October 31, 2018

It's Over

 I took refuge on campus and thus avoided the ravenous hoards of tiny but insatiable mouths.

 Anyway, here is a wolfgirl cosplaying as a witch.

Appropriational art by Lansane

UPDATE: J. Greely discusses these matters rather more thoroughly here

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October 30, 2018

Thoughts on Proxima B

Shortly after the discovery that Proxima Centauri, the closest star to our sun has a planet in the habitable zone, NASA pointed out that Proxima is known to be a flare star and the planet is so close that it would probably be grilled, baked and flash fried

Now, two years later, they've finished a study adding potential variables to see if anything could mitigate the effects of the flaring, and surprisingly, there some scenarios which allow for a habitable planet and a few with a sort of Earthlike  biosphere. These are HIGHLY speculative numbers as we know almost nothing about the planet except its orbit and mass. They are interesting nonetheless...

The odds are still on it being a burned out cinder, but even for this planet, that is not a given. 

Note that the second closest planet to our solar system, (Ross128b) is a better candidate, not only because it doesn't face the flare issue, but is even closer in mass and temperature to Earth. With such variables as discussed in the Proxima-B video, its odds might be better still.


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A Lesson From the Antipodes

A few days ago, a scientist in Antarctica got all stabby with a colleague, who was critically injured and airlifted to Chile. 

Well, we've now got a motive.
It seems that the victim was dropping spoilers. 

Sergei Savitsky certainly cannot be an example to us, but he can be a warning to all of us.

What can we learn from this tragedy.

Use spoiler tags!

Here we do that by typing [*spoiler*] DARTH VADER IS LUKE'S FATHER!1! [*/spoiler*]

"But without the asterixes, like this."

If everyone does their bit, then we can avoid the Antarctic stabby madness. 

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October 29, 2018

Meanwhile on the Slingshot Channel...

The Slingshot Channel is run by this glorious loon in Deutschland who is taking the principles of mad science and applying them to slingshots, and crossbows and trebuchets. 

Now our Crack team of Science Babes note a year old video we'd missed that mentioned a slight change in the channel's focus from pure research to applied science...and retail.

"Do Want! Do Want!"

Thats pretty impressive. I've never seen ballistic gelatin used with a crossbow. 
And a coconut. 

Alas, the expansion of his store turned out to be fortuitous since his channel has just been demonetized.  

He's still posting occasionally. 

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Meanwhile, at Krakatoa

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October 28, 2018

Palate Cleanser

A few weeks ago we looked at the official video of this K-Pop song. Well it's a hit, so there are now the inevitable MMD videos. Well, instead of just downloading the rotoscoping into MMD, some circle named DD Animations seems to have taken the same bog-standard MMD motion capture file and plugged it into Yandere Simulator.

But then they got creative with the editing.

This is really well done. 
The only issue with this is the troubling fact that there actually isYandere Simulator.

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The Chances of Anything Coming From Mars Are a Million to One He Said

It's been a week from hell and you may be asking yourself "What next?!"

This is next...

For the past few weeks, while we've been distracted by hurricanes, lunatics and blacklists, astronomers have been observing plumes coming from the Arisa Mons volcano on Mars. 'Top Men' have concluded that this steam coming out of the top of a volcano is not, in fact volcanic. The leading publicly discussed theories seem to be the seasonal sublimation of a dust covered glacier or clouds condensing around water droplets blown off the volcano.

Of course, gentle readers, we have watched enough of the Discovery Channel to know that a fuzzy picture means Bigfoot, UFOs or worse and I think we are all well read enough to grasp what the sighting of anomalous plumes on Mars right before Halloween really means. 


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October 27, 2018

That Could Have Sucked So Much More

In Fact...
It didn't really suck at all. 

