April 30, 2009

Cringe Worthieness

Some months ago I blogged about various visions of vileness I'd encountered, one of which was an alleged H-Game that caused much well deserved horror. I was unsure it was not an elaborate leg-pull but they had a dev blog and seemed to be semi legit. I eventually forgot about it....until a few weeks ago when I encountered this wallpaper that looked cute...but odd somehow.

click here for supah-size
I looked it up and belatedly realized I'd returned to the dev-blog for THAT game. Not only was it still a going concern they were about to release a demo of the disability girl game.....Oh the horror....
....or perhaps not.....
You see looking at the blog to see if this was indeed real I noted that the focus has changed. It appears that this has recently become a straight 'dating sim' rather than a porn game which makes it less worisome for some reason. Also several more or less normal characters have been added as well as at least one other guy with..."issues" (a hikokimori).

The characters are all interesting interesting on the face of it and I don't quite get the same creepy ass vibe I got from it the first time. Last night around 4 AM I took a break from my paper and perused the 4th level of the Chan's where it was announced that the demo has been released.

I don't do dating sims and I don't have time right now to look at this if I did. Fortunately I keep an EBP (emergency backup pervert) on retainer who is all about dating sims and their kin so I sent it his way. Hopefully a review will be forthcoming. It will be interesting to see if they can avoid having this this be  creepy, exploitative or insulting.

UPDATE: The EBP came through with a thoughtful and tasteful review.
Go read the whole thing.
 I agree with most of his points, particularly the idea that the inclusion of am "H-Option" in the game is very unfortunate. Dating sims are not my cup of tea but I actually played through this thing a bit and the characters realy are quite engaging and likable.  The designers did a fine job making the characters engaging, interesting people. Rin in particular is well realized with her dry wit. The designers deserve a good deal of credit for their characterizations here. Tiberius sums it up the whole thing very well in a comment at Wonderducks place:
Waaay back when I first saw "that picture" it was the first time I ever really felt ashamed of my anime hobby.  Now, mirabile dictu, I've been surprised by human nature, in a good way, no less.  What I've seen of this so far is not too bad.  I shant blither on and pre-empt your review, but I would like to contribute this:  by about half-way through this demo version, I didn't give any thought to the girls' conditions at all; I wanted to know more about them and where the story was headed.  That's good story telling.

And we should probably  never speak of this again.

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April 29, 2009

Oh Panic Oh Hysteria....

...Perhaps not.
I took a break a few minutes ago from my marathon 2 day 20 page research paper tizzy to peruse the internet and saw this at Instapundit.

Heh...Obama greeted by a Tea Party.
Normally that'd be kewel.
But today there was also this.

Anyone who has any knowledge of the how Spanish Influenza became such a nightmare in 1918 knows about the role that Bond Rallies played. 

WHO just went to level 5 alert with regard to the Mexican Pig Flu so Tea Parties are probably not a good idea from a public health standpoint. Removing the opportunities for vectoring a disease is a basic public health notion.

         One of the Brickmuppets Crack team of Science Babes deals with one of the vectors of a different pandemic..

 This may well be over hyped as SARS and Bird Flu were and skepticism is completely rational when the current administration has casually talked about "Never letting a good crisis go to waste" but this is the WHO...and while they are certainly not the friends of small government types they are unlikely to stage something like this for the benefit of an American administration.

This flu does spread from person to person and if the numbers from Mexico are to be believed it is, while certainly not the bug from The Stand, a strain with a worrisome mortality rate. Anyway since NO ONE seems to have made this connection  in the spirit of civic minded hysteria I banged out the following letter to several Right and Libertarian leaning A-List bloggers today.

The shameless link whoring is just to set peoples mind at ease...Due to lifes little quirks, I haven't posted anything original or thoughtful in months, so now is not a time I'd normally like to be making a first impression.
There is a lot of understandable skepticism about the flu hype but if it is legit then holding tea parties right now would be an unforced error on our part.


Me, I'm back to the term paper....and the recovering from teh pneumonia.

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April 28, 2009

The End Times Are Here

By now everyone is aware of the fiasco in the skies of New York City yesterday.

Well, despite this last minute desperation bid to convince people of his mighty relevancy, President Obama lost out in the influence contest..to Moot.

We live in interesting times..

