February 27, 2021

Robots on Mars

A very detailed and informative press conference doing an almost frame-by-frame analysis of the landing of the Perseverance Rover on Mars. For those that just want to watch the landing, the raw footage of the landing begins at 1:47:44. 

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Side effects may include anxiety, despair, suicidal thoughts, weltschmerz, existential dread, paranoia, uncontrollable urges to quote Dostoevsky, Orwell, or Huxley, general unease, and crippling cynicism. 


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February 26, 2021

Questions for my Readers: Uncategorized

Isn't LOG HORIZON supposed to be out this season? Did it not get picked up by an English Language streaming service? 

What's y'alls recommendation for a VPN?

Any good shows running now that don't involve giving money to Disney?

Ordinarily, when thinking of concealed carry, I assume .380 ACP (9mm Cort). However, unforeseen circumstances have caused me to become very interested in .32 ACP. Are there any reliable defensive loads in that caliber? 

Is it safe yet to upgrade to Big Sur? Also, given that I skipped Catalina because of the horror stories,  can I upgrade straight from Mojave?

When you eat taoyaki, do you truly appreciate the effort that went into preparing it?

Art by Akai Sashimi. Support them on Booth and Fanbox!

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February 25, 2021

Here's a Ponderable

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February 24, 2021

A Critique of the First Few Episodes

...of 2021.

After the Gatling gut punch and cliffhanger that was the prequel, I was expecting some respite for the characters and  none has been forthcoming. There really needs to be SOMETHING to break the tension, a tender moment, perhaps some comedy relief.

A beach episode would be nice.

However, the writers seem to be a bunch of  disaffected boughie boys who think that the unrelenting misery and depravity of iron age comics is the hight of literary accomplishment. 

The writers are also hacks because this show is not a medical procedural, the last cour was not entertaining, and this particular emerging plotline is derivative, unoriginal, unappealing and has been done to death.

Art by Otoufu: Support him on Fanbox!

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February 23, 2021

I Hope None of My Audience Speak Swedish

'cause this is probably lewd or something. 

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Victory is mine!

Most other Cara Dune figures were either sold out, cancelled after I ordered them, or were already going for more that a hundred dollars. I still hold out a very slim hope for the FuncoPops. 

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... upon the direction of our current discourse lurk below "the fold". 

Picture is, I do sincerely hope, unrelated. 


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February 22, 2021

Do You Have Too Many Brain Cells?

In these trying times, do you need to free up cranial space for some other purpose like like a concealed weapon, toolkit, or emergency food supply?

Well, Luna the MagiKarp can help you with that problem!

You see, she's a pretty good V-Tuber....buuuut... on Saturdays she's been doing a dramatic readings of what may be the most [ ADJECTIVES GO HERE  ] RWBY / High School DxD / Sonic the Hedgehog / Harem / Gary Stu / Hentai Fanfic in the history of ever. 

The pain begins at minute 28 with an overview of what has gone before and a brief explanation of the "stylistic quirks" that she has to cope with during her reading. The actual reading begins 41.5 minutes in and if you play it in the background will provide your day with 5 hours of pure, distilled, concentrated, and unadulterated cringe guaranteed to make you dumber.  I caught the last two hours and  when I got in from work today I burned my sausage biscuit in the microwave because I'm that stupid now. 

This is epically abominable. 

Luna is not responsible for writing this travesty, and her voice box suffered greatly from it. 

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February 21, 2021

There is a Helicopter ON MARS!

One of our Crack Team of Science Babe's has some commentary on the matter. 

"Uuuuu Laaaaa!" 



Apologies to everyone who viewed the post in the first two hours that it was up.

I was surprised when I saw the "live feed", but figured that it was a test flight ,and, being quite busy today just linked the previous embed as part of a particularly perfunctory post and ran out to run errands. A few minutes ago I came back and checked for any more info and realized that there was none and then a comment by "David" which confirmed my unease. 

Thanks David.

I replaced the "live feed" with a recent video on Ingenuity.
The different embed retroactively makes the post technically correct...(the best kind of correct). 

It's rather interesting that You-Tube, the company that claims to care greatly about fact checking and  yeeted with prejudice anyone who mentioned the Hunter Biden story have let this chlickwhore stay up for (checks Youtube) WOW this has been up for THREE DAYS and it is still up. 

The previous embed is impressive and does look for all the world like an actual live stream with black and white video supplemented by color corrected video with an additional time delay. The vistas looked very much like Mars indeed, but it's completely fake. If you are very curious about the video that was previously embedded  it is here. I'd rather not give the people-shaped-colostomy-bag who posted it any clicks though. 

Again, I'm sorry. I'll strive to do better in the future. 

