February 28, 2022

Meanwhile:In Space

Usual "Fog of War" caveats apply, but it appears that Russia has claimed it is seizing control of the International Space Station. 

According  to Brave's translation function, this says...

the garbage that your talented businessmen have ruined near-Earth orbit is produced exclusively by the engines of the Russian Progress MS cargo spacecraft. If you block cooperation with us, who will save the ISS from uncontrolled deorbiting and falling into the United States or... 

2:44 PM · Feb 24, 2022· Twitter for Android 487 Retweets 512 Quote Tweets 1,311 Likes Tip ROGOZIN 

@Rogozin · Feb 24 Replying to @Rogozin 

...Europe? There is also the option of falling a 500-ton structure on India and China. Do you want to threaten them with that prospect? The ISS does not fly over Russia, so all the risks are yours. Are you ready for them? Gentlemen, when you plan sanctions, check those who generate them for illness. Tip ROGOZIN @Rogozin · 

There's more on this herehere, and, here

Note that if the Russians want to take the station they certainly can. The only firearms on the station are likely the ones in the Soyuz capsule. 

However, that would be kind of pointless and silly. Furthermore de-orbiting a space station seems completely unlikely, as it's seems to have no tactical, strategic, diplomatic, or, propaganda upside for Russia. 

On the other hand, it IS 2022 and anything is possible. 

Also: we've seen this movie. 

Run Pixy Run!

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February 25, 2022

Thoughts on Stuart Little

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February 24, 2022

Thoughts on The Mess in Europe

Russia has invaded The Ukraine.

People are panicking about stocks, but there is not much to be done. The market has gone up and down and back up and down hundreds of points today. A war in Ukraine has all sorts of secondary effects and those depend upon events and policy decisions by our current executive branch (eg : Defense stocks going up? maybe/maybe not).  

Once the situation stabilizes the markets will recover. Just don't panic and sell on the dip.

Make sure your fuel is topped off and you have cash on hand.

As an example my Credit Union is having IT "issues" and I can't access my monies right now. I expect more like this and fuel shortages due to cyber-attacks, panic, or both over the next few days.

The internet seems twitchy today. That may or may not be significant.

We've been in a pandemic for two years so I expect everybody has several weeks of canned food on hand. That won't be necessary except in the unlikely event this damn fool thing in the Donbas snowballs ad-absurdum. 

Take everything you read or watch with a grain of salt, for the fog of war is thick indeed. 

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February 21, 2022

Oh Canada

The pre-show and set up ends at 09:00

Looking at news coverage, it seems that Canadians support the curb-stomping of the truckers. However, independent journalists and all the Canadians I talk to except for one leftie think that this situation with the heavy handed response is appalling. However, all the Canadians I talk to are Canadians that will speak to me....such people are obviously not respectable members of society......So, on the off chance that there are any non-weird Canadians reading this, what is it the actual mood up north. I GET that people in Ottawa are frustrated, but what about everywhere else? I don't believe for a minute the polls that say Trudeau has 90% support on this. 

 I note that they replaced the chief of police in Ottawa , who "resigned" a week ago to be succeeded by a very enthusiastic enforcer of Trudeau's edicts. 

We've seen this dynamic in many blue cities here in the 'States, where the police are increasingly culling those officers who continue to have a "by the book" mentality regards civil liberties, in favor of those who will just be political enforcers for city hall. 

Many assume the oath of enlistment  is a counter to this with regard to the U.S. military, and if things continue apace, there will indeed be a period where Officers and NCOs will refuse illegal orders. But if the politicians issuing those orders aren't dealt with at the ballot box, those service members who refuse unlawful orders will be sent to the stockade or morgue and replaced with diversity officers or other politically reliable soldiers.  Any talk of "lawful orders" will be considered mutiny, and the character of the military will change quite rapidly.  The exchange that many of our service members will be facing in the next few years may look like this: 

"I won't follow out an unconstitutional or illegal order." "Are you a lawyer or a legal scholar?" "No." "Then how do you know? So, follow the fucking order or someone who will follow the order will follow the next order to take care of you."

It should be remembered that the Chinese army initially refused to slaughter those in Tian'anmen Square. 

Note tank not running over protestor.

The officers in charge thought it was against their charter and unlawful. All those principled officers and NCOs were dead in a few days and replaced with people who quite enthusiastically butchered the protestors..

Of course, an argument can be made that we're way off the rails here because the Canadian situation has no butchery at this time, but the precedents being set remove most checks on these things getting out of control, and those precedents are, frankly, quite Chinese in character. 

