June 30, 2022

Stream Update (Updated!)

I've just been informed by my employer, that, due to the 4th of July holiday, I'll need to be to work at 01:30 AM EDT this Saturday. For some reason, this will have a negative impact on my digitized alter ego's ability to do a stream from 21:00-03:00 EDT Friday/Saturday night.

There may be a short stream on Friday, but Friday's stream will be essentially moved to Saturday. Saturday streams are not generally firmly scheduled affairs but we'll make an exception this week. Come by and join us at 21:00 EDT / )1:00 UTC for Raid! Shadow Legends, a short Silent Film and continued comically inept grinding through Final Fantasy 14.

See you all there!


Update: The short silent film will be The Mechanical Man. Actually it will be the surviving 20 minutes of this film, which is an Italian film from 1923 that contains the first instance of a giant robot battle. (OK, a moderately large robot battle) It's frankly a bad copy but it's goofy as hell and should be a hoot. Come on by and join us in chat for a watch party.

 (Like most Silent Films this predates SteamBoat Willy, and so avoids DMCA.) 

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While there are myriad crticisms that can be made of the Biden administration, it cannot be said that he hasn't met many of his campaign promises. From, supporting BLM, and hamstringing cops, to the obscene rise in the cost of fuel (which has so many knock-on effects for the economy). BIden's voters got exactly what they voted for.

Unremarked though, is that another of Biden's promises has been met. And it's one that he does not get credit for, as he is generally accused of doing quite the opposite. 

Biden has united the country!

So let us offer our congratulations to the nations inspirational chief executive, who has shown that age, senility, incompetence and malice are necessarily, obstacles to meeting ones goals!    

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Meanwhile, in Canada....

"Baby Woolly Mammoth" sounds like a Japanese cute girl metal band, but it is actually a thing that was just dug out of the ice blasted Hellscape that is Canada. 

Here she is with the unsuspecting gold miners that found her.

Not pictured: 30,000 year old plague germs that are wafting out of the corpse.

Canada, for those that don't know, is a nation, long rumored by, hearsay, urban legend, cryptozoologists and Native American lore  to exist somewhere between Detroit and Siberia. 

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June 28, 2022

Based Bunny is not Paranoid, She's Prescient

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Thought on the Timeline in Which We Reside

We are living in the future...but not the future that I'd hoped for. 

Say you wanted to have a company that specialized in Terraforming. That requires a set of expertise that don't exist now, especially in the same organization. However, you could combine through mergers, companies with different skillsets such as heavy machinery air-tools and gas manipulation technologies or "multi disciplinary real estate"`and then you'd have a corporation that could get down to the lucrative business of " Building Better Worlds".  

One might think this would have PR issues if a degree of creativity was not taken in renaming the merged companies, but it should be remembered that certain companies are really leaning into this aesthetic.

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June 26, 2022

Stream Schedule

After a week of Streaming off and on I've settled down on a tentative schedule that fits in with my...uh...schedule.

Monday: 18:00 EDT/22:00 UTC  
Tuesday: 18:00 EDT/22:00 UTC
Wednesday: Off
Thursday:  Occasional streams after 18:00 EDT/22:00 UTC 
Friday: 21:00 EDT/01:00 UTC (Longer Stream)
Saturday: Occasional streams after 21:00 EDT/01:00 UTC
Sunday: Occasional streams after 18:00 EDT/22:00 UTC

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday Streams will be necessarily short (2-2.5 hrs) since both I and my internet alter ego have to be to work at 02:00 EDT. 

This should hold fairly steady for about a month, though I may be on the road in August. I want to stabilize at 4-5 days a week ultimately. I do reserve the right to start streams early, though I will make every effort to keep to the schedule otherwise. 

I expect to get my replacement PS2 in the next few weeks and will then have a wider variety of games than FF14. I'll be doing some silent films as well , though I have not decided which night to do those on yet. Actual day by day programing schedule will follow when all that shakes out. 

I'll be doing one of those occasional Sunday streams tonight. It'l be a fairly short stream tonight, partly to test some widgets. 

Stop by and say "Hi!"@ twitch.tv/brickmuppet tonight at 18:30 (6:30pm) EDT/ 22:30 UTC. We'll be viewing the 1910 version of Frankenstein (which is VERY short and was only viewed by bots when it aired before) and after that doing a bit of flailing/grinding in FF14. 

Maniacal laughter by AnimeGum. Support him on Patreon!

