September 30, 2022

Coming Up For Air

Power is on for now. I'm gonna risk posting for a moment.

Power has been off and on all day. The storm hit sooner and harder than anticipated. I think the hurricane is pushing a big line squall or Nor'easter ahead of it. Power went out at work and a surge fried some of the computers. Glad I had my flashlight. I worked more overtime than straight time.
Not gonna risk computering tonight, it's supposed to get worse. 


There will be a compensatory stream tomorrow.

Blog content to follow. Honest. 

Pete: It varies from red to brown. 

SurburbanBanshee: I do already, but thanks. 

Mauser: That characters name is actually a big spoiler. 

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September 29, 2022

Out of the ER

Well, Tuesday night at work I had a terrible bout of un-coordination, a dizzy spell, and had had slurred speech during my stream before work. To such an extent I've currently hidden the VOD.


I've ridden this roller coaster before!

It looked like I was having another stroke, so one of my managers took me to the ER, where I spent Tuesday but after all manner of tests and time in the angry doughnut, the ER stroke center diagnosed me with...exhaustion and dehydration, which was rather embarrassing, but a relief. I slept most of the rest of the day. I seem to be fine now, even passed a kidney stone at work Wednesday, which made the rest of the day much more pleasant....ok, not pleasant but less vexing. 

After work Wednesday, I was able to get the yard cut and the porch-light fixed before the rains hit which was gratifying at the time, but is less so now as the anticipated rains haven't hit yet. 

I'm a little worried about the dehydration diagnosis, as I'm already drinking well over a gallon of water every day, which is approaching concerning levelsOTOH, the job IS quite physical.

Everything else, aside from the pending ER bill is going fine. I just have little time and less energy. 

Yard notwithstanding, I've slept most of the last two days, including today. I was concerned that my PS2 had not arrived, but it JUST showed up, which is pretty much just in time for me to figure out how to set it up for tonights anticipated 17:30EDT/01:30UTC stream

I swear blogging will resume someday. 

Anyway, for tonight though, stop by at and if I can get this console streaming properly in the next hour you can watch me flailing around for 3 hours in LaPucelle: Tactics!

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September 22, 2022

Check For Bumper Stickers

Go out to your car now and scrape off any bumper stickers that might indicate non-alignment with the latest Twitter encyclical. Do not wear any clothing that might indicate a opinion on the matters of the day. 

Watch what you say, and keep your conversations as anodyne as possible. 

Sit back, relax, and watch The Lives of Others to gain some insights into our new reality. 

Because THIS sort of thing is getting more frequent.

Above all else, do not lower yourself to their level. From a moral standpoint it is wrong to behave as they do. From a practical standpoint it would play into their hands. From a political standpoint it denies the populace the option of voting against monsters if both sides become monsters.

Manage your anger, and save it for the ballot box.

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September 21, 2022

Streamery Update

From 21:30 Friday Evening to 09:30 Saturday (EDT; 01:30 AM to 13:00 Saturday UTC) My internet alter-ego will be doing a 12 hour endurance stream!  Stop by for Final Fantasy 14 and in between our adventures in Eorzea we'll watch some Silent Scifi Movies! Like Metropolis (1926) Dr. Jekyl and Mister Hyde (1912) Georges Méliès (1907) version of 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea Which we'll compare to the 1916 American version of the same story.  We'll show some others as well before we resume trying to save the Scions of the Seventh Dawn  from whatever gun toting loons just abducted them.  Stop by for the award winning MMO and some retro cinematography this Friday at 9:30 PM EDT! @ ! 

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September 13, 2022

The World is Stupid

I couldn't get the car to start this morning.

After about 20 minutes, I realized that the issue was that the keyfob battery was dead.

I was late to work because my car key ran out of power.

The world is stupid. 

I have to be to work in 4 hours. "thud"

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September 11, 2022

21 Years

21 years after this debacle, we sit in utter defeat.
Afghanistan is back under the control of the Taliban, with millions of dollars in military kit to boot. 

 One nightmare scenario posited in the uncertain days after this debacle has indeed come to pass. Other cities have been razed by terrorists and even more of our countrymen killed, but those who burned those cities, were not from, or inspired by, the religious zealots who did this. Because, far from coming together, we have turned on each other. 

The security apparatus set up, ostensibly to deal with the threat these terrorists posed, has been turned on our own people, quite selectively as it happens, based on political affiliation. 

The public health apparatus which mobilized to deal with a bio-warfare attack, likewise descended upon our freedoms like wolves when a disease WAS unleashed, in part be research funded by those same health officials, ostensibly to prevent such a thing. 

These awful developments were the result of some long term trends, but the opportunists that made them happen were able to use these attacks to disable the institutional and civic safeguards that otherwise would have kept those tendencies in check. 

It was the day that everything changed.

The day the country went off the rails. 

A person born on that dark day would be old enough to drink today.

This event is, today, like Pearl Harbor was to a kid in the '60s, something old farts talked about, one of those past things from back before things got normal like they are now....because this "normal" is all they've ever known. 

However, if we learned anything on that day (and it appears we didn't learn much other than how not to do things), stability is ephemeral. 

Prepare accordingly. 

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Picture is Unrelated

Art by TokyoGenso

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