June 28, 2011

Angelic Layer Post Script

Well, two months after my first post on this, I finally finished Angelic Layer. It was not what I expected, which is to say it was exactly what it claimed to be. It's a sports anime for girls, with bit of interpersonal drama thrown in. Its not my personal cup of tea but the story telling is solid and it's got a lot of interesting points. It is definitely aimed at young girls and is unusual in that it does not look like it would be condescending or insulting to them.

I was a bit surprised because I expected something of a change in direction midway through (after the big tournament) but it continues in the same vein with still bigger tournaments. One reason for my thinking this was that Chobbits is allegedly set in the same universe as this series a few years later. Therefore, I was expecting some, development regards sentient machines. The credits promo art and episode eycatches seemed to hint at something along those lines with the dolls. However, this is not the case.

A couple of things really stand out in the show. One is the very high degree of sportsmanship exhibited by most of the participants. Also, most of the tournament opponents are very well realized charachters in their own right. They are presented as not simply obstacles to our heroine, but sympathetic human beings with their own lives and backstories. Misaki, the protagonist, is a like-able person in her own right and does not need to learn to be a good person, she is one (this is CLAMP not Shonen Jump).

All in all I liked it. It is an episode or two too long in order to fill out the 26 episode run, but in that regard it is a FAR less egregious offender than many. It is well above average.

If one has a daughter this is probably a very good show to acquire. With that in mind the dub is decent and Jessica Boone does a fine job in the lead. However the dub does have one peculiar failing that I hadn't seen in years...about midway through the show, the direction seems to have changed and there is suddenly an emphasis on matching 
mouth move-
in the a-
-tion to the di-
-alog. It's understandable but occasionally distracting. The actors themselves, aside from this odd direction do do a pretty good job.

I have a few other thoughts but they involve spoilers.

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June 27, 2011

Stupidity ≠ Malice

...but the results are hard to tell apart. The Anchoress has a post up regarding the current administration that some will find off-putting, but it's a good opportunity to touch on something I've wanted to...


Oh right. It's politics...so it goes below the fold...

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I really hope this release is successful. I'm actually pulling for ZOMBIE ADV Sentai Filmworks, but in a larger sense, I suspect that sales of this show (which given buzz and subject ought to be a runaway hit) are going to be very closely scrutinized with regards to the future viability of the R-1 Market. In other words, if this isn't a hit the viability of companies like  Sentai, Funimation and the others might be dubious indeed.

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I'm Not Sure About This

ACE posted this picture as the lead in to last nights Overnight Thread.
The political skew of various sports. It does highlight some common ground on golf, though that bipartisan image is of dubious provenance.

But that's not all about the chart that strikes me as odd.  I would expect the NBA to be rather closer to the middle, but Monster Trucks? Seriously Monster Trucks is left wing? That is SO not green.
It's also not the oddest of the bunch...
WWE (pro wrestling). I cannot not see Bo Bo's going anywhere near a raslin' match...and I just cannot see Arn Anderson in Birkenstocks.

I question the methodology.

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June 26, 2011

We Have Won

Civilization is lost.*
The longest entry on Wikipedia is...this.  (via)

* Of course I mean Civilization the human society that is advanced in science technology and division of labor: not the Sid Meir game....so don't panic

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June 25, 2011

TURTLES!1!! It's Turtles All the Way Down!

Click here for supah size.

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June 18, 2011

Important Upcoming Dates

June 28!

August 2!

September 27!

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When I first heard about this I thought I had to be hearing it wrong. It is after all insane.

It also appears to be true.

Here is what appears to have happened as I understand it.

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June 09, 2011

I can't watch the news

I can't listen to the radio.
Even blogs are a sketchy proposition.
'cause everywhere I go, I C Wiener.
I'm sick of it.

The damned story seems inescapable...

Well, today I slogged through and found a non-weiner story.

Oh wait...

Recent housing and employment data suggests the U.S. economy is at a tipping point where a double-dip recession is possible and home prices could have much further to fall, a veteran economist said on Thursday.


... that's just depressing.


Those ponies are TOTALLY fighting a Manticore!

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June 04, 2011


Almost 40 years represented here.

Via Cdr Salamander of all places.

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