Season 6 of RWBY is off to a rollicking good start.The production values are now almost movie quality and this first episode has best action scene the show has had since Monty died. The fight scene is so much of the episode that it arguably derails the story at one point, but the episode doesn't really suffer for it.. Regards pacing and plotting, this does not even look like it was done by the same people who did the end of last season. 

After the dumpster fire that was last season's finale, I'm on my guard, but this season is really REALLY looking promising.

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The Suck Continues

 No the week is still not over. 

From radio and TV, It looks like an unknown number of people-shaped colostomy bags have blasted their way into a Pittsburgh Synagogue which, it being Saturday, was full of worshippers. Reports point to a lot of fatalities. There is still gunfire.

UPDATE: It may be just one guy. Gunfire persists.

They took the bastard alive?!
It looks like there was a Bris ceremony being performed when the fiend came in.
8 dead at least.

There are reports that the fellow, in addition to being a vile anti-semite, also despises the President with a passion. This makes perfect sense given the Presidents family ties and his actual policies. However, as far as I can tell, these reports, while being widely disseminated, all track back to one, rather dubious source. However, there is reportedly an archive of the murderer's Gab feed here

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October 26, 2018


Trump-supporting, bodybuilding, Native American, Florida strip-club worker and Chippendale is the 'MAGAbomber'.

It is exactly as we secretly suspected.

"Yep. Florida Man."

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October 25, 2018

First 2 Minutes

The last season of RWBY looking promising enough that the inevitable betrayal could sting quite a bit.

Just two days to go.

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October 24, 2018

These Are Those Crazy Years Heinlein Warned Us About

It's not just Washington, there is crazy all over the country.

In Florida, some middle school girls decided to bring knives to school and were going to cause mischief. 

Well that's sad but not completely unhear....

When asked about motivation, the girls reportedly told police that they were Satan worshipers. According to police, the girls planned to drink their victims’ blood out of the goblet they were found with. They also discussed eating their victims' flesh and leaving body parts at the school's entrance before killing themselves."Killing all of these students was in hopes it would make them worse sinners ensuring that after they committed suicide ... (they) would go to hell so they could be with Satan," the arrest affidavit reads.

They were hiding in the bathroom to pounce on the first and second graders who they were confident they could overpower. 

Fortunately they were not the brightest bulbs on the tree so no one was hurt. 

Meanwhile, in Wisconsin, some dude was caught trying to purchase radioactive material to use as a murder weapon. He is a career criminal and politician known to the police as Segway Boy.

There are those who believe that watching anime and reading comic books has no benefits or applicability to day to day life, but it is really beginning to look like the U.S. has developed a need for at least one Magical Girl and a costumed superhero.

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Oh This Will Help Calm Things I'm Sure (UPDATED)

It looks like some creep has sent pipe bombs to prominent Democrats. I guess he/she decided that the actions of the Unabomber and James Hodgkinson are examples and not horrible warnings.


Oh good grief.

Also. Regarding today's outbreak of TwitterMadness: We really don't know anything about these things or who sent them other than the silly logo, so holding forth about False Flag ops, Incel edgelords or Larry The Cable Guy fandom is the exact opposite of helpful.

Remember, whoever did this was probably a nutbar. This would make trying to figure out motive via inferring who logically and rationally stands to benefit a fools errand since logic and rationality may not be in play. 

Finally! Some actual facts from Pixy in the comments.
...those fake ISIS stickers are literal false flags.

So THERE! No matter how this turns out, certain people will be able to save face. Thanks Pixy!

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I'm Sure This is a Story of Low Importance

...that has no ramifications for our national discourse whatsoever.

Also in Colorado, some of the voting instruction books are missing pages.

It's unclear if the Adams county ballots have been found or replaced, but according to the article, the Weld County Ballots were duplicated, meaning that there are thousands of extra ballots floating around in the wilds of Colorado.


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October 22, 2018

And Then, As I Stood Before the Refrigerator

It dawned upon me.

Don't they cremate people in Japan?

In related news, I watched the first three episodes of Zombieland Saga again.