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February 19, 2021

Well This is Completely Unhelpful

Gallows humor is important for getting through dark times, but sometimes...just don't. 


Bad ad. 
Bad taste.
Poor form. 
Don't give them any more excuses.

Also: POG!

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Today in Journaism

Yesterday, Shanon Melero at Jezebel did a piece on the disgraceful decision to omit the iconic Chun-Li from the new Mortal Combat  re-boot and inquired as to how such a travesty was allowed to happen. 

Art by Omar Dogan. Support him on Gumroad!

19 minutes later, the layers of researchers and fact checkers who are assigned the sisyphean task of preventing Jezebel's writers from publishing moronic merde, chimed in with an answer to her inquiry. 

"Cleanup on aisle 5. "

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February 18, 2021

Perseverance Lands

NASA's newest rover Perseverance has successfully landed in Jezero Crater ( which was once a lake) on Mars. There were no splodies, just pictures. 

"No 'splodies no crunchies! Yay!" 

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February 17, 2021


Rush Limbaugh has passed. 

He was a voice in the darkness for many years. When there were no other opinions being broadcast he was there reminding people that no matter what they might see, hear and read in the media, there were other people who thought like them. We were reminded, by Rush, that each of us was not alone and or crazy, no matter how much the powers that be insisted that we were alone. 

He was quite possibly the most influential radio personality in U.S. history. He jump-started conservative publishing, highlighting conservative thinkers on his program at a time when no one else would give them the time of day. His very existence was a lifeline to both the populist and intellectual right, and the megaphone he wielded broke the the information monopoly of the day, allowing voices not of the establishment to be heard, and affect change. 

In his own odd, button down way, he was kind of..punk, delighting in stirring up controversy and when the scolds came for them, he'd usually turn the tables on them and raise millions for various children's charities. 

I don't agree with everything he said. He talked 3 hours a day for 22 years so I'm sure there's something there to offend everybody. But he was a voice for the people that the powers that be hate. People like myself would never have emerged from the wilderness if not for him. 

Through his personal hardships , his deafness, his cancer he remained, in public, upbeat until the end, providing an example as well as an inspiration.

His optimism will be missed.

There's more on his passing here, here, and here

I especially recommend this late addition

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RWBY Season 8 Through Episode 9

RWBY has been a very uneven series, it started out with dreadful production values that were more than compensated for by engaging characters, an intriguing plot and the superb fight choreography of Monty Oum. The series had a lot of potential. Furthermore, it inspired tremendous goodwill as its cast and crew seemed likable and were punching so far above their weight that it was absolutely inspiring. 

Mr. Oum's untimely death during the production of season three foreshadowed rough seas for the series, while the last season he worked on was by far the best until then, subsequent seasons were, despite much higher production values, not as engaging cumulating in the inept 4-episode faceplant that was the finale of season 5.  

However, the subsequent seasons were, while very different, nevertheless enjoyable and the show has improved steadily; regaining much of its appeal even as Rooster Teeth has squandered much of its goodwill with the public. 

Now, with season 8 the show has finally surpassed even the excellent season three, with absolutely brilliant pacing, action and storytelling. Characters develop in unexpected, yet believable ways for both good and ill and the plot has been full of genuine surprises with the action nonstop. 

If you dropped the show, I recommend picking it up again, but you'll probably want to at least watch last season, as this one begins in the middle of the chaos that season ended with. Fortunately, with short seasons and 10-15 minute runtimes on most episodes, the show is a quick watch. 

Monty would be proud. 

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February 16, 2021

One of the Best Things About Science Fiction

...is how it allows one some escapist respite from any reminders of current events. 

If you have not seen Babylon 5 you are wrong! 

But, you are also lucky, as it is currently running on HBO MAX where it has been digitally remastered with modern monitor resolutions in mind. It really is one of the best sci-fi series ever. 

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February 14, 2021

Happy Singles Awareness Day

Art by Cait. Support him on Fanbox or Gumroad

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February 13, 2021

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February 12, 2021

A Genius Passes

(Image via NYT)

After the 9/11 attacks, he received hate mail as well as death threats and assumed his career was over,
But on a flight to Toronto one day, an airline employee gave him an unexpected upgrade to first class. When he asked for an explanation, he recalled in the 2009 interview, the employee said, "I was in Tower 2, and I walked out.”

Moreover, architects, structural engineers and other people in the know were so impressed with how long the towers stayed up after the impacts that he spent his last years advising designers of high-rise projects around the world on matters of safety and structural redundancy. 

Subsequent analysis showed that the construction methods that he invented and tested in the WTC kept the towers standing far longer than if they had been built to the then current standards and saved literally thousands of lives. 

S.T.E.M. : It'll save your ass.. 

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