February 27, 2012

Fortunately it is a leap year...

 ....so you have one extra day to order a lot of things from Colleen Doran.

Due to a very high work load, we regret to announce that the shop will shut down all art and custom book orders on March 1st. A selection of signed books will remain available.

The store is here...scroll down and buy,

You have till March 1st.

The up side of this is that this seems to be due to her career going into overdrive.

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February 25, 2012

Quick Status Report

Things are hectic but improving.
In lieu of actual content here is some useful information.



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February 21, 2012

Well This Looks Exciting

People keep telling me to look at this trailer, saying things like...

"Oh my! Yes please!"


"I am SO ready..I've got my Wave Motion Goggles and everything!"

So I figured I ought to at least look at it...

It's in Hi-def so you can embigulate it!

Oh my stars and garters! That looks really..really nice!

Yamato 2199 looks to be a straight-up remake of the 1974 series, and aside from the character designs and a few added female crewmembers, it looks astoundingly faithful. This is obviously a labor of love for Enagio.

Interestingly, although it will be a 26 episode series, it's going to be released in theaters as seven full length features!

I'm very curious as to whether this will be brought over  eventually (given the state of the market) and if so if it will be released as SCY or Star Blazers. Star Blazers was actually quite successful and aside from  "That Knox thing" was as faithful as 1979 Standards and practices would allow, in some ways improving on the original.

I'd be quite pleasantly surprised if there were to be a Star Blazers revival, but whatever form the US release takes (If it does so at all) I am seriously looking forward to this.

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It's Like...If You Got Hollywood to Invent A Republican.

"Oh Fahrvergnügen!... You're Blogging about POLITICS again aren't you!?"

Well, yes..Ummm......how about we just quietly put this under the fold then?


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February 14, 2012

Not Enough Hours in The Day

 Well, I'm back on my feet, but I was not fully prepared for how much I've missed.  I'm almost 2 weeks behind in my classes. The Japanese class in particular changed the syllabus shortly after I stopped coming.  I've got much cramming to do.

 I'm just about tapped out thanks to hospital/doctor bills. I've missed 10 days of work in 3 weeks and as a result  I haven't been paid in over a week. I have to come up with summer and fall tuition in 3-4 months...so the kidney stone treatment will have to wait until  the summer. (That's actually no real biggie).

Anyhoo...I'll be occupied with non blog matters until at least sometime this weekend.

In the meantime :

When the girls aren't intact
And they break your impact
When they make people stare
But send you through the air
That's ballistics
If there's one thing that those
In student councils oppose
It's ballistics
But you should still try
To go "Hnnng!" in the sky

Scary Pink Thing  is from Katawa Shoujo.

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