September 01, 2012

A Log Cabin in Tokyo

The Maison I was staying in was was only 7 kilometers outside  of Ikebukaro. I decided one evening that rather than taking the train in I'd hoof it. In addition to any cool sights on the way in, this would give me my bearings in case I ever missed the last train in the evening, 3 miles is only a short walk if you know where you are going.

To my great dismay, despite walking all the way there, I saw no headless motorcyclists, flying vending machines, Black Russian sushi chefs,  sword wielding meganekos, teeny-boppers wearing the wrong heads or technicolor gangbangers. But I did amble across a log cabin deep in the wilds of Tokyo.

The interior is decorated in early log, with a few cigar store Indians for good measure.

...and there were awesome steaks to be had for 2500 yen. Heavily peppered, marinated, and, inexplicably, buttered (!?). After debuttering it was perfect.

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1 Finishing a steak with butter is A Good Thing (especially a nice compound butter), but buttering it like a pancake is ridiculous.

Some of the tastiest steaks we've ever grilled were actually marinated in butter, and were still on fire as I brought them into the house. Maybe they expected you to light it before eating. :-)


Posted by: J Greely at Sun Sep 2 03:20:10 2012 (2XtN5)

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