Remember this 42 second clip
Trudeau has taken his country to the precipice....and appears to be making a great leap forward. 
This Chicom social credit nonsense is terrifying. 
Unlike so many 'peaceful protests' in the U.S. last year, this protest was actually peaceful. It was also completely legal right up the moment that it suddenly wasn't. And yet people who contributed are being persecuted to the extent of having their savings taken away and the Mayor of Ottawa is suggesting they sell the vehicles that they impounded yesterday

This is not, as so many people have suggested, authoritarianism. Authoritarianism has a set of rules, sometimes arbitrary and capricious rules but it is VERY clear about what those rules are and it strictly enforces those rules. What we're seeing is totalitarianism, where the rules are tyrannically enforced, and the rules change moment to moment at the whim of those in power. 

Meanwhile in Australia, a place not known for respecting rights to assembly lately.....there is...talk. 

There are others who are appalled at Trudeau's actions and feel he has crossed some sort of line.

Bwahahahahahah...ahaha...ahaaaa...."wheeze"....Bwahahaha..ha..ha.. "thud"

"Crawls back into chair"

OK...so, the council of evil is quite likely not being altogether sincere. But if there a white pill to be had in this mess it is that even these despots realize that the optics of this are bad even for them. 

Trudeau MAY have overstepped, but if he survives this it will be bad for Canada and the US. In Canada Trudeau's government seems to be making the "social credit" aspects of the emergencies act permanent. And in the U.S., if Trudeau survives this many in power will look to Trudeau's gambit as not a warning, but an affirmation. 

Good night and good luck.


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February 20, 2022

Two Leafs Talking Aboot Honks

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February 19, 2022

What?! No!

All the things going on right now can lead one to despair. I've believed that it's important not to give in to demoralization. 

However, today made me realize how bad things really are.

I learned that Hitler/Goering slash-fic is a thing that exists.

Gentle readers. I must now ask. Is there any reason to not just destroy the world?

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February 18, 2022

Meanwhile: In Eastern Europe

Rudyard has a good overview of the situation, though I have one particular quibble.

Neither Russia nor the U.S.A. have any interest in using strategic nukes. However, Russia has a stated policy of using tactical nukes as a de-escalatory tactic. This has the potential to lead to terrible miscalculations. If even a small tactical a nuke is popped, all bets are off. 

Stock up on bottlecaps. 


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Meanwhile, In Canuckistan

Art by Shiroshi

It isn't looking good for the Freedom Convoy. Trudeau appears to be clearing them out. However, given the extreme overreaction to the affair, Trudeau's victory may prove to be Phyrric in the long run. 

I'm not aware of ANY violence that was caused other than mounties pushing some people around. (I'm certain that in a chaotic affair as large and long lasting as this there had to be SOMETHING even if it was just someone getting drunk. However, the only thing the news has produced is a picture of a poster likening Trudeau to Nazis that was presented on the news with the Trudeau reference cropped out. )

The Godwin violation that caused so much trouble would be a point of legitimate criticism had not Trudeau gone to such lengths to validate it

The implementation of a social credit system that de-banks and de-licenses  anybody who showed support for a political protest that did not have the support of the Canadian government is straight out of China. To be implemented in such a broad and arbitrary way is terrifying. 

As we've seen recently with Lindell and earlier with Patreon , that terror is not limited to our friends up north. The Canadian innovation is the simply size of the net, and the number of people who can be made to suffer if the credentialed crowd wants to flex.The Lauratian Consensus that Trudeau represents has an awful lot in common with the costal default aristocracy that is causing so much problems in the States. Watch this mess closely, it may be a peek into our future in the US.  

As I type this, the Police are slowly, but methodically moving in. The political leadership appears to be hoping for the truckers to to provide them with some sort of 'casus belli'. The above mentioned de-banking and the governments policy of threatening trucker's bank accounts  and pets may well provoke a desperate response from somebody they can use to justify harsher methods. 

I mentioned the possibility of overreach on Trudeau's part. The freezing of bank assets has reportedly caused some considerable alarm, though there is no hard reporting on that in the media. I base it entirely on conversations with the sorts of Canadians I talk to, so take with a grain of salt. However, SOMETHING  is happening with regard to Canadian banks.

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February 16, 2022

Maybe LISTEN When Candidates Tell You What They Want to Do

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February 15, 2022

It Comes As Exactly no Surprise

....that Gacha is a creation of an evil corporation bent on world domination. 