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June 24, 2022

Streamery Alert

Tonight at or before 9:00PM EDT / 01:00AM UTC my internet alter-ego will be streaming over at twitch.tv/brickmuppet

(We may be a tad earlier as there are a few widgets I want to test.)
We'll ultimately be streaming Final Fantasy 14 again, but first there will be a brief 'just-chatting' segment and maybe a short silent film. We'll be going at least three hours so if you're hunkered down, stop by and say "Hi!". 

As always, any Feedback on audio levels or video streaming quality are greatly appreciated. 

Art by AnimeGum. Support him on Patreon!


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Oh Wow. Get Ready For Mayhem.

The Supreme Court did not knuckle under to the mob and an attempted assassination.

The DHS is warning churches, particularly Catholic Churches, to prepare for terroristic attacks.

This decision dropped on a Friday. A bunch of very angry people have two days off to do what they will. 

Whatever you think about abortion, this does not end the medical procedure. It merely puts its regulation back to the states. Even most of the most conservative conservatives are quite vocal about how they believe it's necessarily the woman's choice in cases of rape, incest, or in the case of triage situations involving the mother's life. 

So any bloodshed over this we might see this weekend is going a gross overreaction. A correct reaction would involve petitioning state representatives and campaigning for representatives who share your views on this matter.

But that wouldn't provide an opportunity to riot. 

Maybe stay home tonight and watch V-tubers or something.

Be careful out there. 

UPDATE 12:27: SCOTUSBlog has a huge roundup of links regarding the legalities and ramifications. 

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June 20, 2022

Streamery Alert

Tonight my internet alter ego will be streaming again this evening from 18:00PMDST / 10:00PM UTC for about two hours. Plan is to be playing Final Fantasy 14.

Come on by, point and laugh knowingly at the silly noob who's gotten himself completely lost in Eorzean and is developing a shellfish allergy....

Art by Anime Gum. Support him on Patreon!

Note: After I get a handle on handle on how best to fit streaming into my schedule, which should be by next week, I'll have a schedule up every week a week in advance. 

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An Assessment of Putin's Little War

An extremely dry and turgid discussion between eggheads on the Ukraine situation that is, nevertheless, worth watching because these guys actually acknowledge how much we don't know, as well as some surprising assessments regarding what we do. 

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To Whom it May Concern

I am flattered and humbled that you like my writing style and are pleased with "much good informations" the blog supplies you with. However, I am not in the market for solar panels, wooden decks, Bangalore whores, or bulk quantities of frozen chicken feet. 

Art by Anime Gum. Support him on Patreon!

Thank you for your viewership. 

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June 19, 2022

We. Be. Streamin'.

Tonight my internet alter ego will be streaming from 18:00PMDST / 10:00PM UTC for about two hours. 

I streamed it last night and I'm trying to pin down a lag issue that is present in the stream and VOD but not my computer, so feel free to come by and laugh at the silly streamer who is hopelessly lost in Eorzean, and has developed fungiphobia. 

Also: feedback regarding AV levels is appreciated. 

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Link Dump

I've been super busy and frankly COVID took a LOT out of me. 3 weeks later I'm still dragging. Also dealing with a kidney stone. Nevertheless I worked all sorts of overtime this week.

Anyway, in lieu of original content, here are some links of varying degrees of importance that may be of interest.

A double shot from Tim Pool. Back to back this week, he had on Dennis Prager and then Frei and Barnes. 

Note that both vids are 2 hours

I never really thought Dennis Prager would be on Tim Pool. He's every bit as good a guest as one would expect.  The lawyers/legal analysists Frei and Barnes are always interesting and informative and they don't disappoint here. Pool generally provides a good, informative show but these two are better than average. Unlike last week, neither of these episodes had a SWATing or bomb threat to add to the tension, but both hold their own and cover a lot of what's going on in the world that's not getting a lot of coverage elsewhere. 

When they tell you their plans, LISTEN!

Donald Sensing gives a good overview of the DEF shortage, and why it is likely to be catastrophic.

Normally, when faced with a dangerous communicable disease the government's advice and indeed orders have been to practice social distancing and to quarantine if exposed. They have been quite emphatic on this point. 

The Chinese, who claim not to have had anything to do with the virus they released upon the world now claim to have found intelligent aliens

In between all the cussing, Razorfist has some interesting thoughts on Westerns. 

Pipkin Pippa...Laconic Lagomorph is Legit.

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June 13, 2022

On The Fires and Other Mishaps Befalling U.S. Food Processing Plants

In the comments to a previous post, commenter StargazerA5 noted reports of food processing plants that have been blowing up over the past few years. 

Here is a list I was able to nail down of 25 that have happened this year. Most really don't look like "enemy action"...but there have been at least 25 this year. 

That seems like a large number.

Here they are, with links to news articles.  I gleaned this list mainly from the My Patriot Supply newsletter, Tim Pool's channel and loose talk on Discord.

