February 12, 2020

Adventures in Language and Current Events

While perusing the internets this morning I noted a video on the Bichute "trending" page the title of which concerned the U.S. flooding the U.K. food supply with unsafe levels of chicken chloride.


It's Bitchute, so I chuckled and moved on.  This afternoon I encountered someone on a message board ranting quite passionately about...the U.S. flooding the U.K. food supply with unsafe levels of chicken chloride.

O.K. that's twice, so on a lark, I googled "chicken chloride" despite my confidence that there is no such chemical. In fact there is not, but there IS a current row in the U.K. about the wisdom of importing "chlorinated" chicken from the U.S.

At least I ASSUME this is the source of the chicken chloride worries.

As to why we chlorinate our chicken: Some years ago we had a salmonella outbreak that was asymptomatic in chickens and soon spread throughout the U.S. poultry industry. This strain of salmonella  (which I participated in to my considerable dismay) was not asymptomatic in people. This caused changes to food service regulations regarding poultry,  a massive crackdown on cleanliness standards at chicken processing plants, and as a precaution, an additional two steps to chicken processing were mandated: bleach spray followed by an extra rinse with dihydrogen-monoxide. This is still standard in many states since no one wants to be THAT GUY who stopped a likely useless practice right before some bacterial outbreak.

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