April 28, 2019

We Interrupt Our Current Hiatus to Bring You, Gentle Reader, This Vitally Important Public Service Announcement

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April 25, 2019

Running Silent

Coming up on the last week of school and am struggling to pass a kanji class and finish an unrelated research paper. Blogging will remain light for a week or so after which the long dry spell will end.

In the meantime here is a Canadian's take on everyone's favorite frog girl and gravititrix.

MHA's 'Froppy' and 'Urabity' as drawn by Canada's gift to the eyes, Sakimichan, who can also be found on ArtStation and Patreon and whose non-shrinkified stuff can also be bought here.

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Oh Thank Goodness!


Joe Biden is running.

Which means these images won't continue going to waste in my flash drive.

In all seriousness, Biden is a formidable opponent, being a rather more folksy creep than the President. His base is very much the same as the President's, indeed many of Trumps supporters switched parties because the Dems abandoned the middle class. They are Biden's natural constituency.

In a battle of the creeps, Biden's above referenced lack of respect for personal space is being touted by many on the right as disqualifying. This analysis, to be charitable, represents a Brobdingnagian level of stupidity. Witness the fact that so many of us held our noses and voted for Pussygrabber McPottymouth over the Evita Peron von Pantsuit in the last election. Much is being made of the notion that today's inter-sectional Dems won't put up with him, but given the choice between placating their snowflakes and gaining power over the rest of us, one can be reasonably certain that the super-delegates will be as loyal to the Democrat's activists as they were in 2016.

I also suspect that the Ivy League Brahmans that run the Democrats are looking for a way to tamp down on the intersectionalists, who were, to the party leaders, useful weapons to be aimed at political opponents and us plebeians, but being unaware of their actual purpose they have proved to be embarrassingly bad shots. If Biden gets the nomination, rest assured, inappropriate touching will no longer be a newsworthy line of inquiry.

Biden has no real support among the party activists, but he has a good shot at the nomination.
he gets that, (a big "if" to be sure) then I think he stands a very good chance of winning the general election.

So hang onto your hats.

"And order your noseplugs now! The election's only 19 months away!"

Actual victims of bad touching have been replaced with 2-D girls to avoid unnecessarily embarrassment.
All 2-D girls are from Love Live.
All 2-D girls are 18 years or older. Proof of age is on file in the pattern room of Brickmuppet labs. That is our story and we are sticking to it.


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April 22, 2019

Well THAT'S an Understatement

NASA reported day before yesterday that there had been an "anomaly" during a static test of the Dragon space capsule.

"Anomaly.." "Not technically inaccurate, but not the word I'd use."

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April 21, 2019

Happy Easter Everybody

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April 18, 2019

Because I Had to Get That Derp Off the Top Post

Here's some 'Narf' in its stead.

Hat tip Dustbury

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Algorithms: They Take You To....Places

While trying to confirm a rumor that Sargon of Akkad had been arrested*, I blundered onto this.  59 minutes and six seconds later, I feel that I am now dumber than I have ever been.

It starts off innocently enough, with retarded claims about the precision of the geometry of the Giza Pyramids. Then our humble Gumby presenter starts name dropping Thoth. By 7:27 he's claiming that Jews are space aliens who were visiting Atlantis when things went pear shaped but that's not important or germane to THIS discussion because all our problems seem to stem from the Martian Patriarchy and the misconception that Satan is bad. Zecharia Sitchin, Edgar Casey, and Nostradamus have all been mentioned by 13:26.  It goes on at an AMAZING pace explaining how the 12 dimensional properties of spacetime and the electromagnetic properties of ley lines are demonstrated and proven by the "hundredth monkey" phenomenon. The video goes on, laying out in excruciating and utterly contradictory detail a grand unified field theory of derp that (naturally enough) includes tantric inter-dimensional sex meditations.

So: What is the takeaway from all this?

The world is stupid and getting stupider.

I suspect that my use of the word "Akkad" in a search is what brought me to this surfeit of Fortean numbnuttery.

*He appears to have been given a stern talking-to for a 3 year old tweet.

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April 14, 2019

The Gothiest of Goth Chicks

Image of M-87's Powehi as touched up and enhanced by GigaMessy

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April 13, 2019


Banality resides below the fold. As compensation, here is a clever, industrious and motivated young lady.

 Girl who is determined to achieve her goal and is willing to try up to 7 times was drawn by Tomo (also here.)

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A Few Thoughts

...that, even more than submerged utility pipes or dated pop-culture references may cause distress to some readers will be posted 'blow the fold'.

The illustration 'above the fold' is for those who wish to avoid the politics, to which it is hopefully unrelated.

Art by Mocha.


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April 12, 2019

As Warm Weather Approaches, Here is an Important Message Concerning Cost VS Benefit

Note that this dates from at least 2010 and so predates people just downloading motion captures.

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April 11, 2019

To Exist is To Serve

We got something on the request line!

Ubu, from Houston says:

...for your next post, how about explaining those two girls arguing over Smith and Tennant?  If you ever explained it, I missed the post and that question has been on my mind for years.

Here's the banner in question, shrunk to fit on the page.

Here's the explanation.

