April 28, 2022

That's it. I'm Done.

There is literally a Ministry of Truth now. 

Once Musk bought Twitter, the mask came off. 

Brickmuppet Blog no longer has any comment on any matters of importance as we enjoy having our toes attached to our feet and further enjoy wiggling them. 

So we will henceforth be responsible model citizens of good character and maintain the most hygienic of thoughts.

We cannot , however be held responsible for any unfortunate opinions that might or might not be held by certain anime lolis that may or may not find their way into our posts.

I assure you, our most benevolent and credentialed overlords, that we are working on the matter. 

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April 25, 2022

Meanwhile: At Twitter

"Should have left the Babylon Bee alone."


Finally: A Roundup

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April 18, 2022

Moskva's Last Patrol

A Journalist on Twitter, Sotiri Dimpinoudis posted these pics last night and they are making the rounds today.

We still don't know a lot, but there are reports that the Cruiser was hit by two Neptune missiles. Damage control/Damage assessment are not my forte' but the pics look consistent with those reports. I've seen people protest that there are no obvious blast holes like was apparent on  U.S.S. Stark when hit by an Iraqi exocet.  Moskva was a very substantial vessel, MUCH larger than a frigates and the missiles are small things. Also note this footage of HMS Sheffield before she sank due to another exocet hit. 

HMS Sheffield was a smaller ship than Stark yet there is not the same spectacular obvious blast damage. There is certainly damage but its much closer to what we see on Moskva. Note too that in the case of both Stark and Sheffield the most serious damage was caused by the fire started by the rocket motor. 

I don't have any idea what happened and am not technically qualified to speculate on damage control matters, but I don't think it is wise to dismiss the Ukrainian claims of a hit with their new missiles out of hand. 

I suggest you go read this rather sober piece by Cdr Salamander  who notes that the life-rafts on Moskva did deploy.  He also notes the difficulties that a ship faces in range of enemy missiles. The Russians have not covered themselves in glory during this abominable campaign, but it is foolish to assume that every setback they face is a result of incompetence. The Moskva was old but VERY well equipped and as flagship she would have had a crackerjack crew. We would do well to draw lessons from her loss rather than engage in mockery. 

We should save the mockery for those in our educated class who despite layers of fact-checker posted this picture claiming it represented the incident being discussed. 

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April 15, 2022

Streaming News

It's the 15th of April. 

Tonight, I'm supposed to be streaming. 

My new microphone, one which, hopefully works, has not yet arrived and is currently in limbo. I'm blaming train robbers for now, mainly because it sounds cool.

This, sadly, is not happening at the moment.

I'm still having some issues with getting the .pngs to synch with my voice, which I can't adequately  test without a mic. 

So, I don't think we are going to be streaming tonight. 

I'm going to set a hard debut date of May 6th at 9PM EST/2AM GMT

I may do a few public test streams before then if equipment becomes available. If the Mic/Headphone set is not here in  few days, I'll order a new one. 


"Ignore 'Skippy' she's uh...neurodivergent...and a little 'Chunni'." 

Sorry for the delays but without a mike that' not full of tinny reverb and static, it's just not happening.

See you at the curry mine in 21 days!

Brickmuppet and SCP491713 by Anime-Gum. Support him on Patreon!

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April 13, 2022

A Note of Caution

So there are reports that Russian forces in Ukraine have used poison gas. 

This is believable on the face of it given the reporting we have been getting because the Russians are somewhat stymied and they did this before in Syria, on the orders on the new commander of the Ukraine offensive. 


Reports are sketchy and the unit that the Daily Mail article says is reporting the incident is the Azov Battalion. The Azov Battalion is a militia group that are staffed with Nazis. 
No, not libertarians that lefties are just CALLING NAZIs, or parents who don't want their daughters raped, or individualists or capitalists or classical liberals. The AZOV battalion consists of actual, unironic, motherfucking NAZIS. National Socialists are not reliable primary sources.

So let the fog-of-war clear a bit before loosing ones head. 
And stock up on all the non-perishables you can. 

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Izsh Ogey...I Fyne

Banality is below the fold. 

As compensation, here is the answer to the pressing question, "What would Next Generation have been like if Filmation had done it." 


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April 11, 2022

UBU Sighting

There were questions asked in the comments regarding Ubu Roi's well being.  He did respond to my inquiry and is alive and well. There have been connectivity issues adding to computer problems, and, like many of us of late, life has ...happened...to him...most energetically on multiple fronts at once,  but he is not dead or hospitalized or anything. 

Actual photograph of Ubu Roi is by Youkan. Support his work on Fantia

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April 04, 2022

Last Gasp?

An interesting disquisition by Peter Zeihan on what's happening in Russia, what Russia's motivations are, and what their endgame is.

I don't speak Russian and Russian translations are hard to come by, so I have no idea how accurate his analysis or long term prediction of "No Russia in the future" is.  I'm skeptical to say the least. Russia has bounced back from a LOT. However Russia faces bigger problems than people suppose....as does the world...Go to 11:09 for the answer to the question "How does this affect us?" 

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April 03, 2022

Meanwhile: In Brickmuppetburg

Yeah, there is some quick banality below the fold. If that's not your speed, we do have this useful recognition chart. 


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MISS KUROITSU (from the Monster Development Department) Ends

This damned show....
The very first episode of this odd sitcom made me laugh.
That thus set an expectation that I'd continue to review it which required I watch more of it. The next few episodes, were, to my surprise, rather above average.
Give the regularity these days with which shows of ANY type fall apart and become dumpster fires, I procrastinated a bit, but ultimately girded my loins and sat down to watch the rest in anticipation of the inevitable disappointment. 

In this, I suppose, I was, dissapointed with my predictive skills which was a win for me because, while the show flirted with falling apart for a bit, it held together nicely, even through the cringey "I have no voice box but I must sing" episode...which worked fine. There were no bad episodes (dumb ones yes, but they were still funny). And the whole thing surprised me by not just avoiding a 'faceplant', but actually coming together quite well at the end. 

Part of it's appeal is that is generally a high energy show as can be deduced from these ending credits...(or opening, they couldn't make up their mind, but this was usually the ending)

The show follows one, well, Miss Kuroitsu, who works in (you might be surprised to learn) the Monster Development Department of a major corporation that is secretly a front for a group trying to take over the world, the executive staff looking like rouges gallery of every Super Sentai and Go Nagai series ever made. 

It is a bone crushingly dumb premise that remains surprisingly consistent throughout its run. This show has a lot to say about work ethic, personnel management, corporate governance and the inevitable  problems and pitfalls that even the most well run bureaucracies face. (No. I'm not making this up!) I joked once before that it should be required watching at business schools, but this really does express how corporate screw-ups happen with far more pithiness than any post-fiasco white paper.  

And I laughed...out loud...at least once at every stupid episode. 

Its appeal is not just in the high energy and the show's wackiness, but it has a weird sort of sincerity that I do not see in most any pop-culture projects that are produced in this cynical age. The characters are all....odd...I won't pretend they are believable, but they are likable, internally consistent, and the protagonists all have standards!

Hollywood should take note, there is a perfectly fine trans character as well as implied gayness...and those individuals do not feel like fake, preachy, artificially shoe-horned-in virtue-signals, but as actual relatable human bei..uh...sapient individuals who make perfect sense in the context of this silly tale. 

MISS KUROITSU (from the Monster Development Department) Is 12 episodes with what appears to be a limited animation budget and is, frankly,  a dumb, dumb, show, but it is also superbly written and is about the most enjoyable thing I've watched in two years. 

I recommend it highly. 

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