June 10, 2017

Places of Interest

in the comments section Madrocketsci inquires (in reference to Isaac Arthur's excellent channel)...

 ...where do people like this hang out online?
Well, we linked to that one from here so, ipso facto, Brickmuppet Blog is a place where people who like this hang ou...

Art by Dani Ikapi

Well then.... 

Atomic Rocket is a superb resource for near term space exploration concepts. It is primarily geared towards providing authors a reference to assist in providing realism in spec-fic
...so they can write SF "the way God and Heinlein intended"
Scroll down to the very bottom of the linked page for a sitemap. Be warned that this is digital crack. The engine list page alone will...

Damn. The sun is setting.

I should get back to the post....

Scott Lowther's site is named The Unwanted Blog for reasons that are quite unclear given that the correct response to it is "Do Want!". Mr. Lowther also runs Aerospace Projects Review, which produces several online magazines that look at forgotten aerospace history from an engineering perspective. 

Next Big Future is a science-news blog that focuses mainly on disruptive technologies and futurism. 

Glasstone.Blogspot.com focuses on things that might keep the future from happening, like global thermonuclear war. It is dreadfully non-intuitive to navigate but there is a cornucopia of information on civil defense and high energy weapons effect on that site. 

The Secret Projects Forum is a vast message board dedicated mainly to forgotten transportation and weapons projects. Unlike most such sites it has a crackerjack team of moderators that purge unverified or made up content, so one doesn't accidentally find Antarctic Space Nazis in one's research into Horten Coal Fired Ramjets.

Jerry Pournelle's site is a stream of consciousness that touches on many futuristic topics and how to achieve them through a strategy of technology. It also has tips for how to preserve past knowledge and survive in the event that something stupid and terrible happens like a global thermonuclear war. 

The excellent Colony-Worlds focused on space colonization but hasn't been active since 2012. It still exists and has still got a good deal of info... while it lasts. 

Centauri Dreams looks at deep space exploration with the ultimate goal of manned trans-stellar voyages.

Icarus Interstallar is a non-profit advocacy group dedicated to bringing about a manned interstellar mission by 2100. They fund various engineering studies looking at the problem from different directions. 

The Lifeboat Foundation is an organization exploring various ways to preserve humanity in the event of an extinction level event such as a Hostile AI, asteroid strike, plague or global thermonuclear war. 

Nasa Spaceflight.com, is not as far as I know, NASA affiliated. It has forums for discussion of space related issues, but most of the high-end, credentialed discussions of speculative projects are moved to the L-2 forum which requires a subscription. 

The Space Review is an online magazine dedicated to space exploration, space business and space law. 

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June 07, 2017

Elmer Fudd: Super Genius

Isaac Arthur has one of my favorite You-Tube channels and I just realized I've never linked to him. That is a travesty on my part. This is a a superb channel focusing on futurism.

This video on the Kardashev Scale is a good primer for the channel. 

The fellow has an epic speech impediment that inspired the post title.
This channel is online video crack and if one is not careful one will lose hours, possibly days basking in the sheer awesomness of it. 
Use responsibly!

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June 06, 2017

72 Years Ago: The Longest Day

32 years ago Reagan gave this speech, in remembrance of the 40th anniversary of that battle.

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So There Were 1/1 Scale Dakimakuras From That Show?

Wait...that would mean...

At least now we know. The answer is 22.9 feet.

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The Killer App of Mu.Nu

I started to mention this in a previous post, but it deserves to be above the fold. 

A bit over 10 years ago, after 1021 posts on Blogger, I was about to throw in the towel. Google had bought BlogSpot shortly after I started blogging in 2003, but this was of no concern until early '07 when 2 things happened. There were some system crashes and issues with the image posting system. More importantly The Netroots types began a campaign to file complaints with Google/Blogger about "offensive content" in blogs whose opinions they found uncongenial and report others as spam blogs. Blogger/Google was only too happy to oblige.  As a result of that, numerous blogs whose opinions vexed the Netroots were threatened, locked pending review, or just vanished. There had been a similar purge of right leaning You Tube Channels that had happened a bit earlier, (remember when Hot Air was mainly a companion site to their You Tube channel?). That censorious annoyance had been similarly instigated by complaints from the Netroots. 

Brickmuppet Blog was protected from this mainly by my lack of talent which placed me near the bottom of the blogosphereic ecosystem and the fact that it's not really a political blog. Still, I did actually get one vague threat from a reader to have me taken down...because I guess getting a Z-list blogger with 6 readers to shut up is a real power trip.  Between that and the short lived technical glitches, I was about to throw in the towel. I had been made very aware of how ephemeral any work consisting entirely of electrical zeroes and ones actually is.     

However,  I inquired about different hosting services and took the advice of Wonderduck and the late Steven Den Beste, and signed up here in Mee.nu as a Beta tester (my utter lack of IT skills being a feature and not a bug in that capacity). Although the very first comment on this blog was a thinly veiled threat, I've been very happy here. 

Since then I've come to appreciate even more the absolute importance of the fact that Pixy Misa (the owner, proprietor of  Mee.nu) is completely dedicated to free speech. Unless they are spammers, child pornographers or malware-bots, he and his crackerjack team of pixel elves aren't going to screw with any of the 65,000 odd websites hosted here. 

