March 31, 2011

Lagomorphic Letter Opener

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March 28, 2011

"Yes..the pole goes there...Why do you ask?"

There is no other access to the elevator from the roof lot of ODU's Ted Constant Parking garage. All those handicapped parking spots are just a cruel joke.

My tuition helps pay for this poor comedy.

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Balls of Brass But Still an Ass

Interweb supersleuth Colleen Doran is on the case of Rob Granito, who has been doing the convention circuit passing himself off as the 'ghost artist' to many of the big names in the industry, and selling pirated copies of their work as his own.

Read the whole thing.

More here.

The chutzpah of this jerk is awe inspiring. is hit total lack of riting skillzez, wich caim bak2 biet him weh he tryed to use sockpuppetry to verifye his credetchulz.

Note: None of us here at Brickmuppet Blog created Gojira, Godzilla or any Toho monsters, nor did any of us portray them professionally in costume. We didn't even do this Demotivator, we just nicked it from Macro Chan.

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March 26, 2011


This is actually pretty cool.

An information video for little kids explaining the Fukushima situation.

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Bright Lights in a Dark Week

Robert Baily, a UK citizen teaching English in Japan, was not even scheduled to work on March 11. On his own initiative he had come in to teach some students the ins and outs of cricket. When the Quake hit, Baily kept his head and got his class outside to avoid falling debris. When the Tsunami sirens lit off he had less than 8 minutes to corral 42 terrified high school students to high ground before death came to the town of Ofunato. None of the schools other students have even been accounted for, but Baily's quick thinking got his entire class to safety. More here.

Image via Sky News

Hideki Akikawa returned home after the earthquake and tsunami to find his city not only demolished but sunk. The quake lowered the level of the town below sea level turning it into a bay.

Akikawa somehow acquired a set of SCUBA gear, dove into the frigid waters, found his home and rescued his wife who was trapped in a submerged air pocket. He later used the same skillset to save his mother, and is now assisting in the relief efforts.
There is a much better telling of this here. (Link NSFW) via.

Closer to home there is this.

Image via.
Just over a month ago 9 year old Anaiah Rucker lost her leg. She did so pushing her 5 year old sister out of the way of an oncoming truck. She has been released from the hospital to a well deserved heroes welcome. She has a hard road ahead but thanks to her quick thinking she still has a little sister with which to travel down it.

The times are bad, but there are still good people out there.

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March 25, 2011

I Was Under The Impression There Would Be No Math

[ 18 credits + car broken into + laptop stolen( term paper on laptop ) - ( credit + debit cards) ] - available free time = Blog Frequency Fail

I curse the cold equations.

Blogging will resume within 30 hrs. In the meantime there is this.

...and then, a miracle occurred.

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March 17, 2011

More on Operation Tomodachi

Unofficial Logo by Murakami Senami

US Military formed up almost immediately after the earthquake  to do relief work in what was dubbed Operation Tomodachi.

Currently the following Navy assets are participating from the DON Press Release.

