July 15, 2018

More on Ross 128b

It appears that one of the planets orbiting Ross128 is not only in the habitable zone (as discovered last year), but it appears to be very similar in mass and temperature to Earth.

According to Wikipedia...
The planet is considered as one of the most Earth-like worlds ever found in relation to temperatures, size and rather quiet host star. Ross 128 b is very close in mass to Earth, only about 35% more massive, and is likely around 10% larger in radius. Gravity on the planet would be only slightly higher. Also, its host star Ross 128 is an evolved star with a stable stellar activity

Other red dwarf stars have planets, notably Proxima Centauri, however recent analysis has shown that Proxima in particular is a flare star that would have stripped their planets of any atmosphere. In contrast, Ross128 does have flares, but it appears that they are quite mild by comparison.

Besides, being only 11 light years from Earth and the second closest exoplanet, there's one other thing interesting about the Ross128 system. 
Late last year, some anomalous radio transmission were detected by Arecibo and seemed to be coming from Ross128. This phenomenon has not been observed again, and "top men" theorize that those transmissions were garbled bleed-over from an as-yet-unidentified satellite

However, we can draw some different conclusions using the "Discovery Channel Method of Logic"..

"Or as we like to call it, Occam's Swiffer"

If translated properly, the signal actually says...

1:  "It's too late for us! They are coming for you nex...."


2:  "Geb shagg stell'bsna ch' Tsathoggua r'luh llll, s'uhn hrii Nyarlathotep vulgtlagln hai nog nanw chtenff naChaugnar Faugn vulgtlagln grah'noth."

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