From episode 2 of Miss Kuroitsu: From The Monster Development Department. The Darth Vader wannabe is the company's second in command and Chief of Operations. He's utterly ruthless in his pursuit of  his goals, which include, world domination and maintaining the well being of his staff. 

I'm finally caught up with this show and it continues to impress. 

This show should be required viewing at business schools. 

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February 11, 2022

Here's the Headline of the Week

Of course we now know that Dr. Who is just going to pass Omicron on to the Movellans. And you know what? 
I'm OK with that, 'cause the Daleks have it coming.
My issue is rather...

We're living in 2022.
The news ought not to be
filling out plot holes 
in classic Dr. Who

(Of course the authorities cynically trying to extend the panic even further is bad too.)

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February 10, 2022

Rudyard Decides to Climb a Flagpole in a Lightning Storm

More power to him.

As always with his videos, for best results do read the text walls that flash momentarily on the screen. It's a pretty good presentation either way.

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What I've Learned From Reading the Comments

In the last 30 minutes, I've learned that my financial future can be assured by investing in Islamabad real estate. I've been told my blog has an excellent and intuitive Wordpress template. I've found that my commenters want to help me get a Visa...a U.S. Visa. Astonishingly, I found that most people online concerned with...the issue..."are coupled with this internet site" .(Yay! I should sell adds!) Not only that, but there's this girl in Bangalore who want's to date me!

I must note however, that "Jewish Space Lasers" has been a joke on the internet right for about 20 years off and on. Any mention of 'JSL' on this blog is neither serious commentary nor a policy prescription and certainly has nothing to do with whatever response was proposed in Indonesian.

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February 06, 2022

Adventures in Delicacies

Delicacies are funny things.

In theory, they are exquisite examples of the culinary art, spoiling the palette with orgasmic bliss delivered by the skill of a 4 star chef. 


There are also cultural delicacies. 
I think these broadly fall into two categories. 

1: A food that is the symbol of hope and survival, that a society ate during the starving time when they could find nothing else, but it is a cultural symbol of that societies perseverance and they are all attuned to have positive emotions associated with it since it is eaten only at memorial festivals. 

2: A dirty trick a society plays on outsiders, assuring them that "This is a delicacy....You'll offend us if you don't like it." all the while laughing at the stupid foreigner that they dearly wish they could just beat up. 

You know, like natto.

I am not sure which of those categories fried jellyfish fits into.

But I'm pretty sure it is one of them.

The little octopuses were quite good, aside from having jellyfish juice on them.

Jade Villa, is a somewhat austerely apportioned Chinese restaurant  in Virginia Beach. It lacks the fancy fixtures that adorn so many high end sit-down Chinese establishments, but it has a huge menu of superb and truly exotic dishes...and cultural delicacies. Out of respect to somebody that is not out of the hospital yet, I refrained, this time,  from ordering their exquisite Peking Duck. 

They have 2 menus, one a perfectly normal American style Chinese food one finds in any city (albeit very well prepared)...and the big red menu, which is in Chinese and English, and which  I have not tried everything on after several years.

I highly recommend the establishment, even if I cannot provide much heartfelt advocacy for any hypothetical National Jellyfish Association.

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The End Game

I noted in passing recently the 'de-bankification' of Mike Lindell (the My Pillow guy). Lindell was merely named as a witness, by the January 6 committee. At that point, his and other banks declared that, as he was under suspicion of something (maybe) his patronage was a "reputational risk". 

The audio of the exchange between one of Lindell's employees and the bank is, frankly terrifying. The Bank representative is relaying that the Bank is genuinely scared of being associated with people the government is going after. Interestingly he is trying to get Lindell to withdraw from the bank voluntarily because if the Bank just shuts down the account, Lindell will be put on a national "bad boy list". I (being a layman with no expertise in banking) take this to mean that if they 'fire a customer' they are open to legal action, and will have to show cause. 

'Reputational risk' sounds like something one would encounter in in a third world or totalitarian state, or the panicked sneer of an aristocrat who has discovered he unwittingly broke bread with a peasant.

I'm revisiting this month-old Lindell story because it is relevant again because of the recent decision by GoFundMe to seize the money being raised by the Canadian trucker convoy

They had said that they were going to re-direct the money raised to any of a short list of charities that GoFundMe would provide contributors with. In essence, it appears that they were stealing money from a populist cause and putting it towards "established and creditable charities verified by GoFundMe". Nice trick. (For their next one I expect they'll give money raise for the relatives of those who have died of drug overdoses to a charity providing legal defenses to drug dealers.)

