October 30, 2007


art by RYU

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Dating Dimorphism & Dispair

Over at Chizumatic is a long, thoughtful and rather brave disquisition on the pressing topic of otaku dream girls. Stephen points out the biggest of many hurdles there are to Otaku dating.....(incidentally, this very nebbish factor is one reason I tend not to like harem shows).

Meanwhile, in the UK a scientist has pointed out what might happen if we forlorn Otaku are allowed to breed, instead of being the evolutionary dead ends that so many of our predecessors were.

Truly frightening prospects, but I'm doing my bit to keep this dystopia at bay..

I'm watching Chobits.....


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Pirate Pwnage

Eaglespeak has pictures of a recent engagement off the horn of Africa between a pirate skiff....and a US Destroyer.

(Note to Pirates...if the USN or USCG tell you to heave-to or be fired upon, the correct answer is "A")


In a related story, via Wonderduck, the crew of the North Korean freighter that was recently siezed by Somali pirates has with some USN assistance, overpowered and captured or killed their captors according to this BBC report .

Korea was a Japanese posesssion for around 40 years, so this may have relevance to the pressing question of who would win.

Ninjas or Pirates


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October 29, 2007

Refrigerator Nuke


One of the Brickmuppets crack team of science babes reports on this interesting design from India. Yes, Brickmuppeteers, it's a compact nuclear reactor that produces 100kw of energy from a 1m3 space!

Of course, it's heavy...being, you now, one cubic meter of heavy metal, but this could have applications for the shipping industry as well as remote power production in space or the third world. Such a device could run freshwater stills and provide distrbuted power supplies.

Note that a reactor is not a power source unless its fitted for radiothermal generation, (and then it's not really efficient). This device would have to be hooked up to a boiler to harness its energy. In fact it was designed in part with railroads in mind...the thing is small enough it could just sit in the firebox!

(OK "sit" does not convey the complexity o the connections involved)

IF they can make this thing as robust as one of NASA's rtg generators....this could fill a very useful little niche.



More or less Stanley Steamer-free discussion here, at Kirk Sorensen's excellent thorium advocacy site, where one finds cool stuff like this all the damned time.


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October 28, 2007


After several days of improvement I took a turn for the worst Friday.
I may actually need spinal surgery. I'll find out Monday or Tuesday. It took me an hour to put my shoes on last night and the pain is pretty much constant.

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October 25, 2007

The Making of a Legend

 This has certainly been making the rounds but it does bear linking to.

Asshat reporter acts like pompous jerk.

Asshat reporter proudly blogs about his asshattery.

For possibly the only time in the entire history of the serious biddness that is the intwerweb (from as far back as when it was a series of straws) 196 commenters are in complete agreement on something.

Thank you asshat reporter.

You indirectly made me  LOL.

You are truly a legendary asshat.

Update: Docweasel, who preserved the legendary moment of internet unity, has relevant updates here and here. The reporter is taking pains to cover for his wire service (which shows professionalism) and does seem contrite. He seems like a pushy arrogant little cuss, but most reporters are. If they weren't there wouldn't be any Spider Jerusalem would there? Docweasel considers the issue closed.

Credit where its due, he’s not cutting and running, as he easily could, he’s come back to explain, apologize and take his licks. Ok, that chapter is done, its rude and useless to keep bashing the guy once he’s apologized.

 Fair enough. Additionally being IN Iraq and OUTSIDE the green zone puts him way ahead of a lot of reporters. So, loyal Brickmuppeteers, don't go harassing the guy on his new blog, that's tacky, stalky, and otherwise smells of Code Pinko behavior...just don't.

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New Stuff I Haven't Watched

 Don looks at Ghost Hound....

  Given the creators of Ghost Hound, I was afraid that the show might be pretentious, incoherent or incomprehensible. The first episode suggests a worse possiblity: it might be dull.

Oh dear....

Astro, on the other hand, seems to like it thus far and has other recomendations as well.

It certainly looks cool. I'll most likely give it a try.

Both Astro and Wonderduck seem to agree that Sketchbook is a worthy bit of quirkieness.

Ubu claims to have discovered the result of combining "win" and "awesome".

Tangentially related, Jason has mathematically reduced the series of the Fall 2007 season to their constituent components .  (There seems to be fair ammount of "lose" and "fail" in this list. )

No idea when/ if I'll see any of these. Right now, to the extent I'm watching anything, I'm watching.....Chobits....for the first time.

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October 24, 2007

Michael Yon's Latest

Bumped to top

I started to link to this in the post below.... indeed it is what actually set me off...but it is too important to be buried in a linkfest.

It is also an example of the type of reportage that is far too rare.

Michael Yon reports on the HUGE dichotomy between what is reported and what is now happening in Iraq.


He is now offering his dispatches for free in a desperate attemtpt to get this story out. But he needs help.

This is where my readers come in, at least those among them who share the concern that the distorted picture most Americans have of the situation in Iraq has strategic (and disastrous) implications for this war, our national security, and the stability of one of the most volatile regions on the planet.

Those readers can first check to see if their local paper is a member of the NNA . Because only NNA members will be able to

” . . . print excerpts of Michael Yon’s dispatches, including up to two of his photographs from each dispatch. Online excerpts may use up to 8 paragraphs, use 1-3 photos, and then link back to the full dispatch on his site saying ‘To continue reading, click here.’”

If their local paper is a member of NNA, readers can contact the editor, urging their participation. [If Bob Owens’ experience is a reliable indicator, this might take several prompts.] By encouraging their local daily or weekly newspapers to reprint these dispatches in their print editions, more people without internet access can begin to see a more accurate reflection of the progress I have observed and chronicled in dispatches like “Achievements of the Heart,” “7 Rules: 1 Oath,” “The Hands of God,” and “Three Marks on the Horizon.” 

Yon is a freelancer who is travels between Iraq and Afganistan. He has reported on the war warts and all and was one of the first to point out missteps in the early days of the occupation. He also reports on the success being made and is doing some of the finest Journalism I've ever seen.

He has no suport other than his articles and donations. He's just given up on the former, so please consider supporting him with the latter.

More Here:

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Chizumatic links to this important development in super science.


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