Seven percent of the 80,000-square-foot Van Drunen Farms freeze-drying facility in Momence, Illinois was burned and declared a "total loss.” This MAY be one reason freeze dried 'survival food' has gone up so much in the last few months, though it had been skyroketing before that. 

An explosion of unknown origin heavily damaged a feed plant that provides feed for aquaculture, cattle, horses, and poultry.

An explosion destroyed a potato/corn processing plant. Other reports I've seen noted correctly that this plant was responsible for supplying most of the western U.S. However, all omitted the little detail that what this plant supplied the western U.S. with was potato chips and nachos. This is not as big a catastrophe as some might suppose. 

A massive fire at a fertilizer plant miraculously resulted in no injuries, despite tons of ammonium nitrate on site. Still, the nation's fertilizer production took a hit. 

A fire destroyed a meat packing plant in Wisconsin. 

The largest Soy-processing plant in the U.S. caught fire. It appears to be a fire in a filter used to de-dust the air and prevent fuel air explosions, but I'm not sure. The article mentions concerns about this disrupting soy production in the U.S....um....

A fire at a dairy facility. 

This one has been widely reported and it was a serious fire that caused injuries. the plant will be down for 18 months. However it made snack chips and cookies....so this is not exactly vital infrastructure.  

A fire at the Nutrien Ag Solution facility (fertilizer plant?) in Sunnyside, Washington may have been a near-run-thing since an evacuation order was issued for a half-mile radius of the facility. The fire burned through 1.7 million pounds of sulfur used for fertilizer. No one was injured in the fire, but there's even less fertilizer now. 

A large fire (took 24 hours to contain) at a Hot Pocket factory. No one was killed, but the Hot Pockets got hot. 

Feb. 23, 28 and March13 there were a series of fires in and around a Dairy in PA. They have all been declared accidental. The cause given in the article is electrical fire. 

This was a consequential fire. A 1.2-million-square-foot Walmart grocery distribution center burned for multiple days in Avon, Indiana—350 fire fighters and 30 fire agencies fought the blaze, which consumed massive stocks of food bound for locations all over the country. This has reportedly put a strain on Wal-Mart's supply chain. Note that the BATFE is still investigating the fire’s cause, 3 months later. 

A fire a tater-tot factory.

Not a food PRODUCTION facility, but a storage facility for a charity. This is probably not part of any large scale campaign, but is one of these stories that has been widely reported, sans context. 


No injuries. But no onions.

This looks to have been quite serious, the loss of more meat-packing capacity is most unwelcome now, though there will likely be plenty to spare by fall. I like how the report mentions that the cattle were "rescued". As they were at an abattoir, I suspect their reprieve will be short. 

A plane crashed into a potato processing plant. This is tragic, but did not disrupt the plant in any way. It does not seem suspicious, but this was the incident that seems to have gotten people talking about food plant terrorism last month. 

This looks to have been a close call due to the large quantities of anhydrous ammonia on site

Organic food distributor Azure Standard lost its headquarters to a fire on April 19. This was offices, not a production facility and it is unlikely that a serious effort to disrupt food supplies would waste resources on something as niche as organic foods.
The facility has the word "Azure" in its name. This gives the sad lonely weebs who run this blog a dubious but sufficient rationale to post a pic of Zara, from Azure Lane that is appropriate to the season, but not the workplace.


This one is interesting because the were able to go into their file and use a 'stock photo of a Nutient AG Solutions plant burning'. (see photo in article #9 above, this is the second from the same company on this list)

OH MY GOD!1!! Another plane crash! Why are planes kamikazeing in to our food processing plants!? 
Actually, a plane crashed near a FPP, on property owned by the plant where plant equipment was stored. The plane was also carrying passengers. The article mentions two passengers killed but does not mention the pilot. Like the other plane crash above, this does not seem to be suspicious, but it's one of the ones that really got people talking about this matter. 

A fire at a soy processing facility  [political/cultural joke goes here]. As it happens, this is only about a 45 minute drive from Brickmuppetburg. Minimum impact, no one killed. Included for completeness. 

Train derailments seem to be up this year, probably due to cascade effects of the supply chain chaos. While it TECHNICALLY involves food infrastructure it's not really evidence of targeting food production. But, hey, it got us to 25.

200,00 chickens killed on an egg farm in a massive fire. Honestly they frequently kill more chickens right now culling for chicken flu (which is very much a thing now). A fire in one of these chicken farms can start because of dust/dander and they are terribly fast when they do. This would not be worth mentioning but for all the rest. 

Not much is known about this one, but it seems to have been minor due to the quick response.