Since this post was started yesterday, GoFundMe has reversed position and will be returning the 9 million dollars to those who contributed it. No doubt GoFundMe and their supporters will say that the above  paragraph and links are "old news" and irrelevant and we should all please stop talking about it. That's because GoFundMe and those who support them in this manner are evil. The ONLY reasons they reversed this decision this time was because it got publicity (no thanks to most media outlets) and because a competitor in the same online space "pounced" and became a relevant rival. GiveSendGo has raised U.S.$3,220,516.00 as I type this (About 35 hours after this happened). GiveSendGo is now known and relevant, which it wasn't before, and certainly will have a large portion of non-dirtbag-left fundraising going forward.  

One might be inclined to say that there is no problem here since competition and market forces have sort of prevailed, and given GoFundMe's miscalculation, market forces will see them suffer going forward. Certainly the market and public opinion allowed this reversal to be inflicted on the censors. However,  Minnesota Bank and Trust is unlikely to pay much of a price for forcing out Lindells companies and anti-addiction charities. Furthermore, I doubt that the Left will allow GoFundMe to suffer much given their cause was to help them. All it will take is a few activists setting up fund drives to refill their coffers. 

I want to be careful here. I have seen speculation that GoFundMe was acting on behalf of a request by the Canadian government in this matter. I have seen no evidence of this other than some tweets. GoFundMe's assertion that they had received reports of bad behavior being reported by the RCMP is not the same as saying that the Canadian Government leaned on them. But GoFundMe did what they did. And they did it because they were able to and they did it because they thought they were helping the establishment. 

This shit has been going on for a while. At the end of 2018, I blogged about that year's Patreon purge, which was a big deal at the time. It has gotten much worse since then.  I really don't like to quote myself, but this excerpt from that turgid TLDR of a post is, unfortunately, still relevant. 

We often joke that Animal Farm, 1984, and Brave New World are not a three volume how to manual. For some people though, they are. We've now got fricking "Trust and Safety Councils" that turn anyone with the correct politics who hate the right people this minute into members of their little Stassi. With the power to control the information and to deny people financial services if they hold unpopular views, comes incredible power for mischief.

We've covered the Chinese Sesame Credit System before and that, I am convinced, is where many of the individuals behind this policing of speech want to be.

All it takes to bring about this dream of the anointed is for each of us to say "That guy's an asshole! He deserves what he gets. That bitch over there had it coming too, serves her right." and be silent, or smug, or report the asshole to the Trust and Safety Council. Then, because every one of us is an asshole to someone, we'll be kept in our place by the very crab bucket culture we are nurturing. Meanwhile, the archdukes and marquesses of Palo Alto "tend their fields" by cutting off any poppies that grow too high

With that coming to pass, like the Greek City States before it, the 300 year aberration that is the enlightenment will disappear into the 300,000 year+ history of humanity as a short lived deviation from the mean. Things relating to freedom will go back to being much as they were for the majority of that time, albeit with rather less ability to express heretical thoughts.

 I assume the powers that be will go after the GiveSendGo soon. This high school gatekeeping girl-boss bullshit isn't going to stop. Facebook has deleted the homepage that was supporting a similar political demonstration by American truckers.

When speech and peaceful protest are no longer allowed, some frustrated, tormented people, bullied by would-be aristocrats who neither know nor care about their situation, and consider them to be less than human are likely to react uncivilly. After seeing what was done with regards to the January 6th idiocy, I am growing convinced that such incivility is exactly what the Left wants. 

It will provide them with casus belli, and they will descend upon us like the Japanese did Nanking. And they'll feel good about it, because we are in their eyes , savages to be saved from ourselves, or witches to be burnt.

So no matter how many black pills you swallow in the next few years. Unless you are directly defending a life from immanent threat, do not ever respond to their effrontery with violence. It will be the undoing of us all. 

We're going into a dark time. Banking and services are becoming subject to a political test. It's like Regina George and company have forged an alliance with the Heathers to make sure that only those wearing the proper fashion's can eat. Fashions in this case being political views, what words the Twitteratti consider taboo this week, and which scientists one listens too. 

They know who you follow on Twitter, and who you don't follow but peruse. They know you downloaded that Tohou hentai...yes YOU. And if you get out of line they'll tell your mom...or your girlfriend, or your boss.