Additionally, unlike some other platforms, Mee.nu doesn't have a truth and safety council, doesn't shadowban users, and allows one to type as many characters as one needs to get out a coherent thought (actual level of coherence is the typists responsibility).

Furthermore, unlike some services  Mee.nu doesn't integrate seamlessly into every aspect of one's online existence. That may, at first, seem like a bug, but in an age of weaponized empathy...it is not. The other day I noted noted an online poll that concerned a politically charged topic. It required one to log in via a service we won't name (but it rhymes with SpaceCrook). This of course means that everyone in one's feed knows how one voted, and sets off all manner of flags. Rejoice Mr. Parsons! The telescreen has arrived! 

But not here in Mee.nu.

Operating from a vast underground bunker hidden somewhere in the guano mines of Niue, Pixy Misa interacts with the world mainly through a surprisingly lifelike teleoperated animatronic in Sydney. Pixy oversees several servers scattered across the globe in places that are not North Korea, China or The Platt River Networks men's room.

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June 05, 2017

Now Melbourne


The Quaker, Pastafarian, Lutheran, Buddhist, Zoarstrian, Hindu, Sikh, Samaritan, Taoist, Jediist, Druze, Yadzidi, Pentacostal, Shintoist, Crowlyite, Hawenneyuvian, Jew, Mormon, Jain, Methodist, Bahaiist....or, whatever....was killed in the process of killing and wounding innocents, but he appears to have had quite a history.

Khayre was jailed in 2012 for a violent home invasion, and had been accused of involvement in a terror plot on Holsworthy Army Barracks in Sydney.

Well intentioned but blinkered bleeding heart judges are a pernicious hazard usually only encountered in civilized countries. 

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A Cracking Good Fellow Has Left Us

Peter Salis, the voice of Wallace and Gromit, had passed away. He was 96.

Here is a clip from The Wrong Trousers.

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June 04, 2017

Programming Note

Those who look below the fold should beware of being beset by bushels of blogger banality. 

As atonement, (for that and the alliteration) here is a cute girl riding an allosaurus.

Art by Sukabu

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June 03, 2017

Well, Crap

Reports are still early, but it looks like the mess in London was separate, simultaneous (and therefore most likely coordinated) terrorist attacks.

The U.K is in for a rough ride. 

As are we all. 

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In Stark Contrast to All the Mansplaining In the Previous Post's Comments

Heat Street is reporting that great strides in the area of social progress have been taken by the anime industry!

And NOT by Studio IG!

Keijo!! is (I gather) a softcore porn series sports story that revolves around an all female group of competitors in a new sport that involves fisticuffs over water.

It's kind of like boxing, except that being culturally forward leaning in a soccer-ish sort of way, the sport does not allow the use of hands...or feet for striking. Instead all contact as I understand it must involve either boobs or butts.

I was unaware that this socially enlightened vehicle for societal change existed. However, Heat Street reports that in addition to focusing on female athletes engaged in world level competition, the series actually passes the Bechdel Test! Perhaps because the show does not allow any members of the patriarchy to distract from the view. 

Now, gentle reader, thanks to the socially responsible reviewers at Heat Street,  one can reflect wryly that when one watches Keijo!!! one can be free of guilt while watching in wonderment at winsome women, for it is the most woke of wankeries. 


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June 02, 2017

I Have a Question for the Ladies

This is probably gauche of me to ask but I am a socially inept male who has no comprehension of what the hell motivates women and I am deeply bewildered and profoundly curious as to why this post over at Instapundit is necessary.

The linked story does give several arguably persuasive reasons why one should not engage in the mentioned activity, but is not particularly edifying as to why anyone would need to be persuaded.

I must say that in the absence of a good explanation, I cannot, in good conscience,  muster any meaningful mockery for a certain alleged incident that may, or may not have involved one my readers and a Chii pillow

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June 01, 2017

A Few Thoughts on Comics

John C. Wright points us to this thoughtful post over at Wasteland Sky, focusing on My Hero Academia

 And where did Kohei Horikoshi get the idea for him? Where did he get such a radical idea for a character like that? From Marvel: the same company that can’t create a new character without relying on old ones or giving a new hero an original personality outside of checkbox approved positions on all social issues. This more than anything shows Marvel's current failings. They’ve fallen hard since Peter Parker.

I've only seen a few episodes of MHA, but was impressed. Do read Wright's take too,
Falcon has actually always been a favorite character of mine, and so has Luke Cage, and so has (not ashamed to admit it) Night Thrasher. Not because they are Black, but because they are awesome.....

....In the movie Falcon was twice as cool as in the comics — I like the winged jetpack and never liked the pet bird. He was even cool when Ant Man was kicking his butt.

But sticking Falcon into the Captain America suit, and calling him Cap? Why not just have him be Falcon?

Miles Morales? Really? Why not call him some other name, Electroshock, or whatever, and make him cool on his own, if you have what it takes to make him a cool character.

I would quibble a bit with Wasteland Sky's larger point, that U.S. comics are bereft of ideas. Mainline superhero comics may be in a wilderness now but the comic industry here is actually quite entertaining and innovative outside of those constraints.

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