25 of these incidents seems like a lot and a few few of the fires are suspicious, but that doesn't indicate a conspiracy. 

The two plane crashes that have caused so much worry among some don't appear to have anything to do with any plot to incite famine. 

What I suspect is happening (in most instances) is that we are seeing the results of the hysterical COVID response. People are overworked because of personnel issues due to the disease and they are making mistakes. Also, maintenance has been perfunctory at best everywhere for over two years (this is also because of COVID) so I'd guess that contributes to why things are breaking. That certainly sounds plausible in the case of the plant where the dust filters caught fire. Note however that I am not a mechanic, nor an engineer. I have a degree in history so my opining on this phenomenon is just a layman spitballing.

I expect things are going to get worse before they get better. 

Be careful out there. 

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June 11, 2022

7 hours to Go

Still having tech issues which I ascribe to Apple operating systems and architectures, but I'm confident that I'll either have fixes or my current work arounds by 21:00 EDT / 01:00 GMT/UTC. 

We'll be streaming for a few hours (two or three at least) so feel free to stop by, point and laugh. 

UPDATE: It worked! The game wouldn't run right but we showed the 1916 version of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, and then did a Just Chatting stream.  There were a few glitches with OBS but they didn't derail the stream, and they were worked around in a few seconds.
 Over 2 and a half hours, we topped out at 6 people in chat, at least two of whom were not 'bots!  
Thanks for stopping by Avatar-ExADV! 

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I'm Gonna' Have to Post This Now...

...'cause it probably won't be funny or make sense by the end of the year

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Back to Work

After yet another hiatus, there is more banality below the fold.

As compensation. Here's some Klee. 


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June 06, 2022

78 Years Ago

Point Du Hoc was taken.

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June 05, 2022

When Someone Tells You What They Want To Do, BELIEVE THEM

Especially if their mask comes off. 

This blog is based in the U.S.A. and that has the happy benefit of being in a nation that is kept from falling into a state of anarchic autocannibalism or Hobbesian totalitarianism by it's institutions and laws, which form a set of checks and balances on the ill-considered passions of the people as well as their leaders. 

History, of our nation as well as others has taught us that when those safety rails are torn down, then terrible sorrow of one form or another will soon follow. This holds true even if the reasons for removing those guardrails was noble and somehow not clouded by hysteria and emotional passions. 

Thus, one should ponder closely any politician that utters such a phrase as this...

"If the filibuster obstructs us, we will abolish it. If the Supreme Court objects, we will expand. We will not rest until we've taken weapons of war out of our communities."

Or this...
"spare me the bullshit about constitutional rights”

Be sure to watch the short videos, and read the context (which is absent from most of these videos.) 

SPOILER: the context doesn't help. 

Whatever the the merits of a particular political goal might be (and with the goal in question the merit is near zero) removing all of the legal system's arrestor switches and the political system's pause buttons then one is guaranteeing that something very dark will soon come to pass. 

The left of today assumes that they will always have the power and that removing the governors and guardrails from the engines of society will only bring suffering upon their enemies. Their current feral mindset does not allow them to recognize that the club they wield could easily be lifted by those they now drive before them, and that those who pursue power without mercy might find themselves begging for it from those they now torment. 

Such clubs are hard to put down.

If institutional safeguards and constitutional rights are removed, then which ever side might win a given political contest, ALL of us will ultimately lose. 

Paul Schofield has timeless thoughts on the matter here:

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June 03, 2022

Streaming Update

While suffering from COVID, we here at Brickmuppet Blog endured some power failures, internet connectivity issues, and what I assume was a drop bear infestation. However, Wednesday, both power and internet were working and I did a short, unscripted test stream. 

There is still an awful lot of scuff, particularly audio issues at the beginning, and the stream was completely unscripted (being just a test) but this was the first stream where stuff mostly worked.

Heh, "Mostly"
He still can't get his PNG to work right, Steam is not linking up to his Twitch, at all, he hasn't received his HDMI capture equipment yet and there is a reverb in his headphones that causes him to sound like a drunk cretin at points. 


Despite that, I finally got my streaming software (OBS) to work with my Mac to the point that I could do a 'Just Chatting' stream. One of my plans for the channel is to at least once a week do some silent movies, 'cause if it's pre-1928, it's usually DMCA free. (There are exceptions but those are fairly easy to find). There is a big enough backlog of decent silents to last at least two years. 

I had 5 people in chat at one point, at least one of whom was not a bot. 

"It's a small victory, but I'll take it."

Actual premier with Obligatory Power-Point is set for June 11. If the vidya gaming setup still isn't working by then we'll do a just chatting/movie stream anyway.

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