July 10, 2023

I May Have To Go To A Theater

This movie seems to be causing a considerable amount of consternation amongst certain people in the laptop class.  That's a tad disturbing.

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July 08, 2023

Midnight Movie Night on Kick!

Tonight (Sat7/8/23) at 21:00 EST/ 01:00 UTC we'll be doing another Testing and Breaking Things Stream over on Kick.com.  

We'll be doing a bit of grinding in Disgaea to level up the new character and around Midnight we're going to watch some Silent movies, a silent short that is TBA and Der Golem (1920) 

A German expressionistic Horror film set in the middle ages. The Golem is the last film in what was the very first Multimedia mass merchandising  SciFi Horror Franchises, with Book, Radio, Film and Merchandise elements. It is also a prequel that serves as the origin story for the film series.  https://kick.com/brickmuppet  Come by, say "Hi!" and poke about while checking out the Beta of Kick.com!    

(We actually showed this looonng ago on Twitch, but only had 2 viewers the whole night and this film really deserves to be seen. )

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July 04, 2023

Then and Now

So, in what is now called Independence Hall, in Philadelphia, 247 years ago today, a group of men, some more reluctantly than others, declared the independence of their homeland from their nation. 

After a declaration of principles, they listed their grievances. Those grievances are highlighted in red below the fold. 

Aside from certain ones that have a contemporary ring to them ("He has excited domestic insurrections amongst us...") and a few others that were products of their time, I am struck by how mundane many of these concerns seem to most of us today, yet back then were seen as sufficient infractions of liberty to inspire men to take up arms against the most powerful military in the world. 

I'm further struck be the lack of anything approaching child genital mutilation amongst the grievances. 

And yet today, there is no call for insurrection. 
Perhaps we are more civilized than them.
Perhaps we are more...something else. 

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July 03, 2023

501(c)(3) .... Mercenary?

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