Two cute girls are arguing over which actor they preferred playing the lead in  Dr. Who. 

That's it.

As to why this should be:
This text was intended to alert readers in one of our target demographics to the fact that geekery may occassionally be encountered here.
The reference to John Pertwee clues knowledgeable readers into the fact that your humble blogger is an old fart.
The image background appears to contain a conflagration. However, this is assumed to be for dramatic effect as an indicator of the seriousness with which these two fangirls take their Whovianism.
The fact that the two most recent "Doctors" are Tennant and Smith as well as the implication that  Dr. Who is still being presented as worth discussing at all indicate that this blogs banners are in considerable need of updating.

The artist was Toshihide Sano who has not updated his Pixiv page in 3 years and whose other sites have all disappeared from the internet. He was mostly known for providing art for visual novels and I believe this particular image was from a VN's CGI set that I accessed many years ago.

That's really all I can think of to write on the subject.

Below the fold are all the other rotating banners. As noted before they are in need of updating/replacement. If anyone has been existentially bothered by pressing questions questions about any of them save the first, I'll be happy to provide answers in the comments. It was never this blogs intention to cause people stress over banners. 

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What a Difference a Day Makes

Yesterday there was a story that PewDiePie was switching to D-Live which seemed like a fairly consequential story for a couple of reasons:
*Pew Di Pie, while not to my taste, has a vast audience. Choosing D-Live is a big deal, and given PewDiePie's business model, quite risky.
* This, potentially is a big stand against the increasingly monopolized content filters in big tech.
*D-Live, being based on block-chain technologies, ought to be reasonably censorship immune. It also has its own crypto currency to pay its creators, enabling it to bypass the increasingly pernicious problem of censorship by financial institution.
*Additionally, they're a start-up with few to no ties to the Silicon Valley mean-girl dinner set.

And that is where my draft stood when I went to bed.

And so my highly astute and principled display of laziness spared you, gentle readers, from the consumption of misleading information.

Dev, over at S.F.O. has found a couple of additional data points:

*D-Live's biggest shareholder is that paragon of free speech, the Chinese Communist Party.
*All of D-Live's staff are Chinese students living in America.
*D-Live's block chain code is NOT what one would expect from a distributed, anonymous system based on individual security.
*It is EXACTLY what one would expect the CCP to provide.
*TOS is just as vague as other TechWeasels, but with the added comfort that by using D-Live you wave any right to ever take them to court.
*Their Crypto-Currency, LiNo is about as "Crypto" as one would expect from the CCP.  (Though in fairness its pretty cryptic).
*Additionally, LiNo has lots of amazing features that facilitate its use as a Ponzi scheme with additional allowances for wire fraud as desired.
*the vast majority of LiNo is owned by one holder, presumably the CCP.

Anyway, its really astounding just how bad this service looks. PewDiePie's endorsement is looking less like a brilliant, courageous, and inspiring decision and more like jumping into a burning trash dumpster that's floating towards Niagara Falls.

Dev's full 81/2 minute video on the matter is here...

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April 09, 2019

Fan Disservice

Blogging will be light for a bit.
To hold you over, here we maliciously present yet another rendering by Chong FeiGiap that is likely to torment those readers who suffer from certain disabilities.

Buy Chong FeiGiap's stuff here!

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An Actual Conversation

Andrew Yang, (One of the Democrat's surfeit of presidential candidates) actually sits down with Ben Shapiro and discusses policy and they have a long polite discussion about his proposals. While I don't agree with him on a couple of points, and strongly disagree regarding internet regulation, Yang actually seems mostly sane as he presents and defends his positions.

Its a sad commentary on our civics that this interview is worthy of note.

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April 08, 2019

NO! NO! NO! NO! Don't Do It Dev!

Dev is offering to open this can if he gets 100,00 subscriptions, aparrently being unaware of botulism. While I'm sure he won't eat it, it's under pressure and a botulism bomb can kill. Fortunately, his comments are displaying an atypical unity of opinion on this matter.

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April 07, 2019

Better Footage of the Starhopper Hopping

Albeit very brief footage.

One of The Brickmuppet's Crack Team of Science Babes brings us analysis of the test.

"What's to analyze? There was a rocket test.
Unfortunately, the apparent evaporation of the webcam resulted in damned unsatisfying footage of the associated 'splody. So here's some completely unrelated non-chemical 'splody."

"Science Babe" is actually unrepresentatively SFW art by Saori. One can support her Pixiv Fanbox page here.

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April 06, 2019

Momentary Meta-Blogging

Your comments were not deleted (well except for that ONE guy).
I deleted some spam comments and the last 4 legit comments are now missing from the sidebar. They show up as existing in my comments folder and they remain visible in the associated posts.
In the interests of reciprocity and justice, at this time we have assigned blame to the government of New Zealand  pending an actual analysis of the metadata.

Picture is Unrelated:

Art by Chong Fei Giap, who also posts here and here and you can buy his stuff here.

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April 05, 2019

We Live in an Age of Wonders!

I'd have assumed it'd be way more expensive.

I guess you have to bring your own spacesuit.

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April 04, 2019

Starhopper Hops

A short tethered hop, but a hop nonetheless.

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