February 06, 2022

The End Game

I noted in passing recently the 'de-bankification' of Mike Lindell (the My Pillow guy). Lindell was merely named as a witness, by the January 6 committee. At that point, his and other banks declared that, as he was under suspicion of something (maybe) his patronage was a "reputational risk". 

The audio of the exchange between one of Lindell's employees and the bank is, frankly terrifying. The Bank representative is relaying that the Bank is genuinely scared of being associated with people the government is going after. Interestingly he is trying to get Lindell to withdraw from the bank voluntarily because if the Bank just shuts down the account, Lindell will be put on a national "bad boy list". I (being a layman with no expertise in banking) take this to mean that if they 'fire a customer' they are open to legal action, and will have to show cause. 

'Reputational risk' sounds like something one would encounter in in a third world or totalitarian state, or the panicked sneer of an aristocrat who has discovered he unwittingly broke bread with a peasant.

I'm revisiting this month-old Lindell story because it is relevant again because of the recent decision by GoFundMe to seize the money being raised by the Canadian trucker convoy

They had said that they were going to re-direct the money raised to any of a short list of charities that GoFundMe would provide contributors with. In essence, it appears that they were stealing money from a populist cause and putting it towards "established and creditable charities verified by GoFundMe". Nice trick. (For their next one I expect they'll give money raise for the relatives of those who have died of drug overdoses to a charity providing legal defenses to drug dealers.)

Since this post was started yesterday, GoFundMe has reversed position and will be returning the 9 million dollars to those who contributed it. No doubt GoFundMe and their supporters will say that the above  paragraph and links are "old news" and irrelevant and we should all please stop talking about it. That's because GoFundMe and those who support them in this manner are evil. The ONLY reasons they reversed this decision this time was because it got publicity (no thanks to most media outlets) and because a competitor in the same online space "pounced" and became a relevant rival. GiveSendGo has raised U.S.$3,220,516.00 as I type this (About 35 hours after this happened). GiveSendGo is now known and relevant, which it wasn't before, and certainly will have a large portion of non-dirtbag-left fundraising going forward.  

One might be inclined to say that there is no problem here since competition and market forces have sort of prevailed, and given GoFundMe's miscalculation, market forces will see them suffer going forward. Certainly the market and public opinion allowed this reversal to be inflicted on the censors. However,  Minnesota Bank and Trust is unlikely to pay much of a price for forcing out Lindells companies and anti-addiction charities. Furthermore, I doubt that the Left will allow GoFundMe to suffer much given their cause was to help them. All it will take is a few activists setting up fund drives to refill their coffers. 

I want to be careful here. I have seen speculation that GoFundMe was acting on behalf of a request by the Canadian government in this matter. I have seen no evidence of this other than some tweets. GoFundMe's assertion that they had received reports of bad behavior being reported by the RCMP is not the same as saying that the Canadian Government leaned on them. But GoFundMe did what they did. And they did it because they were able to and they did it because they thought they were helping the establishment. 

This shit has been going on for a while. At the end of 2018, I blogged about that year's Patreon purge, which was a big deal at the time. It has gotten much worse since then.  I really don't like to quote myself, but this excerpt from that turgid TLDR of a post is, unfortunately, still relevant. 

We often joke that Animal Farm, 1984, and Brave New World are not a three volume how to manual. For some people though, they are. We've now got fricking "Trust and Safety Councils" that turn anyone with the correct politics who hate the right people this minute into members of their little Stassi. With the power to control the information and to deny people financial services if they hold unpopular views, comes incredible power for mischief.

We've covered the Chinese Sesame Credit System before and that, I am convinced, is where many of the individuals behind this policing of speech want to be.

All it takes to bring about this dream of the anointed is for each of us to say "That guy's an asshole! He deserves what he gets. That bitch over there had it coming too, serves her right." and be silent, or smug, or report the asshole to the Trust and Safety Council. Then, because every one of us is an asshole to someone, we'll be kept in our place by the very crab bucket culture we are nurturing. Meanwhile, the archdukes and marquesses of Palo Alto "tend their fields" by cutting off any poppies that grow too high

With that coming to pass, like the Greek City States before it, the 300 year aberration that is the enlightenment will disappear into the 300,000 year+ history of humanity as a short lived deviation from the mean. Things relating to freedom will go back to being much as they were for the majority of that time, albeit with rather less ability to express heretical thoughts.

 I assume the powers that be will go after the GiveSendGo soon. This high school gatekeeping girl-boss bullshit isn't going to stop. Facebook has deleted the homepage that was supporting a similar political demonstration by American truckers.

