May 31, 2010

It Was the Right Call

  The Presidents decision to cut short his Memorial Day speech in the face of a violent freak storm has elicited some criticism, but it absolutely was the right one. A prime example of a bad call would have been to simply slog through in utter defiance of God, nature and reason and risk having people in the audience killed by lightning or injured by the wind.

 Sometimes a failure really is due to bad luck or circumstances and not judgment. This is particularly true with regards to the weather.

As to those who complain that he was not at Arlington, give it a rest. He was at a U.S. military cemetery, one that does not get a lot of attention nationally, and its a pretty significant place for those who have loved ones buried there.

There is a lot to criticize about Obama but this is not one of them. He is also our president. Taking cheap shots is petty and does a disservice to those heroes we seek to honor on this day.

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No Words Are Adequate

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May 30, 2010

Bojutsu Bear

Bojutsu Bear practices his kata.

I was aware that the Japanese Black Bear was much more dangerous than its North American counterpart, but I had ascribed that to its agressiveness and not its martial arts skill.

Now I know better.

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Well.... $#*!

Of all the  &#*!ing #*%ed up busybody $#*! I have heard lately this has got to be the %$#*est.

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May 29, 2010

Funimation Up For Sale?

Oh my....

Well, THAT was meteoric.

After receiving a huge infusion of cash and clout following their acquisition by Navarre back in 2005, Funimation spent the last 5 years gobbling up the rights to a huge number of R1 releases, many of them from other distribution companies that were going under in 2005-7. Funi has been very very good about punctual, high quality  and respectful translations.

Now Funimation is reportedly up for sale.

I gather that the parent company, Navarre, is looking to focus primarily on software and...whateverthehellelse they do. Funimation is reportedly  taking money away from their primary business model.

As I understand it, Funimation is making money but that they require resources that Navarre doesn't want to develop. 

This is not necessarily the end of the world for them. In these scary economic times companies need to focus on their core competencies (assuming those competencies have a future) and husband resources.  Assuming Funimation is in fact doing well, it is possible that they could continue as they are given a buyer that wants to invest in the areas that Funimation needs development in.

 However, this sounds a lot like what happened with Geneon U.S.A., which was ultimately closed down (and became the source for many of Funimations region-1 acquisitions).

I know there are occasional readers of this blog who are far more knowledgeable of the industry than I have at it in the comments please.

UPDATE: Steven Den Beste links to this article which contains this  passage :

Navarre is pursuing a more focused strategy. Now that we have substantially reduced debt and improved operating margins, we are focusing our efforts on driving revenue, particularly in new product lines. We are concentrating all efforts on our distribution and software publishing businesses where we have significant expertise and considerable systems and physical assets that can be leveraged. The Punch! acquisition announced last week strengthens our software publishing business and demonstrates a step in our execution of this strategy," stated Cary L. Deacon, Chief Executive Officer.

FUNimation Entertainment's strategy and capital requirements are distinctly different from those of the Company's core business. While FUNimation's recent results have generally met expectations, the strategies required to grow the business include co-productions of original anime content, social networks and digital broadcasting. The Company anticipates that those plans are best executed with ownership that has assets or expertise in those areas.The Company will be discussing its going-forward strategy and financial outlook in greater detail next week in connection with its FY 2010 year end conference call.

 Emphasis mine to highlight a ray of optimism in the press release that puts forth a six sigma  effort at acquiring the low hanging fruit of press release-speak.

Steven also points tout  this post on the matter over at a retailers website.

Also: more here,  here and as I type this Funimation is offering 25% off everything...which does not fill me with the joy it normally would.

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May 23, 2010

Tenhiro Naoto, Umekichi

I am currently unable to do anything with my banners due to having broken my blog some time ago. This has left me stuck with 2 uncredited banners up top.
So in lieu of adding watermarks.....

The artist of the  'fishy' dame is Tenhiro Naoto .

The Firefox Tan is by Umekichi, (who is unrelated to the folk singer).

There are other banners, but I have watermarks on those...and they aren't in the que now as I wasn't testing them for size and layout when I broke my blog.

(Note that although this self inflicted glitch has been a persistent problem, it appears to be due to this being one of the Beta test blogs and doesn't seem to be an issue at all for normal users who are the happiest bloggers in all of blogdom. You can become one of this contented and privileged lot by clicking here.)

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May 22, 2010

Important Safety Tip

Nearly two weeks ago I attempted to expand the Windows 7 partition on my iMac. This resulted in a total failure to expand the partition, loosing all data therein and having an inaccessible empty partition on my hard drive....which prevented me from making a new partition from scratch.

I finally ended up taking the machine to the shop, and while I was at it I upgraded to the TB drive. Upon unpacking it, I placed it on my desk to check it out and make sure it was working OK. However I need the desk for homework, so Saturday I moved it up to the shelf where it lives and made an important discovery.

 In the back of an iMac is a vent. Here you can see it very clearly not marked near the upper edge, above the Apple logo.

That vent is extremely sharp edged. So sharp that after the resulting cut bled profusely...into the vent. The machine began to make a really....odd...noise, which I took to be blood congealed on the fan.


The cut bled for 3 days and I ended up going to the emergency room, where I had it lashed up securely, was given a tetanus shot and was informed that I was not to do anything with my left thumb for a solid week. ( No work and associated monies for Ken). As an added bonus the tetanus shot knocked me on my heels.

Of course I also had to take the computer back to the shop and sheepishly explain this fiasco.
Here's the thing: The Mac guy mentioned that this had actually happened to some of his other customers and he'd sent a consumer alert to Apple.

Now Steve Jobs has the most crackerjack industrial design team in the whole frickking world. Therefore it beggars belief that this is actually a design flaw. Thus I can only conclude that this is deliberate and iMacs are actually designed to collect DNA samples as part of a bloody biometric phishing scheme or perhaps they simply feed upon the blood of the unwary.

Anyway, beware. Steve Jobs wants your blood.

UPDATE: It occurs to me that some of my fellow Mac users may take violent and murderous offense at my post. Rather than proselytizing in the comments section of this post I suggest that you instead go here and ask yourself, 'where is your Jobs now?'

UPDATE2: Although it is ready, I still don't have Holo back yet due to the fact that I was not able to get through yesterdays obnoxious southeastern Virginia traffic before the store closed.

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May 20, 2010

Steve Jobs is a Vampire...or at least his iMacs are!

Shocking revelatory revelations to be revealed within 24 hrs...if I still live.

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May 13, 2010

Frank Frazetta, 1928-2010

Frank Frazetta has died.

Few had as big an impression on the look of our fantasies as this man.

May he rest in peace.

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Removing the Mask.

I'm appalled, but not surprised...not one bit.

Take 3 and a half minutes of your time and watch the whole thing.  In my experience, people like this are not terribly uncommon on college campuses where 'diversity' and 'tolerance' are often Orwellian signposts on a one way street.

UPDATE: OK one aspect of this this IS surprising. I'd somehow missed the bit about the Hitler youth rally the first time around.
Good grief!
Also, the brief applause in the background is telling.

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