninjas Wanted

Indulge us, Gentle Readers, as this blog takes a slight detour from its normal format.
(Stop that. We totally have a format!)
We need about 40 people with thick skin to pretend to be ninjas for 6-10 minutes a day.

Billy Versus Snakeman is a fun little time waster that, despite being a flash game, allows a surprising amount of cooperative and team play. The premise is that you're stereotypical anime ninjas, with a whole set of ninja goals, but you are also part of a ninja village and your participation and doing village duties makes the village stronger. Once in a while there are cooperative team events like a zombie zombja attack on the village that require some player coordination in tactics, but not time online.   Its silly fun and free.


Villages can have a population of up to 50 but require a certain level of participation to keep from falling apart every night...and that's where the guys in marketing screwed up. 

You see, there was a time (long ago) when SNOWFLAKE was a word that referred to a meteorological phenomenon involving a particular manifestation of ice-1-N  under specific conditions as part of a hydrological cycle. Given the lack of any any negative connotations, and the location of one of the decision makers in the foothills of the Great Snowy Mountains, the decision was made to name the village SNOWFLAKE.

Regrettably, as the language has shifted, membership has dropped, hence the call for ninjas with tough skin who are willing to dodge the particular slings, arrows and throwing stars that "Snowflake Ninjas" must endure, secure in the knowledge that what does not cause us to die of embarrassment makes us stronger, faster and more sneaky!

If you have the GUTS to be a Snowflake (or are just feeling vaguely ironic) click on this here linky-poo and let your adventure begin!

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