This is a situation that is alien to most of us. Open societies are usually immune to it by virtue of sheer size, and, of course, their openness. However, advances in IT allow every one of us the experience of living in a small town as the anointed search desperately for witches, or that of the East German despairing that he can ever speak his mind to anyone.

All is not lost.
As GiveSendGo, Bitchute, Utreon, MeWe, Mee.nu, Fediverse and others show, a stand can still be made with some hope of sucess via alternate platforms. But the government and powers that be are steadily encroaching on that space.

There is, for a while,  really only one place that 'Karen' cannot get you and rat you out. 

That place is the voting booth. 

So no matter how many black pills you consume, always remember that we can still right the list of this sinking ship if we turn out in greater numbers that the margin of fraud. 

It's the only way we'll solve this without blood. 

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February 04, 2022

V-Tuber Mysteries

I did not blog today.

That is because my brief window of opportunity for blogging was taken up by watching Rekita Law. You see, today, Pixy had mentioned in passing that something wonderful had happened in their latest podcast where a shout-out was given to Pipkin Pippa, a V-Tuber I'm not familiar with, but whose videos seem to have all been deleted from Twitch. 

So I just listened to today's WHOLE Rekita Law podcast and missed it due to a delivery, turns out Rekita mentioned Pipkin Pippa at the 52:00 point during super-chats. All that I gleaned was that Rekita was treading lightly about " The Tales of the Gunt Saga" and that he was trying to get Pipkin Pippa on his show, but that her agency was worried about controversy. Both Rekita and Barnes (his guest) agreed that "...there's so much backstory there that we don't have time for it". 


I still have no idea what happened...but it was apparently awesome and/or involved fat shaming.

I'm not familiar with Pipkin Pippa, but Rekita Law is one of those law Vlogs like Frie and Barnes's shows that discusses the darker sides of the criminal justice system with such eloquence one almost always leaves with far more than one's recommended daily dose of blackpills. 

I sat through that whole thing, and learned a lot about how bad things really are, particularly with the IRS, but I never learned what the cartoon rabbit-girl did that has gotten her a standing invitation to be on an American legal analysis show.

I blame Pixy.

Beware! This is the face of controversy!
Or mischief.
Or revolution maybe.

UPDATE and Legal Disclaimer:
Apparently Pipkin Pippa has been commenting eruditely on You-Tube legal shenanigans...at least according to the crack team of drop bears we have running our IT dept. 
Legal Disclaimer: 
Note that while we point the finger firmly and unwaveringly at Pixy for our overall lack of content, he is not in anyway legally RESPONSIBLE. He is merely the person to whom we have assigned BLAME. 

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February 02, 2022

Miss Kuroitsu: From The Monster Development Department

Agastia Corporation, a large Japanese Zaibatsu, is involved in a great many moneymaking enterprises around the world, however like so many other Japanese corporations the primary focus of this particular conglomerate is world domination. 

That rather expensive enterprise is privileged and confidential information, and not openly discussed on shareholder reports or tax filings. The ACTUAL board of directors meets in the secret boardroom far underground. 

Not as answerable to shareholders as is supposed.

This has caused some considerable difficulties in internal logistics. However, The corporation now finds itself in an excellent position strategically as all of the competing corporations, ancient civilizations, ninja clans, and Alien outposts have been annihilated byJapan's current surfeit of prefectural masked heroes. 

If those can be dealt with, Agastia corporations strategic goals can be met, resulting in excellent 3rd quarter returns and bonuses for all. 

Miss Kuroitsu is the head of Monster Development and is responsible for providing the company with monsters to fight masked heroes. 

She must do her job despite the fact that her chief mad scientist is a bit of a procrastinator, budget woes are cutting into the financial resources at her disposal, departmental turf wars are undermining her authority, and HR seems to be a 5th column, either completely insane or actively working against the goals of the organization. 

I laughed out loud at this bizarre, but fun, show despite its apparently tiny budget. It has all sorts of potential. I'm really curious where this goes as there are so many ways it can become a complete dumpster fire, but for now it is holding together quite surprisingly well. 

Miss KUROITSU from the Monster Development Department is currently streaming on Crunchyroll.

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February 01, 2022

Meanwhile: Near Bajor

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Meanwhile: In Canada

It's almost as if the people who's great sacrifice for the COVID restrictions was to sit around, work from home in their pajamas, and binge on Netflicks just figured out where the food they ordered online came from. 

I'm really not a fan of Stonetoss, but damn. Sometimes that strip just nails it. 

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