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This ray of sunshine is already obsolete...As to its significance, your milage may vary.

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An Observation of the Demoralization Effects of Data Storage Mishaps Upon a Single Example of The Eastern North American Population of Male Undergraduate College Students of Older Than Typical Age

My current term paper nightmare brings to mind this....

......which, due to the fact that I can now relate to her utterly brings to mind this....

...which just demoralizes me further.

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April 23, 2009

What is this "Format" of Which you Speak?

The playlist as of 4/23/09...

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K-ON! Peek


Not that I'll be able to see it for a while but I blundered into these 3 .gifs from K-ON! this evening. Not having seen the series, I lack any context but they seem to show one of the protagonists enthusiastically enjoying, respectively, a waffle, a chair, and some acid. The animation and art seem to be to Kyo-Ani's usual standards. I'm still looking forward to this.

If anyone has a review feel free to link to it in the comments.

UPDATE: Avatar has thoughts on this and several other recent shows. He seems upbeat overall.

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About That E-mail

It's the end of the semester and I'm, sick, behind on everything and broke, so there has been and will be little in the way of substantive blogging for about a week and a half. However, there is an E-mail that is circulating in the blogosphere and on talk radio that needs dealing with.

Over at Information Dissemination,  Galrahn has much to say on this. Read the whole thing.

Greyhawk ( no pinko by any means) weighs in here and notes another E-mail purporting to have the straight dope here. Again read both posts, they are thoughtful and informed.

My above my paygrade take is that criticizing the president for his handling of the pirate situation is stupid, wrong or both.

The President does not seem to have micromanaged this ala' Kennedy or Johnson. This is to be commended. Particularly given his basically statist worldview, it is a welcome development.
Much of the desperate, grasping at straws criticism seems to be aimed at the ROE, but given the nature of the problem (a hostage situation) they seem to have been pretty reasonable: ie negotiate and dont fire unless the hostage is in imminent danger....note that the results of this were 3 dead pirates, 1 captured pirate and a freed healthy hostage so if it is the RESULTS one is quibbling with...then one is an idiot.
As to the means to that end, a pitching enclosed lifeboat does not make for an easy shot and the likelyhood of the pirates simply killing the hostage if the boat was attacked was very real.
Prudence is not a vice (though timidity is).
We need to give presidents some bennefit of the doubt in these matters. The fact that the left was dreadfully unfair in their demonization of Bush, who had far worse hands dealt him than this, does not give us a liscence to lower ourselves to their level. We are at war and our president has some very awful things about to come to a head on his watch....things that have no easy solution. Like Bush, he is going to be presented with a selection of choices...all of which are going to be bad.  He needs  good faith from the loyal oposition.

Rather than act like the repugnant myrmidons of MSNBC-DNC, and try to spin an unalloyed good into a defeat.I would suggest focussing on genuinely problematic descisions that have very worrisome implications, but then I'm silly that way.

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April 22, 2009

If New is Better...

...and old is worse, then I don't EVER want to get old monia.

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April 19, 2009

..and then there was an Earth shattering....thwack

Note that said "thwack" is unrelated in any way to the accompanying picture ...

...which is probably more deserving of comment than the banality that is below the fold.

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April 15, 2009

...and then there was an Earth shattering KABOOM!

Pictured is, of course,  Rumiko Takahashi's  Lum and as such is, regrettably, unrelated to the banality mentioned below the fold.

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April 13, 2009


It's always nice to see people who's face matches their inner beauty.
And nicer still to see them get the rewards they richly deserve.

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Bad News

After recovering from cancer surgery a few years ago, my mom has quite naturally been getting a LOT of checkups...all X-Rays have come back negative though.
Friday, when seeing a doctor for an unrelated matter (chest pains) she had an ultrasound done. The heart doctor immediately sent her to get an MRI.
It seems that Mom has a rather rare form of cancer that does not show up on X-Rays...and it has been steadily growing these last three years...to the point that it is causing her pain now.
There is not much information other than the fact that there is a LOT of it and her recent symptoms (extreme fatigue, dizzyness and nausea) are not at all encouraging.
I've moved back into the sewing room at my parents house as I will undoubtedly be needed shortly and we await further word. But this does not look good.  

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April 05, 2009

I liKe pIE

Unrelated bird is a trespass but relevant caption is relevant to the banality....

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