March 29, 2010

Making Life Easier for the Bears

The wrong kind of bears though.


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March 25, 2010

Dad Returns

I've been busy, sick, busy again and just got busier.

Dad returned from the hospital today.

The surgery went well. Having this second hip surgery out of the way is a huge relief to the whole family, as it means he will soon be able to walk without pain. The last few days I've been getting the upstairs handicapable. Today was spent getting him home from the hospital, getting him upstairs and reacquainting myself with bedpans and such.

Back in a few days.(Seriously..a in rather less than 15 this time!)

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March 09, 2010

Rewatchability Watch (Umm...wait What?)

As some of you know, my mobile home was destroyed by an anarchist suicide tree back in November. Because I had moved nearly everything into the spare room because of some floor repairs, and because the spare room was destroyed quite efficiently. I lost most of my collection, including nearly all the DVDs and tapes I had. After I had paid for my tuition and books and was putting money aside I pondered replacing some of the Anime DVDs.
The purchase list was short. Rewatchability is a rare commodity.

Van Dread....yeah I picked up the thinpack. This show really ought to have been mediocre at best but it is one of the most satisfying shows of the last 10 years. I will certainly rewatch this.

Welcome to the NHK....the loss of the entire set gave me a chance to pick up the last disc (which was not available singly after Funnimation picked the show up midway through.

Lucky Star is apparently no longer in production...though I can probably get it on line.

Days of Midori which I mentioned briefly here is a spectacualrly good show with one of the worst premises of all time.

Full Metal Alchemist didn't get replaced as much as completed. I'd never picked up the third and final pack for reasons unrelated to the shows quality. Now I've watched the whole thing and it would have surely been on the list. I'll have a separate post on that later.

There was little else that I considered shelling out for, though I may pick up Black Lagoon at some point.

Zone of the Enders was on loan at the time...which is fortuitous as it is long out of print.

UPDATE: Inexplicably deleted the mention of Gurren Lagaan.

Also, Crest/Banner of The Stars was not destroyed.

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Observing UK Politics

I....I'll just leave this here...

...and let Andy Janes explain.

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Ethnic Identity Politics That I Can Support

Via Ace comes this elegant response to question #9 on the census form.

[W]e should answer Question 9 by checking the last option — "Some other race" — and writing in "American." It's a truthful answer but at the same time is a way for ordinary citizens to express their rejection of unconstitutional racial classification schemes.

It also puts a harmless, but pointed rhetorical thumb in the eye of those who still seek to divide us over trivialities we have no control over anyway.

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I do not want to hear

...another word about US voters feeling intimidated because they have to show ID or register by a deadline or some such nonsense.

The Iraqis just showed us how it is done.

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March 08, 2010

Proof God Exists

Whenever I ask "Oh good Lord...What ELSE can go wrong?", The Almighty answers my prayer with impressive alacrity.

Regrettably, I find this does not fill me with joy or reassurance.


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