June 30, 2017

"Well. There's the Problem Right There. Your E-Mails Have Crabs"

"...and they're eating petroleum, which probably increases your bandwidth expenses."

It's always good not to be the one maiking thee tiepos for a changeling. 

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I Wonder if There's a Bag Limit

Earlier today I found myself searching for an artist credit for this image. 

(Probably painted by someone not named Pinterest)

After over an hour I still don't have the artists name (in every instance it is used it is credited to one of several image hosting sites).

Normal procedures at this blog are to move on to a different picture (unless it's a reaction shot or meme).

However, the initial Google search I conducted turned up this astounding and edifying result.


I'll have to be more careful. 

Hit one of those, it's going to be worse than a moose. 

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June 29, 2017

Alice and Zoroku Ends

That was remarkably satisfying despite the fact that I really would like to see more of this show.

Although, Alice and Zoroku is rather schizo in tone, the series leverages this trait quite well.. 

For one thing, it has the benefit of being completely unpredictable. 

One never knows if an episode is going to be action adventure..

...adventures in floristry...

...fast food appreciation...

....haute cuisine appreciation...

...fantasy horror...

...or merely an excuse to trot out a new action figure....

...whatever genre it's dabbling in,  Alice and Zoroku manages to be consistently good.

If you haven't watched it, you are wrong.

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June 28, 2017


J.Greely has some questions... we don't know what they are, but they are no doubt numerous.

I don't know what this post title means...but any sad girls in snow best get inside lest the same fate befall them. 

There is no doubt a tragic story behind this inscrutable clue. 

This picture is unrelated:

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Sometimes The Only Way To Win Is Not to Play

...and leave the squabbling oppressors in the old world for the infinite potential of the new.

Because, the house gets to play with loaded dice.  

THE CLAW! an interesting piece by DWI or Steyr or Rheinmetall or...somebody. 

Surprisingly, It's completely unrelated to this...

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June 27, 2017

One Step at a Time

Art by Cotton (A.K.A.Mocha)

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June 25, 2017

21st Cenrury Outrage

Slow Clap...

Hustler is not my cup of tea, so I'd missed this silly nothing-burger of a story from the earlier this month. It would normally warrant no comment, beyond, perhaps, this... 

However, the fact that it WAS a story is the not only worrisome thing about it. There is a non-zero risk the company is taking by tweaking the very Jihadis on whose behalf the outrage is ostensibly expressed. That this angle was not covered at all in the linked articles, is, more than anything about this, truly "problematic".

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June 23, 2017

Mashed Potatoes

The peculiar physics and myriad uses of Mashed Potatoes have not gotten sufficient attention in recent years. While the pulverized tubers are obviously a valuable source of calories, they have considerable potential in a variety of non-culinary applications. That this substance is useful for making scale models of Devils Tower has been understood for many years, but mashed potatoes can also be used for other artistic expressions as well, such as to create a representation of Kansas in winter on a table cloth, create a very passable  facsimile of an iceberg in someone's tea and it has surprising utility as a hair volumizing agent. Its low density allows it to be propelled with surprising velocity by an arm with a reach of less than 9 inches and minimal strength. Despite the obviously low sectional density of spudfluff, the fluid dynamics of mashed potatoes in air is such that the aforementioned arm with a reach<9inches can send measurable quantities a surprising distance...into the dining room, down the hall and into a guest bedroom (this latter seems to have required some sort of bank shot, ballistic analysis is pending). Most remarkably all of this can be achieved in the approximately 3 seconds it takes to turn one's back on one's 11 month old nephew to get something out of a microwave. 

I propose a study to examine these properties in greater detail and with attention paid to practical applications thereof. I will require $170,000.00, 450 Idaho potatoes and a trebuchet.

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June 22, 2017

Spoiler Warning!

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A Clever Solution to the Boycott Problem

There has been much angst expressed over You-Tube's demonetization policy

Ian McCollum of Forgotten Weapons and Karl Kasarda on Inrange TV have come up with a response.

It's a reasonable solution. Indeed, being independently wealthy is generally my preferred solution to most problems. 

Note that they do have some thoughtful things to say about the implications of demonetization (and internet boycotts in general). 

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June 21, 2017

A Republic if We Can Keep It

A couple of things have just bugged me lately...

"This isn't gonna be a rant about politics again is it?"

But it's below the fold so you don't have to be triggered, distracted or appalled if you don't want to be.

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June 20, 2017

The Only Battle That Counts Is The Last One

And now for something refreshingly silly.

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Cool Site , Cool Ship

A few days ago we posted some links to cool sites dealing with space and futurism. Now, one of The Brickmuppet's Crack Team of Stoic Space Babes points us to one we missed:

Fragomatic does cgi animations of space related topics including actual design studies by NASA. Here, he has two videos on Nautilus-X, a design study we reported on back in 2011 and which has been the focus of some renewed interest over the last eight months. 

There's a good deal more stuff in the same vein at his site.

Regarding Nautilus-X, it made waves when proposed, not only because of its features (it is very scaleable, has artificial gravity and impressive passive as well as active radiation shielding) but also because of its predicted low cost, far less than that of the Orion program. This is due to the fact that the ship is not intended for reentry, many of the components are off the shelf (or extrapolations of off the shelf) equipment and because the designers focused on the habitation, logistics and payload and deemed propulsion someone else's problem. The design is essentially a space station with an adapter/shock-absorber module intended to interface with any of several NASA propulsion modules, both existing and in development. The VASIMR module currently under development is the preferred system, but several ion or even chemical propulsion systems like the Centaur could be used. 