Ronald Reagan Carrier Strike Group:
o    USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76)
o    USS Chancellorsville (CG 62)
o    USS Preble (DDG 88 )
o    USS Cowpens (CG 63)
o    USNS Bridge (T-AOE 10)
 March 17 (JST): Helicopters from the USS Ronald Reagan strike group and Carrier Air Wing
Five (CVW 5) in Atsugi conducted 10 helicopter sorties today, delivering 10 tons of food and
water to relief sites ashore. A total of 40 tons of aid has been delivered to date. Aircraft and
surface ships also continued to conduct coastal search and rescue operations at sea and along
the Miyagi and Iwate coasts.
Amphibious Ships:
o    USS Tortuga (LSD 46)
 March 17 (JST): USS Tortuga (LSD 46) anchored early this morning in Ominato in northern
Honshu, delivering 93 vehicles and 273 Japan Ground Self Defense Force ashore via Landing
Craft Unit (LCU) transfer. The ship transported the soldiers and their vehicles from
Tomakomai, Hokkaido, to assist with the disaster recovery efforts. The ship will also
transport 5,000 bottles of water and 5,000 Meals Ready to Eat (MREs) to Misawa for further
distribution to people in need.
o    USS Harpers Ferry (LSD 49)
o    USS Germantown (LSD 42)
o    USS Essex (LHD 2)
 March 17 (JST): USS Essex (LHD 2), USS Harpers Ferry (LSD 49) and USS Germantown
(LSD 42) with the embarked 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit are in the Sea of Japan and will
arrive off the coast of Akita prefecture tomorrow morning to await further tasking. Marines
of the 31st MEU have established a Forward Control Element (FCE) in Yamagata. The west
coast of Honshu affords greater access to undamaged ports and roads, fewer navigational
hazards, and prevailing winds that are upwind of the Fukushima power plant.
Command Ship:
o    USS Blue Ridge (LCC-19)
 March 17: Conducted personnel and supply transfers in the vicinity of Okinawa this morning
and is continuing north.
Ships Forward Deployed in Yokosuka, Japan:
o    USS McCampbell (DDG 85)
o    USS Curtis Wilbur (DDG 54)
o    USS McCain (DDG-56)
o    USS Fitzgerald (DDG-62)
o    USS Mustin (DDG 89)
 Continuing to assist Japanese authorities with providing at-sea search and rescue and
recovery operations.
Additional Aircraft
o    Commander, Patrol and Reconnaissance Force Seventh Fleet (CTF-72)
 March 17: Two P-3 Orion aircraft conducted aerial survey missions today in northern
Honshu. CTF-72 completed a relocation today of these two aircraft and four aircrews from
Kadena Air Base in Okinawa to Misawa Air Base.
o    Carrier Air Wing Five (CVW 5)
 March 17: In addition to helping with the Ronald Reagan strike group’s relief efforts, CVW 5
began the relocation of more than 50 tactical fixed-wing aircraft normally assigned to USS
George Washington from Naval Air Faculty (NAF) Atsugi to bases in Okinawa and Guam in
order to free up more ramp space at Atsugi that might be need to support ongoing

There is coverage here, here and here and there are a ton of pictures here.

The Australian is now reporting that the Japanese Government is asking for US military assistance with the worrisome situation at Fukushima. Also there are reports that US military personnel were involved in putting out one of the reactor fires.

There is an overview of radiation readings from around Japan here.

Virginia's TASK FORCE 1 ,the states international fire and rescue team, has been mobilized and is currently in Japan.

On top of everything else, the snow is a most unwelcome addition.

Image via Daily Telegraph

Can they catch a single break?
Operation Tomodachi logo via Chizumatic.

UPDATE: Meanwhile, although things are indeed bad and the damage is horrific, there is progress being made.
Japanese civil engineers FTW!

via (Link NSFW due to ads)

Three days, 23 1/2 hours later and they've already got the median hedge planted!

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March 16, 2011

Zombie ADV...Does Zombies

I just received word from Sentai Film Works that the street date for High School of the Dead is June 28th.

Nothing gratuitous here. I'm sure.
Based on a successful manga, this thriller follows of a group of high school students and faculty dealing with a zombie apocalypse. It is directed by Tetsuro Araki who did DEATH NOTE and Black Lagoon, which means there is the potential for much win here.

It's heartening to see that Sentai is able to land a property as widely anticipated as this. It would seem to bode well for them

This show might be something of a bellwether on the market, which has been troubled of late. It certainly has wide name recognition, and, I am told, it has pretty much every base covered except 'kawaii'. ( As I understand it, action, cheesecake, horror, drama, zombies, and cheesecake). It's going to be interesting to see how it does. I'm getting a copy. Not just because I'm the sort of awful person that has been looking forward to this, but because I think that it may be quite important that this title succeed.

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March 13, 2011

The EBP is Doing His Job.

Brickmuppet Blog occasionally utilizes the services of an Emergency Backup Pervert to keep tabs on those things that require plausible deniability on our part.

This way no one will ever know that we have any interest WHATsoever in said things and our respectability is maintained.

Wait...did I think that or did I blog that?

No matter, he's on the case with a welcome distraction from what's happening in the world.

Note that the image below is unrelated to this post, the link or to current events.....and I'm OK with that.

Art By Aoi Subaru

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