Regarding some of the concerns brought up by cxt217 in the comments of the earlier post:

The agent/human beatbox/cosmetologist is actually a character trope of sports manga and to an extent idol shows as well.  He's rather over the top, but not by as much as one might think given the genres involved.

Regarding concerns about Hoshikawa,  

I wonder if, in addition to everything else the show is, this counts as Isekai?


Please use spoiler tags.

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Via Pixy, comes news that researchers have discovered references to a novel length version of John Campbell's short story Who Goes There? (The literary basis for The Thing, The Thing and The Thing, that Hammer movie about the Russian train and ...this thing.)

It's Kickstarter and rewards are $7 for e-book, $12, for paperback and $25 for hardcover plus all three have 10 different bundles of classic sci-fi stories including the John W. Campbell megapack. 

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Happy Ruger Day

10/22 is Ruger Day. Everyone celebrate! Sadly there were no format relevant 10/22 pictures that weren't nightmare fuel so here's a Blackhawk instead.

Image is Colt Revolver Tan from Girls Frontline, but if you look closely you'll note she's holding a Blackhawk complete with Ruger Logo.

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October 21, 2018

ZombieLand Saga

I suddenly find myself at a loss for words. 

I read the blurb. But what the blurb describes...that's not what I watched.

From the Blurb...

A typical morning. The usual music. Their normal lives. The peace these seven girls experience will suddenly be destroyed. By the living dead... zombies. A reality that they never wanted a part of, an amazing and terrifying zombie world. They all share one wish: "We want to live." These girls will struggle through this saga, in order to achieve a miracle. MAPPA, Avex Pictures, and Cygames team up to bring you a juicy, 100% original anime. A timeless shocker for all audiences, a brand new style of zombie anime, will soon rise.

Now ignore the blurb. 


Just go watch Zombie Land Saga posthaste.

No. I mean NOW!

Trust me.

This is the show to beat this season.

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Thank You Mauser

If not for your post, I never would have watched this show.

It's not like the poster is devoid of appeal...

...but it and the blurb didn't really grab me. 

However, unlike the show reviewed below, this is not exactly what it says on the tin. While that poster is not, strictly speaking, dishonest, it does not adequately convey what this show is about.

Eight Word Title With Bunny Girl In It now has me totally  hooked. Despite the poster and an early scene with one of the characters running around in a bunny suit, this is a really creepy show and reminds me most of the Josei horror that was popular at the turn of the century. 

It's low key. It's well written and it's keeping me on the edge of my seat.

The characters are well done, likable and react to the just plain "off" things happening around them in rational but believable ways, while still trying to deal with day to day life.

" Yeah. I agree. Shadowbanning is a real problem." 

2 episodes in this is definitely looking like a keeper.

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In Todays World...

This is an important component of one's last will and testament.

For...some people. 
I hear tell.

From That Time I was Reincarnated as a Slime, which, perhaps surprisingly, is a show about exactly what it says on the tin.

A slime, for those of you who don't know, is a low level monster in a lot of computer role playing games, in the fantasy genre 'inspired' by D&D. They are essentially a  carnivorous blob of jello for beginning and low level players to learn the ropes on. The lowest and weakest of monsters.

Our hero, having done a genuinely heroic thing which got him killed, is granted a request by the what appears to be the Samsarra AI. However, his dying requests are contradictory and the transmigration algorithm screws up, reincarnating him in a suspiciously D&D like  fantasy world....but as a slime.

Yeah, it's another Isekai show, but the loser wish fulfillment is somewhat tempered by... 

Our hero.

But he's not just a slime! He has an intellect and all of his memories of his education, his job in construction oversight...and playing D&D. 

He quickly becomes the most OP...uh slime... you've ever seen. 

This is genuinely odd.
It's not, necessarily good mind you, but it has potential and at episode 3 it is amusing me quite a bit more than it perhaps ought to. 

Still watching.

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