March 31, 2009

A Cat and His Bag

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Mt Redboubt Alaska

More here.

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March 30, 2009

Gentlemen: 3 Important Life Lessons For Us All

1 Panty raids are never a good idea.

2 It's never too late to back out of a bad decision ...until it is.

3 If you choose to ignore this advice it is best that you dress in such a manner that your corpse will maintain some minimum level of dignity.

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Accidental Q-Ship


A group of Somali Pirates attacked a tanker off the horn of Africa several hours ago. This would be sad but not remarkable as the piracy in the area has been bad for years and exploded in the last few months. However the tanker they attempted to board was the FGS Spessart, a German Navy supply ship.

...and so...

The German sailors returned fire and pursued the skiff while also calling in for support. Several naval ships — including a Greek and a Dutch frigate, a Spanish warship and the USS Boxer — sped to the area while a Spanish marine aircraft and two U.S. Marine Cobra helicopters joined the pursuit.
Five hours later, Greek sailors reached the pirate skiff, boarded it and seized the seven suspects and their weapons, including assault rifles and rocket-propelled grenades, the Greek navy said. The suspects were disarmed and transferred for questioning to the German frigate Rheinland-Pfalz where they remain Monday, pending a decision on whether they will be legally prosecuted, Christensen said.

Wasp, meet sledgehammer.
(Hat Tip: Information Dissemination)

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March 28, 2009

Virginia Beach Sakura Festival 2009

For a student of Japanese at ODU, the Virginia Beach Cherry Blossom Festival is sort of an annual requirement lest one get scowels on the following Monday. I had much to do today between work, family matters and studying but I was able to make it out to Red Wing Park in time to make the last hour or so.
For the first time In my experience, the festival was held on a day that was warm and rain free.

Not only that, but the Cherry Blossoms were actually in bloom during the festival for the first time ever in the 5 years they've been holding it.

Red Wing Park has a small Japanese garden in honor of Virginia Beach's sister city Miyazaki Japan.

Sadly the koi ponds are koi free....

...and there are no fireworks.
I must say that the attendance was surprisingly large. (These pics were taken as the festival was disbanding). Despite the mud (It's rained here for 5 days straight) the enthusiasm was high and many people decided to dress up for the festival in culturally appropriate attire...

...of various flavors.

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