November 24, 2020

Link Hazzard

Beware when perusing J. Greely's site. I was reading his latest missive and absentmindedly clicked on a hyperlink. 

It was a trap. 

It took me to Amazon, and with that one click contaminated my search algorithims so that now, when I look for canned chicken, I now get pet food mixed in with all my chicken choices

Ordering chicken chloride just got hazardous. 

Some bloggers just want to watch the world burn.

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November 21, 2020

Musical Interlude

Watch on Bitchute

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November 17, 2020

Veibae and the Stages of Gacha

Everyone's favorite virtual Polish succubus teaches her viewers an important lesson about the sunk cost fallacy. 

How much she learned is unknown. 


Not a lot apparently. 

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November 04, 2020

First They Came For The Oppai...Then They Came For The Rogue A.I.

A few months ago we noted that an American V-Tuber with the admittedly spicy name Oppai Pantsu was banned for a TOS violation. The violation was that Twitch retroactively decided that "Oppai" was a banned word on the platform. They had never mentioned this and had not given the girl the opportunity to change it. She had to re-launch her channel under the name Oppapan and lost her Partner status. Her channel has never really recovered its once impressive viewership (no one can search for her under her old name). 

Today, Projekt Melody got the same treatment, though there is, as yet, no indication as to why. 

No indication at all...Just a pink screen. 

What's weird is that despite Projekt Melody's other channel, her Twitch stream was fairly inoffensive (double entendre's notwithstanding). Projekt Melody was an entertaining Twitch streamer. She was no pro-gamer, but she was enthusiastically learning video games and her streams were enjoyable in large part because of her enthusiasm and dry wit. She did a lot to help up-and coming streamers by leveraging her sudden celebrity. Despite her official backstory (She is a rogue A.I. damnit. That is her story and she is sticking to it!) there was a remarkable sense of sincerity and fun in in her show. 

This is really bizarre, I'm not sure what Twitch is up to aside from drunkenly swinging the banhammer. 

I do note that Melody was one of the few streamers that spoke up in defense of those Holo-Live girls that got temporarily banned last month


Hambly can't spell "extortion" which is unfortunate as that is the reason for Melody's absence. A DMCA notice was filed by her character designer, apparently  in breach of contract. 

As per Wonderduck in the comments, Melody is back

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