January 31, 2012

A Scarrier Word than Hemorrhagic (Updated)

Posting will remain light to nil for at least the rest of the week.
Reasons are rather graphic and as a courtesy to our readers are below the fold.

In the meantime, here is your Edith Hamilton fix.


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January 22, 2012

I...Think I Need To be Looking at Alternatives

So...today I went to buy some stuff of of iTunes.
They've changed the terms of use, which I cut and pasted below the fold.
(emphasis is mine). Let's see what one of our resident experts thinks about this...

Funny, that was my reaction too.

If I'm reading this right, I can now  ONLY listen to iTunes products on Apple products, ie: not on my Blackberry. This would seem to indicate that agreeing to this would entail losing the right to listen to the music I purchased.

The iBookstore agreement, which is bundled here expressly forbids making a backup copy or using it on non Apple products.

It reminds me of the old DIVX machines from Circuit City.

I'm not buying an iPhone. I'm a bit of a Mac enthusiast, but even if I could afford one right now, I don't like having all my eggs in the apple basket any more than the Microsoft basket. In fact, given that this comes on the heels of the disclosure of their absolutely malevolent and trade restraining license agreement, I may never buy another Apple product again.

So...does anyone have any suggestions for legal non- iTunes media downloads ? ('cause I sure as hell didn't click agree).

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January 11, 2012

Still Busy

Of course even if I had time to spare, I couldn't do anything about the recent release of Katawa Shoujo, as I don't do torrents, and 4-Leaf is not yet offering direct downloads.  However, Brickmuppet Blog, fortuitously,  still retains the services of an EBP* for these situations. He sends us this screen cap from the game.

Not much to go on, but, I'm intrigued.
More on this looming atrocity here.
UPDATE: There is greater detail and inexplicable synchronicity here.
UPDATE: 2 Emi's dialog provides some tangential synchronicity  here.

*Emergency Backup Pervert

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January 10, 2012


Mom is home and doing better. She starts therapy tomorrow. It is still quite hectic here between that and school starting.

Other than belatedly remembering to pull my endorsement post out of "draft", posting is light. 
Here is Nodoka Manabe as compensation.

Art by Ikari Manatsu.. Now go buy K-ON!

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January 07, 2012

The Sum of All Fears

Yesterday I was still recovering from the Norwalk / food poisoning or whatever the hell it was.  My digestive tract seemed quite empty. More importantly, I was no longer wretching bile and drinking water did not immediately precipitate further wretching.  I got up and tried to get my act together to get to school and buy my books, but it was a chore just to get to the bathroom. Nevertheless, I got into the shower and got a stark lesson in perspective...

Because at that point things went south, way south...

My mom was going to go see my sister, to oogle at her granddaughter and help out around the house. She went into the bedroom to get something and got lost...
...in her bedroom.
My dad found her and after realizing that she was utterly incoherent he called for me in a voice that could chill fire. I staggered out of the shower, threw on some pants and we got her to the car. He took her to the hospital.
A few hours later he called.
She has had strokes...

It seems now that she has had a series of mini strokes over the last month or so which she had presumably written off as holiday stress. 

I've talked to her twice since then via phone. The first time she was quite incoherent but the second time, her speech, while slurred, was understandable.

I'm taking care of my grandmother who currently cannot go to the loo unassisted and Dad is with Mom. He stopped by last night  to get some of her things. As one can imagine he is quite despondent.

Last night they moved her to a specialist facility at a Hospital way out in Suffolk and although visiting hours had passed they provided my father a bench to spend the night with his wife...which does not bode well.

This morning there was no word but they were still conducting tests.

That is all I know at this time.

I'm rather beside myself at the moment

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January 06, 2012

The Taco Bell Weight Loss Plan

16 pounds in 24 hours.
A couple more quesadeas and I''l be downright svelte.

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January 04, 2012

Various Thoughts on Politics as Well as the Coveted Brickmuppet Blog ENDORSEMENT!

I haven't opined on politics in a while. With this being an election year, it seems like a good idea to put my cards on the table and weigh in on various current issues.

"Oh God NO!" " PLEASE don't. We were almost making friends and EVERYTHING!"

OK! OK! !t's below the fold.

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Update on Occurrances in the Brickmuppet Bunker

Banality is below the fold.
Picture is unrelated.

It's from Yotuba@! Go buy Yotsuba@!

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The Old Grey Lady Issues a Correction

This is an interesting piece on the travails faced by borderline autistics.

This is the associated correction:

An article on Monday about Jack Robison and Kirsten Lindsmith, two college students with Asperger syndrome who are navigating the perils of an intimate relationship, misidentified the character from the animated children’s TV show "My Little Pony” that Ms. Lindsmith said she visualized to cheer herself up. It is Twilight Sparkle, the nerdy intellectual, not Fluttershy, the kind animal lover.

Well....I'm glad they cleared THAT up.

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January 01, 2012

Question Found!

For some time experts have known that the answer is 42.
Considerable effort has since been put in finding out what the question is.
Now, due to a unique confluence of events, this problem has been solved, albeit only temporarily.
For the next 366 days the question is "How old is the Brickmuppet?"
Now those experts have this brief window of opportunity to find out what all of this means.

An expert, hard at work on the problem.

Yes, all of history has lead to this year.
I guess those Mayans were on to something.

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