When speech and peaceful protest are no longer allowed, some frustrated, tormented people, bullied by would-be aristocrats who neither know nor care about their situation, and consider them to be less than human are likely to react uncivilly. After seeing what was done with regards to the January 6th idiocy, I am growing convinced that such incivility is exactly what the Left wants. 

It will provide them with casus belli, and they will descend upon us like the Japanese did Nanking. And they'll feel good about it, because we are in their eyes , savages to be saved from ourselves, or witches to be burnt.

So no matter how many black pills you swallow in the next few years. Unless you are directly defending a life from immanent threat, do not ever respond to their effrontery with violence. It will be the undoing of us all. 

We're going into a dark time. Banking and services are becoming subject to a political test. It's like Regina George and company have forged an alliance with the Heathers to make sure that only those wearing the proper fashion's can eat. Fashions in this case being political views, what words the Twitteratti consider taboo this week, and which scientists one listens too. 

They know who you follow on Twitter, and who you don't follow but peruse. They know you downloaded that Tohou hentai...yes YOU. And if you get out of line they'll tell your mom...or your girlfriend, or your boss.

This is a situation that is alien to most of us. Open societies are usually immune to it by virtue of sheer size, and, of course, their openness. However, advances in IT allow every one of us the experience of living in a small town as the anointed search desperately for witches, or that of the East German despairing that he can ever speak his mind to anyone.

All is not lost.
As GiveSendGo, Bitchute, Utreon, MeWe, Mee.nu, Fediverse and others show, a stand can still be made with some hope of sucess via alternate platforms. But the government and powers that be are steadily encroaching on that space.

There is, for a while,  really only one place that 'Karen' cannot get you and rat you out. 

That place is the voting booth. 

So no matter how many black pills you consume, always remember that we can still right the list of this sinking ship if we turn out in greater numbers that the margin of fraud. 

It's the only way we'll solve this without blood. 

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1 You're proposing to win the hearts and minds of people with no hearts and no minds to win. Surely you've noticed the invariance of these peoples' personalities, and the sheer lack of anything like ontological inertia in their world-picture? There's nothing there to convince!
They will continue torturing people and strutting about like they're morally pure for doing so because they're psycopaths. At some point if someone does snap after having their lives and livelihoods burnt by laughing jackasses, I'm all out of bloody tears to cry on the leftsists' behalf.
Any restraint I have at this point is purely strategic. We owe these people *NOTHING*.

Posted by: nesalpers at Mon Feb 7 08:22:40 2022 (hRoyQ)

2 War sucks. By all means let's try other things first. But when they ignore the rules, cheat, flip the table, and burn everything you've ever worked for or loved anyway, what's your plan B? 
Living in slavery is worse than death.

Posted by: nesalpers at Mon Feb 7 08:28:10 2022 (hRoyQ)

3 On the White Pill side, I'm seeing more and more ordinary people who were middle of the road politically finding themselves facing the risks of being branded "alt-right" and the Powers That Be have definitely overplayed their hand the last couple of years.  It's looking more and more like a preference cascade against them.  In more ordinary times I'd look forward to their fall from power.  This is causing me to drop my odds of a general civil war from near certainty to a potential.
On the Black Pill side, the PTB have made clear they don't intend to go softly into that good night and I expect that violence will happen from them.If we don't give them an excuse, they've made clear that they will manufacture one (see: Whitimer "kidnapping" plot, Justy Smollett, QAnon, Jan 6).  
On the White Pill side, a lot of the core leadership (Pelosi, Schumer, Biden, Soros, Warren, McConnell, Graham, Romney, and many others) are starting to make Methuselah look spry.  There also seems to be some quiet house cleaning  going on.  IMHO the Durham probe seems to be purging the old Clinton apparatus.  These trends will weaken them overall as their pool of talent is not that deep to fill leadership positions. 

Posted by: StargazerA5 at Mon Feb 7 11:00:18 2022 (+Rp3z)

4 I think it is moving in the direction of them folding.  Reports from Ottawa suggest that the police there are not exactly all enthusiastic storm troopers for the regime, but instead include many sane people who are not eager to visit prison when their nominal masters are off their meds. 

If the opposition hasn't set up proper support in Canada, they haven't set it up in the United States.

I think you go too far in the degree to which you caution against violence, but it isn't like Team Glowie is correct, so probably an academic issue not really worth debating.  

There is a prerequisite to winning by elections, and it is not clear that we can achieve it without violence.  Bunch of information I do not have, in many different ways. 

Posted by: PatBuckman at Tue Feb 8 00:12:23 2022 (r9O5h)

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