June 26, 2016

Oh Look...Miku-Miku Overwatch

Note though, that if you are not utterly appalled by the very existance of Overwatch, then you are probably a terrible terrible person for reasons that I don't quite get due to us terrible people not being self aware. However, some clue to the reason for our awfulness can possibly be gleaned from the following video that lays out the reason some are offended rather better than the people who say they are offended...which isn't saying much. 

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June 25, 2016

Two Middle Aged Women Sitting Down For an Hour Talking About Girl Stuff

No, we've not been hijacked or changed out format, despite the fact that the post title is mostly true.. 

It's Christina Hoff Summers and Camille Paglia, two first class minds chatting about the state of education and free speech for 57 minutes. 

I fear we as a society will soon reap the whirlwind over this mess.

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June 24, 2016

Looks Like Two Loudmouths Just Talked Themselves Out of Their Jobs!

Why can't WE have politicians this principled?

Here's Daniel Hannan, a Tory and one of the UK's members of the European Parliament practically asking to get fired.

Nigel Farage and his UKIP party achieved their stated goal. 

As they were obviously something of a single issue party, the UKIP's  days are almost certainly numbered...unless they can somehow diversify their message as has been proposed in some quarters....

...but they don't actually dislike Poles and advances in VR technology will soon take care of the rest, so it looks like they're done.

Well done! 

Hannan and Farage have more extensive thoughts on why the EU was bad for the UK below the fold.


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June 23, 2016

Well Then. This is Just...Awkward.

I saw no point in discussing the lying , candy ass, haplophobic Were-Chihuahua...

However, The Dustbury has discovered something priceless which I am going to shamelessly steal because this juxtaposition is just sublime...

"That's gonna leave a mark. "

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June 21, 2016


Well, the last post was a bummer, and I have an exam this week, so to keep something pleasant in the top post, here is a representation of a stonecrab by Jin Happiobi

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The Deterioration of Discourse

After a long day of work and school I dealt with an epic traffic jam by ducking into a pleasant Ramen shop in Norfolk. 

The waitress, knows I'm a rightie and felt quite chuffed at the opportunity to needle me on the current Republican nominee, who, to avoid triggering any of our readers we will refer to as Whale Vomit for the remainder of this post. 

Anyway, she was quite happy that his campaign seemed to be imploding and noted that since Whale Vomit was the Republican nominee, we on the right had no moral authority whatsoever. 

Now...it had been a VERY long day, and I was really not in the mood to be thinking about Whale Vomit while attempting to appreciate my Miso Ramen, so I asked her what she thought of her party's nominee (who, in the interest of decency, we'll refer to as the She-Goat of The Forrest With A Thousand Foetid Young). The waitress got annoyed that I would even bring that up. Since nobody in the Democratic party actually likes that individual. 

I'll leave the obvious inconsistency to the reader.

The conversation turned to the violence at the Whale Vomit events and the fellow who had tried to shoot the republican nominee...After looking that news tidbit up the waitress was overcome with the blue county giggles and finally broke into laughter, suggesting that the would-be assassin ought to get a medal, or should have done better and if he'd died doing that he'd be a martyr. She also said that any violence at the Republican campaign events was entirely the fault of those rotten enough to show up to support the nominee. 

Absolutely no indication was given that she thought this was in any way unreasonable sentiment despite this being a representative republic as opposed to a recital of the Lord of the Flies.

My dismay at the results of the Republican primaries is Brobdingnagian, but I can say with considerable certainty that I hold anyone who is supportive of these thugs and would be assassins in even less esteem than I have for Whale Vomit.

This wasn't the faculty lounge or a meeting of the Weathermen, this was a Ramen shop and there was no hint of awareness that any line had been crossed.

Our civics has end stage cancer. 

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The Learning Never Ends

I confess I'd been under the impression that Papi was just a comic book character and wasn't real at all. 

Still looking for source.
Now I know better.
I won't be eating any crow over this though...out of respect.

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June 19, 2016

I Have Concluded That Bikes are Better than Boats

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Well, THAT Was Tedious

My other accounts similarly needed attention, but not nearly as bad. 

I learned two other things this weekend. One is that the vacuum cleaner has a seperate on-off switch on the handle. So if it won't start when one pushes the big on-off switch on the main body, the correct course of action is NOT to take the vacuum apart to see whats wrong with the switch. 

Two of my upcoming courses have been cancelled by the University. I'm within 4 classes of graduation, so this is filling me with emotions that are not appropriate for a gentleman to express.

Fortunately I have in my employ, this imaginary young lady of low virtue, who is not so constrained. 

Not pictured; The expletives.

I'm not sure I'm supposed to do now. 

I'm frankly still in a bit of shock.

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June 18, 2016

Pinch Me When This is Over

In the latest episode of High School Fleet, our intrepid Captain Akeno has a complete nervous breakdown.


What follows is not the XO relieving her and taking command, but some nonsense about everyone coming together to support the CO because she's the CO and that's what you do...and stuff...

OK that was a mess.

On to more important things....

With Sena Ingenoh having left the show, I think that Wonderduck is right, the stoic lookout is the secret star of this story. 

To maintain modesty while doing this in a skirt requires great skill indeed.

She regularly sees ships well before they are noticed on that silly thing called radar, she does her job without drama and a few episodes ago she waltzed in and saved the day when....well...there were zombies and she had a couple of supersoakers filled with Zom-B-Gone.  She certainly is the brightest flame in this dumpster fire of a series.

Meanwhile, Captain Catgirl returns. Actually, we find out that the catgirl is a commodore and is named Hiraga. There is still absolutely no explanation for why she has cat ears.