I tracked down a recording of the presentation to NASA by the designer. His presentation begins at about the 26 minute mark and follows this powerpoint. He explains the design philosophy as being developed from that for the Lunar Excursion Module and his experience with NRO spy satellites. Intriguingly, he explains the latter as is the design origin of the distinctive bow section, with its folding out air lock and bridge. The centrifuge is an extrapolation of an existing spin-stabalization system used on a few satellites.  It is 60 feet across and capable of producing 1-g at a tad under 10RPM. However, that's a bit high for comfort so lower speeds and gravities are expected to be used.

Note that the first 25 minutes of the presentation concern an overview of cis-lunar infrastructure ideas of which the Nautilus-X is only one component. 

The response to the Nautilus-X proposal in the recording is quite enthusiastic. The engineers seem really impressed, not only by the logic of the design, but by the attention to cost, minimizing design risk and extensive detail work already done.. The design is remarked upon as being particularly well thought out and economical. There is some discussion of the centrifuge and the discussion goes into detail regarding how the half scale prototype would be integrated into the ISS and the way the system is designed to  use water pumps to compensate for asymetrical loading due to crewmembers moving around. 

The proposed centrifuge test is particularly important. We don't have any idea what the minimum gravity to avoid health issues is. It might well be 1g. We probably want to find that out before people start settling Mars. 

This is the sort of thing NASA needs to be doing more of. 

'Stoic Space Babe" is by Takeshi Fujisawa , nicked from the box-art of a Hasegawa kit. You can buy his stuff here

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June 18, 2017

Well Then: That's Not a Good Thing to See When One Clicks on Drudge

This  hellish bundle of razor wire still has the potential to develop in unexpected unpleasant ways.

Let's review:
We have over 1000 troops on the ground in Syria, a country whose government has not given us permission to be there and which is a very important ally of Russia. Russia, in addition to possessing items of some interest also has thousands of troops on the ground in Syria helping to protect that country (an important ally of their's) by shooting at the Jihadists we are defining as moderates and ostensibly backing. Meanwhile, while we are fighting the (mostly) different jihadis in ISIS (which Russia is also fighting). So, Russian and U.S. troops are on opposite sides of a civil war, armed and both sides are shooting at people who are trying to kill them and that the other side is trying to defend in an area where at least two factions are using poison gas. Iran also has large forces engaged against ISIS and in support of Syria but additionally is giving support to...Hezbollah. Turkey, which happens to have of one of the largest armies in the world, is also involved...mainly as a spoiler but also to exterminate our nominal allies the Kurds, who are a completely different group from the aforementioned revolutionary groups we are backing and are also fighting ISIS.  

The shootdown aside, this mess in Syria is a lot more consequential than the coverage it's been getting would seem to indicate. 

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June 17, 2017

Stephen Furst Has Passed Beyond the Rim

Everyone is talking about his roll as Flounder, which was indeed legendary, but this is where he really shined.

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45 + 3

Regarding the late unpleasantness in Alexandria, as I understand it, if some utter nutbar were to start killing congressmen with the intention of flipping the legislature, then their threshold would be 45 representatives and three senators.

Most accounts have the republican congressional baseball team at 33 members so even given the possibility that a few non-team members might be present and more crucially if Mr. sweetness and light's shooting skills had been closer to Annie Oakley than Skippy the Stormtrooper, he'd still not have changed the world. 

So rejoice. In order to flip congress, one would have to kill 48 people.

These are people who are public figures and as part of their job descriptions mingle with the public and aside from the house leadership, have no specialized security. 

So fear not. One would need some way of coordinating such an attack, and people willing to do it. Hell, one would practically need a whole bunch of very dedicated paramilitary street thugs who see the other side as inhuman monsters. 

Then one would only control one branch of government. The President and Vice President would both have to be impeached by the new majority and surely a bunch of congress critters would stand on principal and not allow that to happen to such a popular and beloved President. 

So there.
Enjoy the weekend and relax.

Art by Ruhig

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We Don't Discuss Such Vile Things

 Via Dustbury, who does note a silver lining in the above picture.

...except at home, behind closed doors and for the sole purpose of procreation.

I do note that it's next to a sign referencing tobacco sales to minors, so this is serious business.

Gracious. It's not just Oregon.

In pondering scenarios of how civilization might end, I must admit that I did not see this one coming.

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According to Sources Who Remain Transitive...

Despite this being a Zero Hedge link, I think the associated prediction is reasonable, solidly argued and very likely to be true. 

"It's a counterespionage breakthrough!!"

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June 14, 2017

This is Very Bad

By now you know about the shooting of the congressmen and their staff in Alexandria while they were practicing for the annual congressional baseball game. Fortunately, no one has died as of yet. However, if reports are true and the shooter was targeting Republicans, then assasination chic may now be a summer fashion trend, in which case we are in for a very rough ride. 

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June 13, 2017

Calling In

I'm currently staying with a friend who is recovering from heart surgery. I'll be back in a few days.

In the meantime there is this...

Art by Isu

I'm unclear on what, exactly, "this" is, but I'm pretty sure it's something.

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