December 29, 2010

An Extended Conversation with Evil

This is astonishing.
An American grad student has landed an interview with Dr. Bernhard Frank, a German WW2 veteran.
But there is more, because it turns out that Frank wasn't in the Kriegsmarine, or the Luftwaffe, or the Panzer Corps.
Oh no. He was in the SS.
He was the number 4 the SS.
He was THE Nazi.
The Nazi who signed the order that started the whole unspeakable hell in motion. He has proof.

...and Dr. Frank doesn't exactly seem contrite.
Watch the whole thing.

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It's that time of year. Things have been a tad hectic of late and aside from a few minutes a day fulfilling my ninja obligations I've not been online much. However,  I just slogged through 389 E-mails, and am now otherwise nearly caught up.

There are a few links that have caught my eyes over the last few weeks. In many cases I intended to offer meaningful insightful commentary, but in the absence of any actual insight I'll just leave them here.

We are in deep kimchee. Really deep. There is no way out that does not involve considerable pain. The Tea Party types have talked a lot about cutting spending but specifics are few and far between. Paul Ryan actually has a plan  but pretty much everyone seems to be averting their eyes, as it is alarmingly sound and therefore a bitter pill indeed. Well, not everyone. Ace has more thoughts here.

Golly, this is so awful it almost defies parody. However, as I am a geek, it does remind me of a Star Trek episode.

Scott Lowther has pics of the new Chinese stealth fighter.

The New Republic has the Chinese reading list.

Having been a hazmat responder, I told my leftie friends about this and was dismissed. Vile bulbs are vile. It's worse than this, because cumulative effects and build up in the food chain occur even if your waste is politically correct.

X-Ray Lightning!

ZOMG...the pros from Dover have arrived!

TVA is working on Mini Nukes!

Hobbit eating storks.

Yay! Trinitramid! And here I said that plot point in Rocket Girls was silly.

Remember MS Bob? I don't, but it could have been the future. Oh, but for the want of some regulators was the future denied. Via Jerry Pournelle, More on this here.

Another "What if?"

The alternative to having ones junk touched. Have it shipped.

initial operational capability,” Eww.

Ubu explains a really click on it.

Everywhere I turn, a homunculus.

Possibly the most significant single person on the US side in the Pacific War. She is buried in Arlington.

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Extreme Biology Lesson

For those who wonder about these things, there is some good source material on the biological processes of Kaiju here. (Curiously not mentioned is the fact that Gameras digestive system is navigable via minisub and contains enough air for a couple of children to survive for several minutes.)

...and for those socially benighted 'people' with engineers disease, we have a special link on the same topic just for you.

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December 27, 2010

Oh My Stars and Garters

...and aprons and glasses and umbrellas and shotguns and grenades and really big knives.

How did I miss this?

There is a new Black Lagoon sequel. The series will be focusing on that sweet, love-able maid, Roberta.

Do want.

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Christmas afternoon, with snow reported to be on the way, I asked my folks if they needed me to pick them up anything.

They said no.

That blue thing in the distance is my Cressida.

Yesterday afternoon, with more snow falling than Southside Hampton Roads has had in 20 years, my mom remembered " prescriptions!"

So off to Wallgreens I went.

The prescriptions filled, I browsed the store looking for hot chocolate but there was none. In fact, the store was also a bread, milk and bottled water free zone. It was about the only place open and seemed to be doing a brisk business selling what was left.

The roads were atrocious. I saw 3 wrecks involving at least 8 cars between them. Portsmouth has only about 10 snow plows and I heard on the radio that two had overturned yesterday.  (How does that HAPPEN?)
Additionally, internet and phones were out until this morning.

Somewhere out west Pete is no doubt laughing a loud, mocking Slavic laugh at the pandemonium this 6-8 inches of whiteness has caused us silly non-Russians.

However, this area simply has not had to deal with this on a regular basis since the 80's. This really is the most snow we've seen in nearly 20 years and by far the earliest meaningful accumulation on the south-side in that time. The last few winters only snowstorm of note occurred in February of this year and was somewhat less severe. Until this weekend, it had been the worst snowstorm we'd for a long time. (Though an ice storm in 1999 did cause some major problems)

Although I was supposed to be off today, a pleading text from my supervisor convinced me to head in this morning. UPS is on the peninsula in Newport News.  That area, on the northern side of the roads, gets snow much more frequently, but even there this storm had overwhelmed the road crews. It took me over an hour to make what is normally a 30 minute commute.  Only about 10 percent of our workforce made it in and worked our butts off trying to get the brown trucks loaded. However, we ended up well past driver start time with virtually everything in our delivery area closed and the roads quite treacherous. Thus UPS shut down without unloading all trailers for only the second time in the 19 years I've worked there. (The only other time was for a hurricane). A few trucks are running very abbreviated routes but that is all.

Tomorrow will be one busy day as we catch up. We'll be starting 2 hours early, which for me means getting up at 2AM...Its almost like.... Christmas....again.

I guess the only thing to do is read Yotsuba&!

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