August 20, 2007

In Search of the Goldilocks Loo

3 weeks ago when when Bob and I arrived here, we had been on a plane for 12 hours, had traveled through the subways for 3 hours and were generally beat.

When we got to our boarding house, I for one, plopped my lugage down in my room and made a beeline for he head...only to be greeted by this connundrum...


Well....isn't that do you...I mean...

                                          h e l p

Anyway....I found out rather late that our boarding house,Casa Nova does have a western style commode in the other mens room. However, this began my search for  less primitive toilets.


At Shakeys Pizza in Shibuya, there is this techno marvel...note that it is rather at the other extreme. All those buttons...the ones labeles with Kanji? They controll various extra functions....only one of which is "flush"...these include but are not limited to: a bidet, heater and making a "flush" sound ??? the location  ensures that large people such as myself can hit the butons with their thigh at an awkward moment.....

Now one might expect the Shinkansen, or bullet trains to be equiped with modern toilettes, perhaps even drifting into the realm of diminishing returns as the one above..... would be wrong.

I did, however  find this behind the great Buddha of Kamakura....

...Buddah it seems, is wise...

 For those as confused by the first image as I was...Asahi. net has this barely helpful & NSFW diagram.

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1 The red stuff in the first picture... uhm... did you cut yourself, Muppet?  Or was your gastrointestinal distress more severe than anybody's should ever be?

Posted by: Wonderduck at Mon Aug 20 09:46:30 2007 (Hrqgp)

2 The flushing sound is so that the user can cover up any noises they may be making in the process without actually flushing and wasting water, or so I'm told.

Yeah... I've wondered about the toilets. Just when you think the Japanese are on the cutting edge of modernity...

Posted by: Avatar_exADV at Mon Aug 20 13:17:06 2007 (LMDdY)

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