She leads an abortive attack on Musashi using a scratch force of fast but lightly armed vessels  which she handles with considerable verve, despite being completely outgunned. If one took away the whiny whininess of Akeno's neurosis in this episode, there would be a very solid 7 minute or so episode revolving around Hiraga's hopeless action and the desperate efforts  Alas, we had to sit through the other 23 minutes of Akeno sucking her toes. 

Captain Akeno's funk is abruptly resolved via condiments and the episode ends with the crew gearing up for the climactic battle which will be next week...rather than this week, presumably because they contracted for 12 episodes and had put this weeks utter non-sequiter into the show to pad out the story. 

One more episode and then I'm free. 

.WEBMs via danbooru

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June 17, 2016

On the Usage of Elements Relating to the Socialist Realism, Surrealist and "Kawaii" Aesthetics to Facilitate Discussion of Worrisome Possible Outcomes of Sub Optimal Events and Whether Said Imagery Is Intended To Promote Awareness, Acceptance or Resistance


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June 15, 2016

Current Events Have Had Me Down, But This Pamphlet Has Helped To Put Everything In Perspective...YOU SHOULD READ IT TOO!1!


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June 14, 2016

Let's See If I've Got This Straight

The perpetrator of the worst terrorist attack in the U.S. since 9-11-01 was a gay muslim Democrat of color who was a child of immigrants that chose a gun free zone as a safe space in which to act on behalf of a foreign power that America is currently bombing

Thus the solution is to prevent any loose talk on Reddit

"This just in: The world is stupid. More at 11:00."

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June 13, 2016


One does not have to omit half a quote to make an intolerant, hypocritical, sanctimonious SJW tool like Damian G Walters look bad, hell, he writes for Gawker and the post in question is a pretty target rich environment. 

There is no reason to selectively edit a quote...ever. 

Because of this post, I almost posted this...
The quoted text is not the full sentence, which is rather more nuanced.

Note that there is a claim in the comments that the post had been edited, with a link to the original article. However, in the last stage of posting I went to get a screencap of the damming screencap and discovered that unless the SJWs are hacking the Wayback Machine, the sentence as written apparently contained the same text it has now.

After this issue with the quoted sentence was pointed out, the commenters dismissed this factoid as irrelevant because a lot of good observations remain Torgersen's piece. This is true. However, misquoting someone does not reinforce one's argument, it undermines it. 

As I've said before, ' When fighting monsters it is important to not become one yourself, for that rather defeats the purpose of the exercise'.  

I came within about seven seconds of libeling a doofus...which assuming anyone noticed, would only empower the doofus. It further annoyed me because I almost had to reset the "days since last derp" counter to zero, and we here at Brickmuppet Blog have worked long and hard to live down that Atomic Car fiasco

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June 12, 2016

50+ (Updated)

The worst mass shooting in in U.S. history and the worst terrorist attack since 9/11 took place this morning

 The U.S. gay community is cosmopolitan but it is also tightly knit. It is very likely that nearly everyone in that subculture knows someone who was touched by this atrocity. Counting the maimed, there are over a hundred victims of this malignant savage, who, it turns out, called 911 to boast of his deed and swore allegiance to ISIS
NBC News reported that Mateen called the emergency services before the attack and swore allegiance to the so-called Islamic State (IS) militant group.

Unsurprisingly, the lede is getting buried by those who don't want to acknowledge the actual problem, and while there will be much talk of Florida's gun laws in the coming days, there will likely be little mention of the particular Florida gun law that bans firearms in establishments that serve alcohol....there are a great many concealed carry holders amongst the Floridians, but, by virtue of being law abiding, they were defenseless, allowing this jihadi to get off over a hundred shots.

Another attack appears to have been narrowly averted (see below) and it is likely that more are coming.  The enemy is within the gates. The blood of these innocents should bring that point home most forcefully to those who pay the Danegeld of diversity to bring us speakers like this.....but it won't. 

Well, this is a correction for the ages. Regarding the "other attack...narrowly averted"... it appears that the fellow who was arrested did not, contrary to initial reports, confess to wanting to do harm to the big Gay pride parade in LA. 

"It was a misstatement," Rodriguez said. "Unfortunately, she was given incorrect information initially, which indicated that that statement was made; however, that statement never was made. He did indicate that he was planning on going to the Pride festival but beyond anything as far as motives or his intentions that statement was never made nor did any officer receive that statement." 

He did mention that he was going to attend it.  The fellow in question also happens to be gay. The explosives turned out to be, er,  Tannerite. While it is likely that he will face criminal charges resulting from the intersection of a probation issue and California's crazy gun laws, this is looking more and more like a nothingburger. None of which is to minimise the horror visited upon the people of Orlando or to suggest that other similar attacks are any less likely. 

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June 04, 2016

A Test of Testable Things

Well there's been....TALK.

I walked into the cafeteria the other day and noted that all the cool kids were talking, presumably about cool things, so I walked over to say hi, but before i did I realized that they were actually venting about some dork...and then I realized, it was probably me so I hid behind the soda machine before they saw me and then skipped lunch and then I ran home and cut myself checked the blog in Epic, Opera, Vivaldi, Safari, Midori and Chrome and didn't see a problem but realized that the complaint was about IE...which I don't use because it tries to upgrade my Windows 7 into Windows 10...so I just gave up because the day was terrible since I'd already gotten a "D" in English because of something called a "run-on-sentence". 


I noted that my page was set at 25 posts per page, I've cut it down to 5. As a stress test,  since two other posts have embedded videos in lieu of content, I'll put this animated .gif  of a girl passionately explaining why duodecimal is just better.

Let me know if cutting the the page count addressed the issues. 

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June 01, 2016


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