July 24, 2011

Ultimate Source of US Political Corruption Found

Golly. It's always who you'd least expect.

I guess we'll have to resume sending in the beavers.

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False Flag Fail

Much of what has been said about the Norwegian monster Anders Behring Breivik came from this translation of his Facebook page...Well, that appears to be fake. Someone was very anxious to tie this guy to the American right to the point of creating poor comedy.

Now this evil waste of skin certainly does appear to be a total nutter and he does seem to have things in common with the EUROPEAN right but he probably wasn't any sort of fan of Sarah Palin or Fox anchor Bret Bair as the 'fakebook' page suggests. Palin in particular has spoken out against discrimination against muslims and so would be anathema to the bastards core belief.

It bears remembering that the European right is vastly different in principle from the rightwing in the US. In the US the right is broadly about limited federal government power and adherence to the constitution. The farthest to the right in the US political spectrum would be the Libertarians, who chafe at virtually any role for government and seem to want to apply the 10th amendment restrictions on federal power to ALL levels of government. The farthest right electable movement in the US is the Tea Party, which has some libertarian ( Jeffersonian) elements but is really Hamiltonian or Whig in character....though rather less so than the Republican party as a whole.

In Europe what is called the 'right' is essentially monarchical and often obsessed with a nation being a haven for whatever ethnicity it represents...a relic of the fact that European nations were essentially tribal in origin. This means that right in Europe is often explicitly racist. Compare popular figures in the Tea Party who include Michael Williams, Nikki Haley, Allen West, Herman Cain, Tim Scott, Marco Rubio, Luis Fortuno, and Bobby Jindal.

Both the left and right in Europe see the state as all encompassing and can't really concieve of any restraints that ought to be placed on it in the pursuit of their goals...both are viewed as quite socialistic by most American righties.

Now Europe is a big continent and I'm generalizing. For instance Switzerland is much closer to the ideal of many on the American right than the US is now, and there are a few libertarian type movements such as the one in England (which is a revival of the old enlightenment civics that inspired Americas founders).

The point is that notwithstanding what non-fake motivations this evil bastard may have, US righties have very little in common with the far "right" in Europe.    We absolutely condemn this atrocity in Norway and will never afford the perpetrator any sort of respectability or elder statesman status (like certain circles have done with the likes of Ayers, Dohrn and Evans).

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